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Wedding Dragon

Wedding Dragon by Liv Rider

Bringing a fake boyfriend to his sister's wedding seems like a great idea. Until he meets one of the groomsmen. His sister's wedding raises a lot of issues Shaun doesn't want to deal with. The worrying thought that his life is going nowhere. Two adventurous, ring-bearing cats. Bridesmaids from his old hometown who love bringing up his past mistakes and are still convinced he's a car thief. Desperate to get people off his back, he asks his straight roommate to pose as his boyfriend. Telling a few lies to impress people is fine, right? What could go wrong? The one thing he hasn't counted on: a distractingly sexy groomsman who can't stand liars and is a powerful dragon shifter. Mitchell never expected his fated mate to have a boyfriend. Mitchell thought meeting his fated mate would be the best day of his life, but meeting Shaun's boyfriend makes it the worst. How can he focus on his brother's wedding now? As he spends more time around Shaun, he realizes his mate has more problems than just bridesmaids spreading rumors. Resisting the urge to go after Shaun is the hardest thing he's ever had to do. Especially since his mate is irresistible. After a disastrous moonlit kiss, Shaun and Mitchell are determined to stay away from each other. But when the bridesmaids threaten to expose Shaun's lies, he has a choice: Run away from his past, or ask for help from the one man he wants to have a future with. Wedding Dragon is a m/m paranormal dragon shifter/human romance with a HEA and no cliffhangers. It is the third book in the Lewiston Dragons series, following Protector Dragon and Halloween Dragon. All books can be read separately.

How to Bare Your Neck and Save a Wreck

How to Bare Your Neck and Save a Wreck by D. N. Bryn

Kraken Collective

“I only take what’s owed me, and you, my little swan, owe me blood.” A single kiss from a masked vampire during Shane’s last journalistic endeavor has left him with an obsession and a mission: uncover the secrets of the black-market blood trade and find his mystery vampire in the process. But this investigation is dangerous. One knock at the wrong door and he could have fangs at his throat instead of lips. Andres had been trying to forget his kiss with Shane Crowley by drowning himself in his work as a thief for the blood trade. When he finds it’s Shane’s blood his boss has decided to steal, Andres’s only option is to buy him for every drop he’ll ever produce. This act awakens something in Andres—new thoughts of ownership and chains that he believes could only ever be the desires of a monster. Andres needs blood to live though, and he’s going to have it from Shane, even if it means donning a mask once more. Between the strange desires Shane’s life as a part-time blood slave is stirring in him, and his investigations into the cycle of injustice that so many fanged citizens face, and texts with an odd new friend who feels vaguely familiar, Shane feels pulled in all directions. Little does he know all those paths lead back to the same vampire…

A Trashy Pirate Romance: Book Two

A Trashy Pirate Romance: Book Two by Sinnamon Carnelian

After her fateful fall from Gideon's ship following the Seafarer Bombings, Charlie slowly sobers up, working through her time on Finn's ship and her past. No longer able to drown her sorrows with booze and fill the hole in her chest with the love of random men from the bar, she must face the pain head-on. All the while, the gentleman pirate, Gideon, shows her what true love and care are as he tries to open her heart to the true colors of the man she was forced to marry. Just when the truth begins to shine through and she starts to mourn the person she thought she loved, the bombers of Seafarer Night return. Charlie is forced to strike a deal with Gideon and give him what he wants to save her best friend, Cherry. Clear-headed and determined, Charlie walks into the clutches of her pursuers, trusting Gideon to find her again, while she fights tooth and nail alongside Cherry to escape. Aunt Kathy will have to wait as the adventure continues, with Charlie and Cherry fighting alongside a new companion and friend to rid themselves of their hunters. Can Charlie come to terms with the treachery all around her? Are Charlie and Cherry strong enough to face those lying in wait for them? Find out in Book Two of the Trashy Pirate Romance series.

A Simple Tale of Water and Weeping

A Simple Tale of Water and Weeping by Kami King Larsen

In the frigid waters, off a moonlit beach, a magical transformation is occurring. The Girl Aylee is a shop-keeper’s daughter in a nameless coastal town. Kind, thoughtful, and recovering from a broken heart, she yearns for a life she may never have. She would do just about anything to make her parents happy, including perhaps, living a life she doesn’t want. The Stranger On a brisk autumn morning, Aylee stumbles upon Cailean. He’s an outsider—lost, confused, and very much out of place. Cailean has more than a few secrets, but for reasons Aylee can’t quite explain, the two strike up a quick friendship. The Peril Cailean has lost a very valuable item—one that may mean the difference between life and death. As Aylee and Cailean search for answers, they call on friends and enemies alike in the hope of avoiding tragedy. In the process, Aylee must confront danger in many forms—both human and fey—all while learning just as much about herself as the mysterious people and creatures surrounding her. What will she choose for herself in the end, and who will she lose as she fights for her new friend and her own future? Steeped in Celtic folklore, A Simple Tale of Water and Weeping is a timeless tale sure to bring a smile to your heart and possibly a tear to your eye. It is a magical story of love, friendship, and accepting not only ourselves, but also those around us.

The Book of One

The Book of One by Adam Gaffen


Angels and demons are never meant to cross paths, or so the ancient lore dictates. In 10th Century Rome, a realm teeming with shadowy intrigue and covert power plays, the demon Kalili, aged six millennia, receives a seemingly simple mission: to charm Octavianus, a youthful potential pope. Yet fate takes an unforeseen turn when Faith, an unseasoned angel, is assigned to eliminate her. This extraordinary encounter ignites a conflict beyond their wildest imaginings. Bound by an enigmatic bond and an undeniable attraction, Kalili and Faith are thrust into a labyrinth of danger and deceit. As the last of the legendary Thirteens, their intertwined destinies are key to resolving an eternal battle between light and darkness. Pursued by the forces of both Heaven and Hell, they must unlock nascent powers and unravel millennia-old enigmas to avert an impending cosmic upheaval. Their decisions will forge a new path for the ages, as they journey through a riveting saga of love and fate, a journey marked by harrowing risks and dark enchantments. A saga that leads them to confront their own nature, in a world where every choice could reshape the very essence of life itself. Dive into this spellbinding tale, where the lines between good and evil blur, and the journey of two unlikely allies begins, culminating in a breathtaking saga of passion, destiny, and the eternal struggle between celestial forces. INCLUDING AN EXCLUSIVE BONUS: A DELETED SCENE!

