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Sending Love Letters to Animals and Other Totally Normal Human Behaviors by Chase Connor

Ryan Offsteader had one major problem, but now that he’s out of the closet and no one in his family or school actually cares, his problems are few. Life is a cycle of family, school, homework, Journalism Club, his friends, hanging out, and waiting for life to begin. It’s a simple, boring life at times, but his problems are few. When Ms. Tabatabai, his English teacher and Journalism Club mentor, announces to the class that there will be a project where students pair up, Ryan and his best friend, Jules, assume they will work together. Ms. Tabatabai has other plans. Students will be paired off randomly. Ryan is left without a partner since his English class has an odd number of students. However, Ms. Tabatabai assures him that he will have a partner since a new student is enrolling. It’s not an ideal situation for Ryan since he is used to working with Jules on every project, but it’s not the worst. Until the new student shows up and Ryan realizes this isn’t their first time meeting. Ms. Tabatabai announces to the students that they are to get to know each other and write a paper about their partner. An oral report in front of the class will be expected once the project deadline arrives. There’s just one caveat—the pairs must get to know each other without speaking. How they do this is up to them. Points will be given for creativity. Ryan’s partner does everything he can to make the project impossible, Ms. Tabatabai assigns Ryan to a new project in Journalism Club, his friends want to occupy all of his time, and, if all that wasn’t enough, he’s tasked with helping the Drama teacher, Mr. Melvin, organize the spring singing recital, A Night on Broadway. Unless Ryan can confront his history and right a wrong, his whole world could fall apart. Will he choose to confront his past, or will history repeat itself?

Briefly Buddies by Chase Connor

Being a gay teen can be difficult, but for Dustin Blanchard, it’s been pretty boring, actually. In less than twenty-four hours he’s going to graduate from high school. His parents and friends have always given him their full support and unconditional love. He’s always had plenty of friends in school, he’s attractive, always gotten good grades, and he’s headed into a new chapter of life—university after his last summer of working at a local ice cream joint. His life has been…blessed. There’s just one thing. He’s never had a boyfriend. Never gotten laid. Never even been kissed. Well, not like that, anyway. So, life has been good, but it’s been boring. When he came out, Dustin imagined his own rom-com, teenage, coming-of-age scenario playing out, finding a boyfriend in high school, and being crowned dual Kings of the Prom. Nothing ever works out the way he imagines, though, and he’s getting pretty tired of it. On the night of his graduation, Dustin and his friend, Miguel, come up with a plan while sharing a few beers swiped from the neighborhood barbecue. If you can’t get laid through skill and swagger of your own, you can always turn to a professional. All you need is the internet and a device. So, buzzed from the beers, Dustin logs onto Briefly Buddies to find the perfect guy to help him achieve his first real gay experience. And that’s where everything really started to go wrong…

When Words Grow Fangs by Chase Connor

All Jude wants to do is play Bandits online with his friends, write articles for his blog, get good grades, and hopefully, get accepted into a university with a decent journalism program. After all, his dream is to become a first-rate journalist, writing about the issues the young people of the world deal with every day. As far as he’s concerned, he’s crushing his goals. When the typically liberal administration at his school decides they won’t allow a student to start an LGBTQ+ after school club, Jude’s track to achieving his goals suddenly veers off course. No one is standing up for what’s right and everyone seems to accept that an LGBTQ+ club just isn’t appropriate for the students of Whitmer Central High. Jude tries to talk some sense into the principal, but he quickly finds that finding an ally to help him reverse the decision about the club will be difficult. One night, in a fury over what is going on at his high school, Jude writes a scathing, yet fair, rebuke of his school’s decision. The next thing Jude knows, he’s the subject of a national news article, he’s gone viral on the internet, and he’s become both a hero and a pariah at his school. Quickly, he starts to realize that his dream career may not be as honorable and honest as he once thought, universities will avoid students who rock the boat, friends don’t always stick up for friends, and adults don’t always know what’s best. What’s Jude to do? His moms couldn’t be prouder of him, but what does all of this mean for a teen who hasn’t quite figured out his own sexuality?

