Jacob Michaels Is... The Omnibus Edition by Chase Connor ✓ author

Jacob Michaels...er, Robert Wagner...is tired. Hollywood has been kind. But it's also left him skinny, exhausted, unsure of who he is, whom he wants to be, and without love. A decade ago, he ran away from home to pursue fame. Unlike many before him, he actually succeeded. Now he's back in his hometown of Point Worth, Ohio, trying to make amends with his grandmother, trying to regain his health, trying to not be recognized, and trying to figure out who he really is. Maybe he'll find love along the way? However, people and things are not quite as he remembers. Then again, his memory isn’t exactly reliable… Jacob Michaels Is… The Omnibus Edition contains all six books in the JMI saga, plus CARNAVAL, A Point Worth LGBTQ+ Paranormal Romance Story. From Jacob’s (er, Rob’s) return to Point Worth from Hollywood to the thrilling ending with a twist, this series will keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing at what will happen next. Jacob Michaels Is… The Omnibus Edition includes: Jacob Michaels Is Tired Jacob Michaels Is Not Crazy Jacob Michaels Is Not Jacob Michaels Jacob Michaels Is Not Here Jacob Michaels Is Trouble CARNAVAL Jacob Michaels Is Dead

Age: Adult

Genre: Romance/Paranormal

Genre: Horror/Paranormal Creatures

Genre: Diversity Representation/LGBTQ+

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