A Cursed Son

A Cursed Son by Day Leitao


Romantic & sexy dreams link a false princess to a dangerous, disgraced fae prince in this fun, steamy enemies-to-lovers romantasy.

In her dreams, he envelops her in love. In real life, he imprisons her in ice. Assassin, liar, impersonator—dreamer. As a royal decoy, trained to replace the Krastel princess even in a political marriage, Astra’s life is not her own. With a duty like that, how can she dream about love? And yet she knows she has a kindred soul. She can feel his presence every night, holding her in his arms, surrounding her with his warmth. But ice-cold reality crashes in when Astra’s carriage is attacked by the Crystal Court’s disgraced prince. Banished for heinous crimes and armed with powerful stolen relics, he’s a wielder of mighty magic and can even infiltrate minds. It turns out that he is the man in her dreams. And this is about to get very, very awkward. A Cursed Son is a fun, sexy, enemies-to-lovers romantic fantasy for fans of fae, elemental magic, arranged marriage, forced proximity, snarky banter, and dream connection.

Cursed King

Cursed King by Danielle Paquette-Harvey


"Nothing mattered but the soft, tantalizing beat of the heart in this woman’s chest, which thrilled the beast inside me." A vampire assassin. . . bad, in all the best ways. A sexy half-vampire, half-werewolf King, elves, dragons, magic, and betrayal. In a world teetering on the edge of chaos, a legendary prophecy unfolds, foretelling the rise of the cursed king. Born from an impossible love between a vampire and a werewolf, he possesses a power unrivaled by any creature that roams the night. A cruel fate awaits the cursed king, Nathan, as his rule is forced into question after a series of unexplainable events. Confronted by enemies from all corners, the cursed king is thrust into a web of deceit, peril, and betrayal, far surpassing anything he had ever imagined. To reclaim his destiny and restore equilibrium to a world on the brink of ruin, he must confront the very essence of his own existence. Caleb never misses a contract, even better when it's a woman he can savor. The day his target slips through his fingers threatens to tarnish his reputation. The assassin will go to the ends of the earth to hunt and finish what he's been hired to do. Samantha comes from a respected line of noble vampires, but their fortune is secretly lost. Now betrothed to the cursed king, she hopes to restore her family's name. However, her true motives remain shrouded in darkness as faith dictates her every move, for the gods have chosen her. In this epic tale of forbidden love, dark prophecies, and insurmountable challenges, the cursed king must rise above his origins and find the strength to defy destiny. The world’s fate hangs in the balance as the cursed king confronts his true legacy. 5 Stars Editorial Review by Stephanie Chapman for Readers’ Favorite


Chosen by Scarlett Strange


To have faith is to believe not when everything is certain, but when nothing is. Living in a world with no sun, murderous bastards for leaders, and fighting being the highest form of entertainment, Raven has no faith left. Not in the people, not in the universe, and definitely not in herself. But when the deadliest chase of her life plunges her into a world ruled by sunlight, peace, and cities full of abundance, her lack of faith is challenged. Her arrival triggers a thousand-year-old prophecy that sets her on a path far more dangerous than anything she has ever faced before. To survive and find a way back, Raven must learn to play by the rules of this deadly place. The assassination attempts aren't a problem. The court intrigues aren't a problem. Even the dangerous king who seems obsessed with her isn’t a problem. It is the thing that wakes beneath her skin that might prove to be her biggest challenge yet. To survive, she must make a choice. Answer the call she has been ignoring or return to the darkness that now whispers her name. Perfect for those who love epic adventures, high stakes, badass heroines, and swoon-worthy romance.

Lurid Lantern

Lurid Lantern by Victoria Clapton


After discovering that all she fights for is a lie, a young commander joins her arch nemesis to defeat her king and save the three realms. Cahya is a commander in the army of Refulgent. Her mission is to defend Hikari, the Light Realm and defeat the Soul Smite army of Kurai, the Dark Realm. Yet, Cahya has a secret, and her world unravels on a chance meeting with the King of Kurai where she discovers a love that may have fractured the realms.

Magic on the Cards

Magic on the Cards by Marina Finlayson

SPFBO10 Gryphons And Grimoires

Never trust a werewolf. I’m the weakest cartomancer who ever lived, but I can use Tarot cards to work magic. Most days. That makes me the natural prey of the Soldiers of the Light, the jumped-up werewolves who police the magic community. They’ve hunted cartomancers for centuries because of some stupid ancient feud. Never speak to a werewolf. I’m helping the local vampires track a rogue that’s menacing our little town when I knock a handsome stranger off his motorbike. He’s badly hurt but refuses medical help. So I take Mr Tall, Dark and Suspicious home—and find out he’s a Soldier. Because that’s just the kind of day I’m having. Never, under any circumstances, fall in love with a werewolf. He’s my sworn enemy, but sparks fly between us. Now I have a monster to catch and a town to save, all while guarding my secret—and my heart—from a man who would kill me without a second thought if he knew the truth.

Cascade of Sparks

Cascade of Sparks by Mary Stephenson Su


Elves, Magic, and Trouble of Imperial Proportions Born with the ability to see magic, Zaria hides her gifts in an attempt to fit in with her elven community. It’s easier to focus on school and go with the flow. She’s not one to speak up, especially not for the new elf from the Imperial Center who is as infuriating as he is handsome. Jovan is new to the valley, and he's never quite fit in. His ambitions are bigger than life in a small town, and he’ll do what it takes to go after them. Never one to hold back, he calls Zaria out on her refusal to stand up for the truth—and sparks fly. When Jovan finds himself framed for a crime he didn’t commit, only Zaria’s unique gift can save him. They’ll have to work together to clear his name. Will Zaria risk everything to save Jovan, or will she leave him at the mercy of his accusers?

A Song to Wake a Thousand Sorrows

A Song to Wake a Thousand Sorrows by Michelle Manus


A woman with unimaginable power. A king hellbent on ruling the world. An ancient force that could mean salvation or destruction.

The survivor of a brutal childhood, Clare Brighton craves the kind of wealth and notoriety that will mean the horrors of her past can never again touch her. With nothing but a battered guitar and a Songweaver’s talent, she comes to the capital of the Faelhorn Provinces, determined to gain her place. But there is another, more dangerous power that dwells within Clare. An entity she calls the Song, it is ancient and fathomless…and no longer content to be held in the cage she has trapped it in. It is a power the ruthless Jackal King has long been searching for, and should he discover she possesses it, the cost will be far greater than her life. Clare has sworn that she will never again let anyone control her. But escaping the Jackal King’s notice will require the one thing she never wanted to need: help. It will come first from the two lords who have taken her under their wing. Next from the second prince of Faelhorn, who Clare alone knows is not what he seems. And finally, from the Song itself. The Song has the strength to save her—if it doesn’t destroy her first.