Gavin's Big Gay Checklist by Chase Connor

Gavin is miserable. But it's not what you think. Okay, maybe it is. Being half-Mexican, half-white, Jewish and Catholic is hard enough. Being a closeted high school senior just makes things harder to handle. Only Eli, Gavin's best friend who lives next door--and who happens to be a white, straight, home-schooled son of a preacher--knows who Gavin really is inside and out. But that's not enough. Gavin decides to make a list. A checklist of "To Do" items to help him become an open, proud gay man before his high school career is over. Before he heads off to college and leaves behind his mother and father, hopefully with their love and support. However, what the checklist does is educate Gavin about life--not just as a gay man--but simply as a man. It teaches him about friendship, honesty, kindness, duty, responsibility, and family. Maybe...just maybe...it will teach him to not be miserable. Gavin's Big Gay Checklist starts out as the story of how a young gay man sets out to accomplish "gay" tasks on his path to coming out of the closet. But it ends up being about life, friendship, family, all of the misery and happiness along the way...and menudo.

The Guy Gets Teddy by Chase Connor

Life is hard for everyone. But if you throw in religious parents, the death of a brother, and a desire to act, sing, and dance--when you don't look the way everyone expects (or wants)--it can be particularly difficult. This is the story of Baxley Theodore Miller--Teddy. He acts, he sings, he tries to dance (he's working on it), he's gay, he's overweight, his parents are religious, and the one person who loved him just as he is has died. That doesn't mean that life stops moving. Teddy wants to follow his dreams...and maybe find love along the way. Why can't a gay, overweight kid have it all? Teddy finds himself in an experimental performing arts LGBTQ+ summer camp after his senior year of high school. There he will find out what he is truly made of--and maybe make a few friends along the way. But when a handsome, friendly, kind boy starts to show interest, Teddy realizes that maybe he's never understood love at all. With the help of his bunkmates: Rufus, an enthusiastic asexual boy, and Chastity, a lesbian who is a lot kinder than she seems, Teddy realizes that maybe he has to change his way of thinking before he can change the world. Love doesn't just find you, you have to decide to find love, and it all starts with loving yourself.

The Gravity of Nothing by Chase Connor

All stories start with "once upon a time" and end with "happily ever after." Except for Tom's. Tom's story ends with "happily never after." But a life is full of "once upon a times" because a life is full of stories. Everything in between the "once upon a times" is just details. Two boys met on a bus. Two boys went to summer camp. Two boys walked into the woods together. Two boys swam in the lake. One boy was assaulted. One boy was frozen with fear. One boy became overwhelmed by everything. One boy was dragged down by the gravity of nothing. This is a story of two boys. They met. They became best friends. And now one of them is dead. Over the course of this book, Tom tells a story to the other people in his therapy group. But, whose story is he telling?

A Straight Line by Chase Connor & J.D. Wade

Forty years ago, Harry and Vic opened the first-ever gay bar in their rural town. Facing discrimination, prejudice, and sometimes even violence, they managed to keep the bar open in the face of adversity. A Straight Line was a place where a queer person could be themselves, find community, acceptance, and frequently, the love of their life. Everyone who became a regular at A Straight Line quickly fell in love with the owners, often referring to them as “Uncle Harry” and “Uncle Vic.” As the world changed around them and their bar, Harry and Vic saw their rural town expand, become more accepting, and eventually embrace A Straight Line as a part of the community—just as iconic as the town hall or courthouse. The two men found themselves heroes of the community, beloved and respected for helping to usher out widespread homophobia and herald a new era of acceptance in their town. If you asked any queer person in town about A Straight Line, they’d probably tell you that it saved their life. Now, times have changed. Harry and Vic have decided it’s time to retire and to pass the bar on to new owners. But they won’t go out without one last hurrah. Invitations have been sent out to every queer person who’s alive and attended A Straight Line’s opening—and any queer person who has passed through its doors since and ended up on its mailing list. Harry and Vic are welcoming them all to home for one last evening of music, dancing, food, drinks, and the sharing of life-long memories. One attendee at Uncle Harry’s and Uncle Vic’s party is their twenty-something nephew, Russ, who has recently moved in with them. He’s not sure he believes in finding true love, nor does he understand what it means to create an LGBTQ+ family. However, once the elder gays share their wisdom, and he notices a dark-haired stranger at the party, maybe Russ will change his mind? Maybe all he needs is a little queer magic?

