A Fire That Whispers (Voice that Thunders #3) by Cully Mack

War has begun, and the destined Voice of Thunder foretold to save the world is nowhere in sight. Mirah is an elemental wielder whose extraordinary magic has proved too powerful for the Immortal Watchers to ignore. Captured, they demand she destroys their portals. If she yields, it will trap her friends in the immortal realm forever. As shocking discoveries unfold, it forces Mirah further under her enemies’ control. Flames once thought dead arise and test the bonds of love and sacrifice. But not everyone once trusted is pure; not everyone once despised is vile… and Mirah must unravel the lies. One truth she knows: The Shadow Beast lurks beyond the portals. The Immortals dread its arrival, but is the Beast more of a danger to them or to herself? A Fire That Whispers is the third novel in the Voice that Thunders epic fantasy series wherein hope hides in the darkest of places and honour-bound promises seal your fate.

New AdultFantasy/Epic and HighFantasy/Mythic, Retelling, and FolkloreFantasy/Portal

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