Seeds of the Fallen

Seeds of the Fallen by Miriam Yvette


Celestials. Light vs. Darkness. Enemies-to-lovers? A secret identity hides the truth, but what happens when it becomes a cage? The irritable and uncommitted Lucan Greystone has to live under an alias, his true self, hidden in a human body. No one can know he's a celestial of the cosmos, as those were the wishes of his mother before she was taken. But when a murder attempt sends Lucan to a small town, he must depend on the Harrow family to trek the long, perilous road back to his friends, all while suffering Elene Harrow's company, the town's heathen who nearly killed him. Elene Harrow wants to undo the wrongs of her past, even if that means fulfilling a Vow of Marriage and leaving her romantic life in the hands of another. Upon meeting Lucan, she finds his existence a danger, yet he's always the one who rescues her, even when he can barely stand her. When Elene discovers one of Rima's children ensnared in darkness, the journey may be more than they bargained for.

By a Silver Thread

By a Silver Thread by Rachel Aaron


A new DFZ series from the author of NICE DRAGONS FINISH LAST and MINIMUM WAGE MAGIC, now complete at three books! In the world’s most magical metropolis where spirits run noodle shops and cash-strapped dragons stage photo-ops for tourists, people still think fairies are nothing but stories, and that’s exactly how the fairies like it. It’s a lot easier to feast on humanity’s dreams when no one believes you exist. But while this arrangement works splendidly for most fair folk, Lola isn’t one of the lucky ones. She’s a changeling, a fairy monster made just human enough to dupe unsuspecting parents while fairies steal their real child. The magic that sustains her was never meant to last past the initial theft, leaving Lola without a future. But thanks to Victor Conrath, a very powerful--and very illegal--blood mage, she was given the means to cheat death. For a price. Now the only changeling ever to make it to adulthood, Lola has served the blood mage faithfully, if reluctantly, for twenty years. Her unique ability to slip through wards and change her shape to look like anyone has helped make Victor a legend in the DFZ’s illegal-magic underground. It’s not a great life, but at least the work is stable… until her master vanishes without a trace. With only a handful left of the pills that keep her human, Lola must find Victor before she turns back into the fairy monster she was always meant to be. But with a whole SWAT team of federal paladins hunting her as a blood-mage accomplice, an Urban Legend on a silent black motorcycle who won’t leave her alone, and a mysterious fairy king with the power to make the entire city dream, Lola’s chances of getting out of this alive are as slender as a silver thread.


Sidetracked by S. K. Kelley


Jayde Palmer considers herself a typical college student, but life is messy. The day before her 19th birthday, a chance meeting with a beautiful young man named Ice Monroe disrupts Jayde's plans for a quiet, relaxing summer. She assumes he's too good to be true—until he calls. Jayde takes the bait, and things go well at first, but the relationship takes a bizarre turn when Ice drops a bombshell secret:
He is a magical human-feline shapeshifter, known as an immortal. As Jayde comes to terms with the existence of immortals and struggles to work out Ice's true intentions in dating her, a series of unexpected and uncomfortable encounters with a figure from his past leave Jayde increasingly unsure who she can trust or what she should do next. Even so, it's clear that something is wrong, and she may have no choice but to act on instinct. --- Sidetracked is part one of a four-part series about dark secrets, difficult decisions, strange dreams, a secret government program, and mental illness. With cats and a little bit of magic!

The Song of Thyssia

The Song of Thyssia by S.J. Stiles


The Thyssian Archipelago rose from the deep as six treacherous islands. Islands that were forged from stone and sand, with kings and conquerors alike. Long ago, the gods gave each kingdom a relic to protect. In return, their peoples would remain safe from the servants of the Void. Years bled into centuries as their respect rotted into complacency. Thyssia, the mother island, sheltered three kingdoms on its soil as it reached across the sea. In the east, Trejen’s forests neatly encircled the verdant meadows while new trees crept closer each spring. Cerulean river lands carved through the island under the watchful eyes of house Spessia and everyone drank from its meandering depths. All of this was overshadowed by a solitary broken mountain. Their people’s separation from the gods fractured its stony face into a chasm, a wound that released any magic the mountain held within its stone. Their relic was ruined by abomination in the wake of Haydrian’s touch. Haydrian, an alchemist who relished in the hope of immortality. As the kingdoms of Thyssia disregarded their duty to the nine, so waned their fear of the Void.

Tea and Empathy

Tea and Empathy by Shanna Swendson


Welcome to Rydding, the hidden village you might stumble across if you need a home and a fresh start. For Elwyn Howell, the village is a lifesaver when she finds it just as she’s run out of strength and hope while running for her life. The abandoned healer’s cottage welcomes her, even though she’s given up on that calling. She opens a tea shop instead, using her knowledge of herbs and her empathic gift that allows her to select the perfect tea for each customer. Soon, she’s feeling at home in the village community. She’s afraid it’s too good to last, a fear that’s confirmed when she finds a wounded man unconscious in her garden. Was he sent by the people who are hunting her? Not even he knows, since he has no memory of who he is or how he got there. As she nurses him back to health, they develop a close bond, but the specter of both their pasts—the one she’s fleeing and the one he doesn’t remember—gets in the way. He doesn’t know what life he may have left behind, and she lives in constant fear that her old life will catch up with her and she’ll end up convicted of a murder she’s not entirely sure she didn’t commit. They can’t hide forever, not even in Rydding, and if they want to have a future, they’ll have to confront their pasts. A new cozy cottagecore romantic fantasy from the author of Enchanted, Inc.

Of Shadows and Death

Of Shadows and Death by Sharlene Healy


Rapunzel, Rapunzel. Let down your hair. I have heard my tale told. A story about a princess with long flowing hair trapped in a tower, saved by a handsome prince, who kills the wicked witch imprisoning her.
How sweet. How charming. How wrong.
Except for the hair, of course.
A fateful meeting with the Vampire King and my world shatters. All I'd ever known ground into dust. I must separate truth from lies and become who I am destined to be. Consequences be damned.
This is my story. A story of power. Love. Hope.
And above all?
Revenge. Of Shadows and Death is book one of the Five Queens Prophecy. It is a low-spice New Adult retelling of Rapunzel, with vampires and dark fantasy elements. It can be read as a standalone. It's perfect for fans of Tessonja Odette and Sarah J Maas!