A Million Little Souls by Chase Connor

In the last two weeks of the school year, four teenagers check out books from the Long-Moore High School Library. Mrs. Clark, the high school librarian, says she has never seen the books before. They must have been shelved incorrectly because all of the books are from the city public library. Entrusting the teens to return the books to their rightful home once they are done, she lets them check out the books. Inside of each, the teens learn, is an invitation to attend a special event—one that only happens every 25 years. You have been selected. Your presence is requested at 7 pm on the 5th. Tell no one. Come alone. Otherwise, your invitation will be invalidated. Cordially, The Librarian. Though all of them think better of it, one by one, they all arrive at the City Public Library alone, ready to attend this mysterious event the messages in the books conveyed. As the night unfolds, they find themselves locked inside the dark building all alone, with nothing to do but wait for dawn. But are they alone? Or is there something more than books inside the library…? Get to know each other… Take a stroll through time… Reach a higher plane… Go by the numbers… Respect the books.

Jacob Michaels Is... The Omnibus Edition by Chase Connor

Jacob Michaels...er, Robert Wagner...is tired. Hollywood has been kind. But it's also left him skinny, exhausted, unsure of who he is, whom he wants to be, and without love. A decade ago, he ran away from home to pursue fame. Unlike many before him, he actually succeeded. Now he's back in his hometown of Point Worth, Ohio, trying to make amends with his grandmother, trying to regain his health, trying to not be recognized, and trying to figure out who he really is. Maybe he'll find love along the way? However, people and things are not quite as he remembers. Then again, his memory isn’t exactly reliable… Jacob Michaels Is… The Omnibus Edition contains all six books in the JMI saga, plus CARNAVAL, A Point Worth LGBTQ+ Paranormal Romance Story. From Jacob’s (er, Rob’s) return to Point Worth from Hollywood to the thrilling ending with a twist, this series will keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing at what will happen next. Jacob Michaels Is… The Omnibus Edition includes: Jacob Michaels Is Tired Jacob Michaels Is Not Crazy Jacob Michaels Is Not Jacob Michaels Jacob Michaels Is Not Here Jacob Michaels Is Trouble CARNAVAL Jacob Michaels Is Dead

GINJUH by Chase Connor

My name is not "Ginjuh" but that's what everyone calls me. It all started when I was 3-years-old at a family reunion and my speech impediment kept me from properly parroting what everyone else in the family was calling me. Fifteen years later and my speech impediment is mostly better but I still have a shocking wave of flame-colored hair, freckles, and I can't stand to hear that nickname come out of people's mouths. I'm still stuck with that awful nickname, though. Even the other people in school call me "Ginjuh". How can a teenage guy come out to his parents when they keep using a nickname that reminds him that he once had a speech impediment? "It's all just in good fun, Ginjuh!" is their motto. Sometimes I feel like my parents have formed a united front against me like they want me to feel worthless. At least I have my grandpa. But he hasn't been well for a while. Above all things--being scared of coming out, being annoyed with the taunts and jabs, afraid of what the future holds for a high school senior--I'm terrified of losing him. But that's life, isn't it? A guy has to learn to face all it...or collapse under the weight of all of it. Then there's the weirdo I go to school with that my grandpa hired to help us on the farm at the end of summer...

Just a Dumb Surfer Dude 3: Summer Hearts by Chase Connor

Cooper's time at Dextrus Academy is coming to an end. The graduating class of 2019 is heading towards commencement - and Cooper is prepared to give the valedictorian speech. Now all that's left for him to do is leave Vermont with his boyfriend Alex for California to attend UCLA on a full academic scholarship...but that means leaving home and his favorite person - his father. Logan is ready to graduate Dextrus Academy and leave the past behind...but the future is terrifying. He has no plans for college or what he wants to do with his life now that he is moving into adulthood. And he can't shake the overwhelming feeling that his boyfriend, A.J., might be ready to move on to other things now that their senior year is ending. One thing is certain - Logan's father has rented a beach house in Maine for Logan, Cooper, Alex, and A.J. They'll get to surf, swim, and spend quality time together as the closest of friends one last time before adulthood arrives. Are their friendships strong enough to withstand distance and time? Will their romantic relationships hold up now that they are no longer in the fishbowl that Dextrus Academy provided? Was all the love they shared only summer in their hearts?

