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Dani Morrison writes enticing Paranormal, High Fantasy, and Science Fiction Romance featuring diverse heroines, memorable settings, action, and adventure. She has been an avid reader of romance for many years and seeks to create hours of passionate escape for her readers.



A Fortnight to Bloom by Dani Morrison

When it rains it pours and Stephanie Renaut has had enough, thank you very much. The collapse of her engagement is the last straw and she takes a gamble on the irrational; a two week spiritual retreat on the far flung world of Elysia VII. Verdant, lively, and soothing, the planet’s facilities are renowned for their ability to help soul-weary seekers. But, she isn’t the only traveler seeking answers and redemption. Pahali’s Festival approaches, a celebration of the early bloom, and Davinth Xan-Curson returns for his ancestral rites without a mate. Again. He’s devoted his life to unlocking the secrets of Elysia’s flora, but finds the opportunity for a new kind of discovery with an impromptu travelling companion. Paths cross and sparks ignite, but to make way for new life, two strangers must come to know themselves to find each other.

A Thief's Debt by Dani Morrison

Haunted by her past, Halaema Arocele joins The Nameless for gold and a chance to carve out her own path away from the dominion’s ever tightening grasp. A half-Aelven mage, she’s found freedom in the human realm. The rebels pay well and don’t ask questions. But, when a mission goes awry, she is captured by Caeas Gorayayn a disgraced brother of the elite warriors of the Aelven Dominion: The Iron Hand. A blood debt binds her to him and what starts as a quest for retribution evolves into more as the cruel machine of war tears its way across the human realm. Old loyalties are tested, new ones are formed, and a thief’s debt may bring her a greater reward than she ever imagined.

An Ignoble Invitation by Dani Morrison

Miri Third-Born has one goal; reach heights few in The Hidden can ever hope to achieve. A talented alchemist, she seeks more out of life than her meager existence as a casteless human living under the Aelven Dominion. She has the skills, a partner, and the necessary acumen. But the path to glory is treacherous for humans without a name, and an unforeseen obstacle threatens to permanently derail her aspirations. When approached by the magnetic Aelven noble Aisalan Vinhar, it’s with an offer she would be a fool to turn down. Her companionship for his name. Too bad she doesn’t trust the Aelven any further than she can throw them and he’s seeking more than she may be willing to give. The dominion is crumbling, war is on the horizon, but Miri faces a daring challenge; to make it out of this ignoble invitation with her heart, and dreams, intact.

The Binding Eye by Dani Morrison

A new take on wolf-shifter lore, mystery, danger, and a steamy Multicultural “Why Choose?” romance awaits in “The Binding Eye”, the first Book of the Havenacht Chronicles. Brecht Adelwulf is running out of time. Havenacht holds painful memories and forbidden secrets, not to mention Wulfvinderen, families dedicated to keeping wulven kinships like his own in line. But, it will take more than his usual stoic resolve to uncover why he was called back to the town of his birth. He must put trust in a foreign researcher and a sworn enemy if he hopes to make it through the next full moon with his sanity, and family, intact. When mythology and folklore researcher Carina Silver takes a temporary research position in the coastal Dutch town of Havenacht, she finds herself playing a role in a centuries old worth of old secret that comes to life as the moon grows full. Two men, two worlds, one destiny.

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