Lady of Dragons

Lady of Dragons by Shelby Elizabeth


You will be bound, dragon and human. Finlay McDonough wants nothing more than to be a Dragon Knight: a warrior bound with a dragon partner, intent on ridding the kingdom of its dragon-killing monarchy. Well, she might want one thing just a bit more … Evander, her childhood friend, now keeper of the dragon sanctuary. Scouting with Evander one day, Finlay’s attempt to save a dragon goes horribly wrong, and she inadvertently ties her fate to the dragon’s—their souls bind, lending Finlay powers like those of the Mages the Knights are sworn to destroy. After passing the trial to train as a Knight, Finlay discovers a devastating truth about a beloved dragon. To save them, she’ll need to risk her dream of becoming a true Knight, her chance at a happily-ever-after with Evander . . . and maybe her very identity. Fade-to-black fantasy romance with a fierce heroine, gentle love interest, sassy dragon companion, and more than a dash of adventure awaits.

The Desert Heiress

The Desert Heiress by Shoshana Rain


Nothing will stop Lis from regaining her family's power—not even the three tempting men standing in her way. In the desert port of Cenefra, the Sun Rose is life blood. A magic plant with the ability to grant people greater abilities. Sale of the plant is strictly forbidden, its growth restricted only to farms owned by the Empire's shipping company. Liseya Moroeste has only ever wanted one thing: to run the syndicate smuggling it. But her family has been cut off for over a century, forced to advise but never lead. When the government cracks down on all illegal export, Lis is ready to seize her chance. To do so, she must best her three rivals. Filip, Deo and Adrian each want to court her, control her, cajole her into doing what they want. Liseya finds herself drawn into their complicated web, but to survive, she must learn if she can trust them, or if she must cut them down before they can do the same to her. The Desert Heiress is the first book in The Seven Star Empire Series. It is a slow burn, MMMF why choose, second world fantasy with steamy scenes and a guaranteed HEA at the end of the series. It contains both MM and FF scenes, and involves the FMC in a relationship before getting involved with her main love interests.

Copper Cold Steel

Copper Cold Steel by Sori Aryl


After the facial-scarred Lucia's father died, she became Marquess Lucian to inherit the Borderland of Winterstride along with his debt. When her step-sisters are chosen for the Princess Tests, she becomes a guard for another Lady to make ends meet. The Duke of Coppersteel looks at her a little too closely with his prejudice of Borderlanders after he scarred Lucian's face during a duel. Can she keep her identity a secret while helping her sister's win the hearts of the Golden Princes? Also under Kindle Vella under the same name. 96k words CW: Sexual assault, sacrifice, harassment

Messengers of Ilbeor

Messengers of Ilbeor by T.J. Klapprodt


Messengers connect six races of the verdant and beautiful land of Ilbeor, and newly trained messenger Alanda feels the promise of her adult life as she steps into the world to find her fortune. Faithful dog Alis at her side, Alanda traverses the mountainous wilderness only to be punished by storm and sun before becoming the first elf-friend in generations. When she meets charming messenger Tostig and feels the spark of a connection unlike any she’s ever known, she believes her life has truly begun. After being greeted by tragedy and a brother changed by primal magics she does not understand, Alanda must travel the icy wastes with an unlikely companion to discover the answers to her brother’s prophetic gifts and her own heritage. With only a mysterious artifact to guide her way, she knows only one thing: her entire destiny is about to change. In Tostig’s attempt to race to her side, he is waylaid by the mysterious Sashu toward his own changed future as powerful magician and a hand of the gods themselves. As Alanda and Tostig uncover who they were fated to be, they learn the appearance of peace in Ilbeor is only given by the lack of outright war…and when they each come to the attention of vengeful elven mage Altoneir, they stand to find out just how much they have to lose.

The Vermilion Ribbon

The Vermilion Ribbon by Hayley Price


Hayley Price's debut novel, The Vermilion Ribbon is a pulsating mix of fantasy, romance and adventure. Corelle's journey from innocence to cold-hearted killer leaves a trail of bodies from one end of Dur to the other. With her enemies in relentless pursuit and another woman's life in her hands, Corelle cannot relax for a heartbeat. Despair and vengeance compete for her attention as death dogs her footsteps, leading to a thrilling climax that will leave you breathless.

Courier Quest

Courier Quest by Flossindune


You have been summoned here for one reason. Trevor, you need a break. Trevor Anderson is just another normal, overworked retail worker. All he wants is his promised promotion, a chance to use some of his vacation days without feeling guilty about it, and time for his hobbies. While waiting patiently for his life to improve, a workplace accident changes everything for Trevor, including the world he resides in. After he bungles his way through a summoner’s questionnaire and gains the Power of an extradimensional inventory, he lands in the peaceful town of Tosa. In a world where he can finally relax, he finds himself both unable and unwilling to sit still long enough to do it. With everything he needs to take destiny into his own hands - a clean slate, a supernatural ability, and good friends - Trevor will use his Power to live life the way he chooses to.

The Forest at the Heart of Her Mage

The Forest at the Heart of Her Mage by Hiyodori


After years of city life, Tiller is finally ready to revisit the magical forest where she grew up. But the forest has turned deadly, and Tiller has no magic of her own. To survive, she’ll need a bodyguard. Tiller finds only one mage willing to escort her. A woman named Carnelian: a soldier with a pretty face and a dodgy reputation. Carnelian loves parties, drinking, flirting, big spending, and taking risks that others would find downright unthinkable. She’ll happily lead Tiller to the heart of the Devouring Forest. But she won't do it for free. The two of them live in a country where magic-users like Carnelian labor under lifelong legal restrictions. The fastest ticket to greater liberty: getting married. Which is why Carnelian—known far and wide as the mage who no one would wed—demands Tiller’s hand in marriage as her payment. Cautious, reserved Tiller never lets strangers invade her personal space. She's horrified by the prospect of marrying a mischievous gambler. But she still needs Carnelian’s magic to overcome the wild monsters blocking the path back to her childhood home. And the deeper they go in the forest, the greater the danger. Tiller will have to learn very quickly how to deal with the darker side of her would-be wife. The Forest at the Heart of Her Mage is a slow-burn f/f romance with two polar-opposite heroines—both hiding enormous secrets—reluctantly engaged to be married for the sake of convenience. This novel takes place in the same contemporary fantasy world as The First and Last Demon and the Clem & Wist series, but can be read and enjoyed as a standalone story.

