The Gravity of Nothing by Chase Connor ✓ author

All stories start with "once upon a time" and end with "happily ever after." Except for Tom's. Tom's story ends with "happily never after." But a life is full of "once upon a times" because a life is full of stories. Everything in between the "once upon a times" is just details. Two boys met on a bus. Two boys went to summer camp. Two boys walked into the woods together. Two boys swam in the lake. One boy was assaulted. One boy was frozen with fear. One boy became overwhelmed by everything. One boy was dragged down by the gravity of nothing. This is a story of two boys. They met. They became best friends. And now one of them is dead. Over the course of this book, Tom tells a story to the other people in his therapy group. But, whose story is he telling?

Age: New Adult

Genre: Literary Fiction

Genre: Diversity Representation/LGBTQ+

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