An Ignoble Invitation


An Ignoble Invitation by Dani Morrison

Miri Third-Born has one goal; reach heights few in The Hidden can ever hope to achieve. A talented alchemist, she seeks more out of life than her meager existence as a casteless human living under the Aelven Dominion. She has the skills, a partner, and the necessary acumen. But the path to glory is treacherous for humans without a name, and an unforeseen obstacle threatens to permanently derail her aspirations. When approached by the magnetic Aelven noble Aisalan Vinhar, it’s with an offer she would be a fool to turn down. Her companionship for his name. Too bad she doesn’t trust the Aelven any further than she can throw them and he’s seeking more than she may be willing to give. The dominion is crumbling, war is on the horizon, but Miri faces a daring challenge; to make it out of this ignoble invitation with her heart, and dreams, intact.

AdultWomen's Fiction/RomanceRomance/FantasyFantasy/Romantic and Erotic

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