Good Bad Witch

Good Bad Witch by Isa Medina


It's hard being a good witch when your clients want bad magic. I'm a witch. Not a powerful witch, mind, but as Grandma liked to say, it’s all in the kindness, not the power. Grandma is gone now, but her dream of having a witch shop lives with me. So, when the opportunity to run my own shop presents itself, I move across the country to take it, no questions asked. But maybe I should have. The sexy local bounty hunter shifter thinks I’m up to no good, my clients keep asking me to use forbidden dark magic, and someone’s trying to sabotage my shop. Probably the same someone who reported me to the Witch Council and left a dead body in my bathtub. Hah! Joke’s on them. As Grandma also used to say, it’s nothing a positive attitude, excellent cleaning supplies, and the complete annihilation of whoever has in it for me can’t fix. Paraphrasing. Join Hope in her quest to save her shop in the Urban Fantasy world of Good Bad Magic, featuring witches, shifters, demons, one sexy bounty hunter, and all kinds of magical creatures. Full of humor, banter, plenty of heart, and a slow-burn romance. Perfect for fans of K.M. Shea, Annabel Chase, and Annette Marie.

Destiny Awaiting

Destiny Awaiting by Jan Foster


She stole away to discover a new world, but interrupted a thief. Now Aioffe can’t escape from him, the impending war or her growing curiosity. Lost and alone in Henry V’s dangerous world, runaway fae Aioffe must rely on her newfound human captor, Tarl, to keep her safe. Yet his secrets could put both of them in greater peril than either could have imagined. Forced to enlist with Henry V's army, Tarl battles his conscience to keep flighty Aioffe hidden, while she struggles to find her place in medieval human society. As they travel through medieval Scotland, Wales, and England towards war with France, they must discover the power of true love and reveal themselves if they are to survive the destiny awaiting them at Agincourt.

Visions of Snapdragon

Visions of Snapdragon by Jana Sun


Jack has always known she was a gifted psychic, her magic guiding her through life's mysteries enough to own a shop specializing in psychic readings. But when she discovers her magic stems from one of the ancient goddesses known as the Seer, her visions start to include her own life-possibly ending. Diego's punishment for shattering the links between Earth and the magical realm of Obius finally catches up to him, making his fractured heart run out of the magic to keep him alive even faster. Drawn to Jack's magnetic aura, Diego believes that only she can help him recover the fragments of his shattered heart and-maybe-restore the severed connection between the realms. As Jack and Diego join forces, a forbidden love ignites, but it's a tale Diego knows the ending to. Her visions are getting stronger though, and Jack can't shake the feeling that's a greater threat that comes along with Diego's desire to heal his heart. As the stakes rise, Jack's learning what it means to be a Priestess as her growing feelings for Diego intensify, testing the very bounds of her magic. In this enthralling urban fantasy, Jack and Diego's quest intertwines fate, love, and destiny. Can they mend the broken pieces of Diego's heart before it's too late? Or will Jack's dark visions come to fruition? Prepare to be enchanted by an unforgettable tale of magic, sacrifice, and romance as Jack and Diego's destinies collide, forever altering the fate of both realms.

Stakes and Bones

Stakes and Bones by Julia Vee


Roxy's got two hammers, a bit of Breaker magic, and the deathbed promise she made to her father. The Seattle Slayers, an elite cadre of fighters dedicated to protecting the city, is having their Trials for new initiates. My dad was a Slayer--one of the best. I thought his legacy might give me an edge in the Trials, but I was wrong. If anything, it made them harder on me. But joining the Slayers is my best chance to save my mom. And, maybe, I need to see if I can fill my dad’s shoes. The only things standing between me and my dreams are all the other elite fighters and magic users who want their spot on the Slayers too. I will battle them all--fae warriors, river demons, and a vicious animage who hates my guts. I've got my hands full but a certain vampire princeling further complicates my life even as he saves it. He’s powerful, handsome, and deadly–a combination I find hard to resist. If you enjoy slow-burn romance and rooting for the underdog, cross over to Twilight Veil, where life is cheap and vampire blood spends the best.

Dawn of the Darkest Day

Dawn of the Darkest Day by K.C. Woodruff


An artist plagued by a violent past. An heir destined never to take her own throne. A tyrant bound to life, consumed by his bloody trail.
Dawn breaks over a dying land. Ever since surviving the bloody coup that cost Ara her home and Stedd his family, they’ve found solace in each other’s arms, dreaming of a life where Ara can cultivate her gardening and engineering talents while Stedd flourishes in his art. But the old magic that once held Evenia together has long faded, and when King Vayne Savant learns of Ara’s godly heritage and royal bloodline, she turns from a budding engineer into a reluctant bride, and a pawn in his cunning plan to dominate the continent amid its technological collapse. Desperate to escape her husband’s bloodstained grasp, Ara strikes a dark deal with the king: a child—the heir to two thrones—in exchange for her freedom. Her plan should have been simple, but in between sieges, squabbling, and sessions of pleasure are nights spent waking to assassins’ blades at her throat and the threat of sinister societies formidable enough to outsmart even Savant’s cunning. Unwilling to lose Ara, Stedd sets down his paintbrush and picks up a blade, entering a war he doesn’t understand. But the line between love and hatred is a thin one, and Stedd soon finds himself torn between rescuing the love of his life or pursuing revenge on the man who destroyed it. The fate of the continent lies in the hands of a ruthless conqueror and a pacifistic queen, their destinies far more than they understand. If they can find common ground, Evenia may be saved. But the obstacles that lie in their wake are more than they can anticipate, and the consequences for failure greater than they could imagine.


Checkmate by K.D. Tabith


Would you betray your kingdom for your soulmate? Shapeshifter Theodori Hunter Wolfborn must conquer the kingdom of Siacchi to prove his worth. To do so, he kidnaps a man known for his strategic genius – a champion in the much-revered and ancient game of dominance and submission, Cesse. A man who will help Theo secure a clean, bloodless victory. Only, Theo has kidnapped the wrong person. Luka Lockehart, renowned Cesse player, has trained all his life to hide his stigmatized abilities to shapeshift, guided by the unwavering hand of his mother. He never expected he would have to put his training into practice when he is kidnapped by a northern warlord – and he certainly didn’t expect to find this man – this monster – so attractive. Now he must hide his feelings and his identity, for if Theo finds out that he is not the man he says he is, it is not only Luka’s life that is forfeit, but his entire country. Luka and Theo are locked in a deadly game. As the secrets between them only continue to grow, so does the unmistakable pull they feel toward each other, even when such feelings might very well ruin all they’ve ever hoped to achieve. Something has to break. It will be their kingdoms – or their hearts.