Just a Dumb Surfer Dude 2: For the Love of Logan by Chase Connor

Logan has always been a "good boy". He gave up his chance at finding potential true love at Dextrus Academy, the all-boys school he attends, so that Cooper and Alex could be happy together. Now he's starting to wonder if that decision isn't the worst he's ever made. With Cooper and Alex happy and content in their relationship, Logan can't help but wonder if he'll never find a guy that loves him. He may only be eighteen-years-old, but it feels like he's been waiting a lifetime for the right guy to come along. Just when everything is falling apart, two different guys walk into his life. One he met by chance...and one he's known ever since he came to Dextrus Academy. Just a Dumb Surfer Dude 2: For the Love of Logan is the sequel to Chase Connor's first LGBTQ YA novella "Just a Dumb Surfer Dude: A Coming-of-Age Tale. All of the lovable characters are back--but Logan steps into the spotlight in this tale about first love and coming out.

Bully by Chase Connor

It all began like something out of porn. The gay eighteen-year-old nerd who works at the grocery store after school is being bullied by the "straight" eighteen-year-old jock who also works at the grocery store. They're from different worlds and, under normal circumstances, probably never would have met. But an app notification on the jock's phone sets off an epic...love story? "Bully" is the story of two eighteen-year-old guys, one a nerd, one a jock, who have their first sexual encounter in an alleyway behind the grocery store they both work at after school. Perfect porn scenario. What happens after is everything porn is not built on - first love, rejection, coming out, secrets, sharing of the deepest desires, dreams, and aspirations. Finding the strength to be who you really are and loving the person you really are, finding acceptance for who you are, and leaning on your person through one of the messiest times in life. It's about losing your first true love, graduating high school, finishing college, starting your adult life, and reconnecting. It's about having the faith that you are enough...but hoping that you will find your person again. Bully is the story of two boys and this mess we call life. And lots of sex.

A Tremendous Amount of Normal by Chase Connor

Noah is normal. He’s full of normal. His older brother Will tells everyone all of the time. Even if they don’t believe him. Noah doesn’t understand why kids in school call him a “retard." He’s not intellectually disabled. In fact, he’s very smart. But a lot of people call Will a fag—so maybe it’s kind of like that. Neurotypical people don’t always make sense. Noah doesn’t understand love in the same way that his brother Will does. But maybe that’s because neurotypical people don’t understand love as deeply as Noah does? Noah is full of understanding. And so is Will. Noah wants a girlfriend. His brother Will may never be able to have a boyfriend. Maybe they need to redefine normal?

Just a Dumb Surfer Dude by Chase Connor

Cooper is a genius. At least that's what everyone else keeps saying, even if he doesn't like it. But that's not his biggest problem. Being gay while attending Dextrus Academy, an all-boys prep school, and only having one other gay friend, life can be...difficult. Cooper wants to stay true to himself, and being a hormonal gay teen makes that difficult at times. So far, he's managed to navigate being a good son, a good student, a best friend, and not lose himself in the process. But when Logan, a hot surfer dude, transfers to Dextrus Academy, is it possible that Cooper will lose himself for a chance at true happiness?

A Surplus of Light by Chase Connor

"He's a psycho." That's what Mike is told when he asks who the kid is with the dark swoop of hair and eyes that look like icebergs floating in milk. From that moment, it becomes Mike's mission to find out everything about this kid. The kid who can fight better than anyone, but doesn't want to. The kid who is the greatest artist Mike's ever met. The kid who only wants to be his friend during the lightest days of summer. The kid who tells him that being his friend at school will only ruin Mike's reputation. Regardless of what the kid tells Mike, he doesn't realize that summer is the best time--it has the most light--and it makes it easier for Mike to see who he truly is. And there's no way Mike will back off once he sees this kid for who he truly is.

Between Enzo & the Universe by Chase Connor

If Enzo listed his problems, being single wouldn't be anywhere near the top of the list. It might not even be in the top twenty list of problems that he faces on a daily basis. His grandmother is dead. His parents are dead. His sister and brother are dead. He has no money. No friends. No job. He's all alone in a country that will always seem strange. Soon, he might not even have a home. And he's so angry. At life. Himself. God. The universe. Everyone. Except for the man he sees in the market. Something about the man with the red hair (who only speaks English) tells Enzo that the universe might not be completely against him for once. 'Between Enzo & the Universe' is a story about a boy who emigrates from France with his family to Canada in the hopes that a better life might be found. Enzo arrives in Canada as a boy with a happy, healthy family...and ends up a young man with no one left in the world. How does the universe apologize for that? Enzo meets an American at the autumn festival and over the course of a night, they will share their dreams, their passions, and the events that made them the people they are. They will eat, laugh, talk...and come to realize that they both share a dream for the future.

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