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Cully Mack is a fantasy lover and student of myth, so it’s no wonder after completing her B.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing and her Masters in Creative Writing she combined the two into the Voice that Thunders epic fantasy series.



Sojin by Cully Mack

Some dreams dig deep into the soul and never let go. Before the gods, before the war, there lived a freckled-face little mugger called Sojin. He dreamed of growing into manhood, finding a wife and settling down. But that was before... On the run, hiding from gods, giants and chimeric beasts, Sojin meets a new foe. Lestas, a brigand who demands Sojin pay his dues and join his band of runners. As Sojin strives to stay alive, he refuses to abandon a new dream. To kill the god who murdered his mother. It’s an impossible dream until he spies a stranger. A formidable rogue, an assassin, a thief—an Acquisitioner. Some say he speaks to the wind and she listens. His name is Ammo, you may have heard of him? Sojin is an epic fantasy prequel that can be read at any point in the series. It focuses on Ammo and Sojin, two awesome characters who appear in the Voice that Thunder series.

A Vow That Clashes (Voice that Thunders #4) by Cully Mack

When a vow demands sacrifice, who will pay the price? Far behind Gabe is his innocence, destroyed when a Watcher slaughtered his clan. Now considered a chosen one, Gabe strives to understand his magic and his calling. He desires nothing more than to find his sister but is besieged by hybrid abominations intent on extinguishing mortal life, his most of all. His allies: a cunning thief, an Immortal, and a Fire Wielder stand fast with those seeking sanctuary underground. It’s a trap. The god of deep mines and solver of secrets is coming... A perilous maze of tunnels, their sole hope of escape. As vows and destiny collide, Gabe faces a devastating choice: abandon the people and his allies or forsake his beloved sister. The fate of the world rests on his decision, for the Watchers know a greater adversary approaches, a possessor of flesh. The clash between darkness and light has never been more dreadful. A Vow That Clashes is the fourth novel in the Voice that Thunders series and runs parallel to A Fire That Whispers.

A Fire That Whispers (Voice that Thunders #3) by Cully Mack

War has begun, and the destined Voice of Thunder foretold to save the world is nowhere in sight. Mirah is an elemental wielder whose extraordinary magic has proved too powerful for the Immortal Watchers to ignore. Captured, they demand she destroys their portals. If she yields, it will trap her friends in the immortal realm forever. As shocking discoveries unfold, it forces Mirah further under her enemies’ control. Flames once thought dead arise and test the bonds of love and sacrifice. But not everyone once trusted is pure; not everyone once despised is vile… and Mirah must unravel the lies. One truth she knows: The Shadow Beast lurks beyond the portals. The Immortals dread its arrival, but is the Beast more of a danger to them or to herself? A Fire That Whispers is the third novel in the Voice that Thunders epic fantasy series wherein hope hides in the darkest of places and honour-bound promises seal your fate.

A Scream That Shatters (Voice that Thunders #2) by Cully Mack

Mirah has risen from the ashes of her slaughtered clan to become the greatest Elemental Wielder the immortals have ever known. But the immortals craving her power are nothing compared to another darkness rising. Mirah calls it the Shadow – a defiling beast trapped in the other realm who bound her to itself. Her brother Gabe may be the Voice of Thunder destined to lead the war, but Mirah knows the Shadow is creeping closer and its reach is too powerful. She has seen the devastating lengths to which it will go, and it shattered her heart. Mirah faces a profound choice: stay and fight for humanity’s freedom, and risk the Shadow’s wrath, or flee to protect the brother she loves. A Scream That Shatters is the second novel in the Voice that Thunders epic fantasy series filled with explosive revelations and betrayals where romances bloom and others are severed.

A Voice That Thunders (Voice That Thunders #1) by Cully Mack

Immortals conquering as gods. A Shadow creeping closer... Can an apprentice healer be the key to ignite a war? Mirah looks for the best in everybody. But her naiveté is shattered when her clan is slaughtered, and she’s dragged into captivity. Vulnerable and scared, she has no choice but to accept her kidnappers’ offer to join their sect of lethal female fighters. Desperate to find stability in her chaotic new life, Mirah throws herself into training as a water mage and warrior. But as she discovers her unprecedented elemental control, her instructor warns that revealing her power will put her in mortal danger. With the fate of humanity at risk, will Mirah’s growing abilities spell her salvation… or destruction? A Voice That Thunders is the first book in the action-packed Voice that Thunders epic fantasy series. If you like strong women, intricate world-building, and stories of enduring friendship, then you’ll adore Cully Mack’s riveting saga.

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