The Handwarmers of Immortality

The Handwarmers of Immortality by Karen McCompostine


“Nae woman isna as deadly with a blade” Set in the 16th Century, the 20th Century and some other centuries as well, this daring fusion of epic fantasy, grim dark realisticness, historical inaccuracy, heartwarming romance and illogical magic tale will take you, the reader, on a thrilling journey as the powers of good and evil do epic battle though those centuries. This is not a boring story, though, because it has been expertly (I underline this word for emphasis) edited. (Which means it’s shorter than all the centuries involved.) Within these pages of this book you will follow the adventures of our plucky and limber, greatly emancipated Highland heroine, Connie McSplunge. Connie believes her life as a Highland warrior is her life, yet fickle fate has other ideas and soon young Connie’s life will be turned upside down. And stretched. Will good triumph over evil and will Connie’s aching heart find solace in the arms of a fitness instructor? Find out all this, and much more, besides in The Handwarmers of Immortality!

Light My Pyre

Light My Pyre by Kat Kinney


EVERWOOD FALLS… a small supernatural community tucked up in the Colorado Rockies where witches, werewolves and vampires can live without fear of discovery, and those with curses they can’t control are sent to keep the existence of magic from being revealed to Mundanes. As a prince of the fae High Court, Asher Heath has always been caught between two worlds—the kingdom of faerie where his fire magic is unparalleled and the human realm where he works as a firefighter. But two months ago, he lost control of a blaze his fae magic was supposed to contain, with tragic results. With his magic poisoned by a demon curse, he can’t risk getting close to anyone… including Gwyn, the fierce and beautiful dragon shifter he encounters out in a thunderstorm in the woods. But trouble has followed Asher to Everwood Falls. An arsonist is setting fires around town using demon magic to possess their victims—and their targets get bigger every time. Gwyneth Drake doesn’t need a prince to save her. She shifts into a twenty-foot fire-breathing dragon who can fight her own battles. A fierce advocate for the dragon community, she was forced into hiding when an ex tried to sear her dragon from the skies. Now dragon blood has been found at one of the arson sites and she and Asher will have to work together to stop the arsonist before they strike again. Someone from Gwyn’s past may have followed her to Everwood Falls, and they’re too close to the case for comfort… With a herd of enchanted elk, carnivorous spruce trees, and sentient pumpkins that stalk the local landscaping, Everwood Falls is a quirky mountain town where scales and fur mean found family.

Splitting Dawn

Splitting Dawn by Katherine D. Graham


Envied by Her Enemies, Loathed by Her Loved Ones, Frantically Seeking Freedom for Herself... A Reluctant Royal... Princess Kierra never wanted to rule. Inheriting a doomed kingdom besieged by Demons holds no charm for her. Nor does the arranged marriage her mother has set in place to shackle her to the throne. All she longs for is freedom... and something she's forgotten that waits beyond the safety of the castle walls. Enemies, or Lovers? Running away from home on the eve of her wedding feels like the best decision Kierra has ever made. Until she lands in Demon King Draco's all-too-eager arms. The hated nemesis of her people, and reason behind the death of so many loved ones, awakens something dark in Kierra's mind, heart, and soul. Is she who she thinks she is? Is he truly her enemy at all? Salvation, or Damnation? In the midst of a world veiled by secrets and deceit, Kierra must navigate between Humans, Demons, Vampire-Elves, Oracles, and even gods and goddesses, if she is to survive. When all roads lead home in the end, though, she is forced to face the one decision she dreads most: Which path will save her? And does she even want to be saved? Be swept away in the shadows of forbidden love, adventure, and sacrifice in USA Today Bestselling Author Katherine D. Graham's newest dark fantasy romance novel.

If The Walls Fall

If The Walls Fall by Kay Malady


A romance obsessed teen. A fantasy world demanding she save it. Can Grace prove she’s not their prophesied hero without losing her life or her heart? If you live life like you're in a romance novel, ending up in a fantasy saga would surprise anyone. For serial romantic and reader Grace, she's less surprised and more disbelieving. When she arrives in the Kingdom of Dalner, she assumes it's all a dream. After all, Dalner is a world full of magic and attentive love interests, something no rational seventeen year old could believe is real. Even more improbable are the hints that Grace was brought to save the Kingdom from their northern enemies, magical immortals like the mysterious Woman, who seek to tear down the walls caging them in. But as a non-magical human with no special powers (unless turning every situation into a romantic plot counts), Grace can barely keep herself alive, much less harness the skills needed to save the world. While Grace struggles to prove she’s not the girl they’re looking for, outside forces drag her towards a deadly conclusion, one that may cost more than just her new friendships. To escape the evils threatening to destroy the Kingdom and protect her first love, she must confront her own definition of heroism and discover her inner power before it's too late. This book includes some scenes of violence, age appropriate sexual content, an attempted but unsuccessful assault, diversity representation, a fae-like race, a HEA, and no cliffhangers.

For fans of the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas, Uprooted by Naomi Novik, and the Folk of the Air series by Holly Black.

Temper the Dark

Temper the Dark by L Ryan Storms


Servant girl Alaris Kahlanik finds out about her family's gift the hard way when she discovers her ability to dreamwalk after being condemned to the Cells. With thoughts of escape, she uses her newfound ability to spy on the emperor and his secret search for something important. Nothing the emperor wants could possibly be good for the people he rules, and so whatever the emperor is looking for, Alaris must find first. Throlani Guardsman Kagan Liis has served the Empire since Emperor Patuk's reign began eight years ago. He can also communicate with a vicious oracle referred to only as the Darkness. When the Darkness tasks Kagan with investigating the Servant girl in the Cells, Kagan takes on a special mission that will require more than his usual interrogation methods of brute strength and intimidation. From vastly different echelons of the same tribal society, Alaris and Kagan are surprised to learn they share one important goal - ensuring the best for the people of their island nation. Alaris discovers what the emperor is looking for - a dragon! But warning a senile dragon against impending danger is no easy task. Together, Alaris and Kagan must save a forgetful dragon and a divided nation...which may mean giving up any hope of saving themselves.

The Dreams Thief

The Dreams Thief by Bella Dunn


THE FAE LIVE AMONGST US. Brun MacLugh is weary. For five hundred years he endured a life of loneliness, impatiently waiting for his days to come to an end and his grief along with it. Fate, however, has other plans: a new heir to the legacy he is duty-bound to protect is born, two hundred and fifty years after his greatest failure. Brun has no choice. He has to fulfil his purpose. And hope this task will be his last. Elizabeth “Lizzy” Endell was prepared to spend a very long summer in the company of her parents when the news of an astonishing inheritance in Scotland wreaks havoc on her otherwise ordinary life and puts her on the path of the captivating Brun MacLugh. And of mortal danger. To survive, Lizzie and Brun will have no choice but to unearth layers of secrets and solve ancient riddles. Will they find a way to defeat the faceless creature known as the Dreams Thief? Warning: Contains Mature language, Intense Violence, Graphic Sexual Situations. Expect magic, both Seelie and Unseelie and remember that the Fae live amongst us…


Silverskin by Caitee Cooper


Nominated For A 2023 Whitney Award

"Cooper has written a masterpiece! This author has an uncanny ability to weave together intricate plot lines and complex characters that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. You can put this book down once you've devoured every last page." - Midwest Book Review

"A tale of transformation and the triumph of the human spirit... a must-read for anyone who craves a captivating blend of romance, fantasy, and adventure, with characters who leap off the page and into your heart." - A Look Inside: Books, Movies & Music When Ellie Forth sets out to have a great Alaskan adventure with her remaining family members, she’s got something to prove—and not to them, but to herself. Four years after the unexpected death of her mother and sister, she’s ready to re-embrace her adventurous side. Oliver Cole’s life, on the other hand, is very simple: go to work, catch fish, come home, and stash every penny earned into his bank account so he can afford to pay for college. But his life is turned upside down when Ellie and her brother—two nearly-forgotten acquaintances from his childhood—burst back into his life. After a horrific encounter with the supernatural deep in the Kenai Peninsula, Ellie and Oliver must team up to discover the truth about what happened in Portlock, and how to fight a rising tide of evil that has the power to envelop not just Alaska, but the entire world. A stunning debut, Silverskin is a blend of fantasy, suspense, and the supernatural. With Hallmark-meets-Hitchcock vibes, the adventure and sweet romance in this book will keep you up turning pages well past your bedtime. It features strong female and male leads, low-spice friends-to-lovers romance, found family themes, and more.

Goddess Found

Goddess Found by Calanthe Colt


The God Incarnate, forced into a public role he didn’t seek. ~ The mere mortal who wants a quiet life. ~ The very public, very popular reality show that will complicate their lives. This is the second time Jack’s been coerced into searching for the Goddess Incarnate among the most promising, and beautiful, mages of his generation for the entertainment of the nation. Tired and jaded, Jack fears the new season of Goddess Found will play out like the last, until a new crew member makes him feel more at ease than he has in years. But she has no magic so she can’t be his goddess. Can she? All Leta wants is enough money to pay for a pâtisserie course so she can be her own boss. She just needs to keep her head down for six weeks and not get fired for bothering the ambitious contestants or making a fool of herself in front of the dreamy God Incarnate. A simple task for a wallflower, right? As Leta and Jack draw closer, the attention of the media and the mighty mage families places conflicting expectations upon them. And whoever the Goddess Incarnate turns out to be will have another problem: Not everyone wants the goddess to ascend …

Tomb of Heart and Shadow

Tomb of Heart and Shadow by Cara N. Delaney


Their marriage was a simple bargain. Love was not supposed to complicate things. When her reputation-obsessed family issues her an ultimatum – get married or be disinherited – Saria seizes upon what seems like a most convenient solution. She strikes a deal with a stranger – marriage and a child in exchange for freedom and security. That her bride is a sorcerer from the mysterious city of Neeth is not a problem. Or so Saria thinks. Taleysin doesn’t expect much from her second marriage. A child and heir to carry on her sworn duty to the city of Neeth, and more importantly, a wife who won’t ask too many questions. The deal with Saria seems to be everything she wants – and nothing more. She will have her heir, and Neeth will remain safe for another generation. But soon enough, their resolve over their practical decision begins to crumble. While Saria grows ever more curious about Neeth’s magical secrets, Taleysin finds herself falling for a woman who was supposed to be nothing more than a means to an end. When a mysterious assailant begins to hunt down sorcerers, Saria and Taleysin must find a way to work through this shift in their relationship – to save both their marriage and the city.

The Faithful Dark

The Faithful Dark by Cate Baumer


A gothic fantasy for fans of Hannah Whitten and Caitlin Starling. In a holy city where sins and blessings can be revealed through consecrated touch, Csilla - born without a soul - is worthless to the Church that raised her. But when a series of murders corrodes the magic that keeps the city safe, the Church elders see a use for her flaw: she can assassinate their prime suspect, a heretic with divine heritage. The heretic, however makes a counter-offer; clear his name and catch the real killer, without becoming a target herself, and he has the power to get her soul. When their investigation catches the attention of Ilan, a ruthless Inquisitor demoted for his failure to solve the case, he reluctantly offers his help in order to earn back his position. He’ll bring in the murderer— and failing that, Csilla and the heretic. But as the death toll rises and their hunt pits them against the Faith, Csilla will find that salvation comes at the cost of everything she believes in.

A Conduit of Light

A Conduit of Light by Chelsey Ann Tompkins


He has the cure. She is the payment. Forced from her home to train as a conduit in Felgren Forest, Ash'Arah is faced with accepting her new life or boldly denying any evidence that her magic is exponentially powerful. But when a closely guarded secret is revealed, she cannot deny her role as the forest's savior any longer, nor her newly ignited passion for the charming Baron Revich. Karus is a woman who wanders the forest with her faerie friend until the day she discovers a stone embedded in a dead tree. While she holds it, painful memories begin to return. Through these glimpses of her past, she will no longer wonder at who she is, who she loves, and who she is destined to become. This is a multiple POV romantic fantasy with enchanting magic and very little violence. It has dark, yet cozy vibes and the many twists and turns will keep you guessing to the end.

The House of Starling

The House of Starling by Ciara Hartford


Hatred divides the elves by the color of flesh and the sharpness of steel. Crossing the border is forbidden. Raemian Starling knows the consequences better than most. As a renowned fighter in the Shay army, she’s fought the Bleck Larin for years. But when she’s captured by the enemy, Rae finds the last thing she would have expected—kindness. Forced to reevaluate friend and foe, she puts her trust in the unlikeliest of places. Gastel, the youngest Bleck Larin prince, has never left his home, has never met a Shay, and is entirely unprepared when the Shay’s prized warrior is not the monster he'd anticipated. A decision to help Rae return home forces Gastel to face the true power he possesses and the reason his father has kept him hidden from the world. But time isn’t on anyone’s side. An unimaginable power threatens their world, one that cannot be defeated with a sword alone. Rae may be the only elf capable of confronting her queen and stopping the war, but she’ll need Gastel’s help to bring balance to elvenkind. Lest their world cease to exist entirely. . . .


Iridesce by Cordia Pearson


Two fathers, two countries and no place to call home. When your skin’s the wrong color, and eyes a hated shade of blue, life is one wretched battle after another. All that’s kept me alive is the birthmark for which I was abandoned the night of my birth. A Luna moth, symbol of the Mother Goddess, with a terrifying potential for magic.

I worship the fierce warrior who found, then named me Thea. In a moon, I turn seventeen and will join his forces if he deems me worthy. Service alone will grant me citizenship, and deflect the hate heaped upon me daily. Yet I’m troubled by our mission to deny my desert people access to this country’s many resources.

A warrior mage I’ve never trusted swears we’ve known each other in many lifetimes. He sees a different path for me—one in which I embrace the mystical destiny my birthmark portends.

Faced by this alarming possibility, I ask: can I kill my own kind? Or will this mage, to whom I’m inexplicably drawn, convince me to give up a life of honor, for one of magic?

Be swept away by this captivating adventure of love, honor, bias, and destiny.

Throne in the Dark

Throne in the Dark by A. K. Caggiano


His dark destiny awaits, and nothing will stand in his way. Except her. Dark lord Demon spawn Prophesied realm destroyer With a demon for a father, Damien Maleficus Bloodthorne’s destiny could be nothing but nefarious, and with the completion of his most vicious spell, Damien is on the cusp of fulfilling the evil inevitability all of his dark machinations have led to. And then, her. Bubbly Obnoxious Blonde Harboring secrets of her own, a tiny yet troublesome thief calling herself Amma completely upsets Damien’s malevolent plans when she mistakenly gets chained to his side through magic, forcing him to drag her across the realm. Killing her would fix things, of course, but the nauseatingly sweet Amma proves herself useful on Damien's unholy crusade and then proves herself the source of something even more sinister: feelings. Will Damien be forced to abandon his villainous birthright to help the tender thorn in his side? Or will he manage to overcome the virtue Amma insists on inspiring and instead cut it out at the heart?

The High Seer

The High Seer by Alex Bree


This is the story of how monsters saved their corner of the world. Whether they deserved to be saved is another story. For years, High Seer Aurienne has lived with a single haunting truth-her visions will not save her people from the prophesied apocalyptic war that's always haunted her nightmares. That all changes the day blacksmith Theo saves her life. She foresees Theo's destiny to gather the continent's five warring nations to stand against the invading forces. Suffering the soul-rending consequences of spirit necromancy, Aurienne finds herself fighting to survive a deadly web of assassination attempts, mind-shattering visions, and ruinous betrayal. Theo cannot refuse when Aurienne asks for his help to save their people. He travels the length of the continent facing timeworn superstitions coming to life as he asks neighboring nations to join their cause. Refusing to let down the woman he's falling in love with-even though the fates whisper she will never love him back-he assembles an army of rebels fighting to retain their humanity as the corrupted magic of the land transforms them into the monsters of legend. Saving the world does not come without cost. Standing against the conquering emperor, backed by his bloodthirsty goddess and moon-cursed army, Aurienne and Theo must decide whether to unleash forces more monstrous than the enemy they're fighting against.

The Autumn Apprentice

The Autumn Apprentice by Alexandra Runes


A disabled young woman opens her heart to a man with a soul full of secrets and magic of the darkest kind… Kirzemaj Rüdisch, daughter of a wealthy merchant family, is soon coming of age and ready to enter society. Recovering from a curse that left her disabled, Kirze has spent much of her life in convalescence and seclusion, and now she must learn everything all over again. Under the guidance of Master Andruš Bagadúr, Kirze discovers not only her lost abilities but a wider world beyond her privileged life—and feelings that call all her beliefs into question. As the reality of the world unravels, Kirzemaj is torn between duty and desire–because the man is twice her age, of an undesirable, foreign background, and has a darkness about him that, even with her new-found knowledge, Kirze cannot explain… A romantic fantasy, The Autumn Apprentice is set in a world evocative of Hanseatic Northern Europe and inspired by the histories and mythologies around the Baltic Sea.

Giants' Gate

Giants' Gate by C. R. Collins

All she wanted was a secure home, but Maddie’s problems just got bigger.

Evil Omega (Darkstar Pack Book 1)

Evil Omega (Darkstar Pack Book 1) by S. Rodman

Gay. Necromancer. Werewolf. Supervillain. Silas Northstar is an omega with plans. Become a supervillain Embrace necromancy Enjoy being a boss in the bedroom Not part of his plans, Being captured the night he goes into heat Liking the stupid alpha guarding him Having way too much fun with him It's all good though, as by the morning he has escaped. He can put the fiery night behind him and forget it ever happened. It's not like Dean, the stupid alpha, is going to come looking for him, is it? Please note this book touches on dark themes, contains strong survivors and emotional growth. It is high heat and knotty. There is no mpreg. HEA guaranteed. Although this book is first in a series that follows the same couple, there is NO cliffhanger and it can be enjoyed as a standalone.

A Betrayal of Storms: Realm of Fey

A Betrayal of Storms: Realm of Fey by Ben Alderson

With the political intrigue and high heat of A Court of Thorns and Roses and From Blood and Ash, A Betrayal of Storms is perfect for readers who enjoy stories full of magic, romance, and adventure... but with added spice. Half-fey Robin Vale has grown up amongst humans, but that doesn’t save him from being captured for coin by fey hunters. When he’s rescued by a fey princess, he’s taken to Wychwood, the fey realm—where everyone is focused on preparing for war against the humans who hate, hunt, and kill them for coin. Robin doesn’t understand how he fits into the fey’s plans—until he’s revealed to be the lost heir to the Icethorn Court. Aided by the unclaimed, destructive power of the Winter Court, which had been thought destroyed with Robin’s mother’s death, the fey ready their numbers for complete domination of the human realm. But by claiming the throne with the help of his devastatingly handsome personal guard, Erix, Robin’s very presence opposes the long-planned invasion. Along with his allies—including Althea, a stern princess hellbent on stopping the human hunters from killing her kin—Robin is thrust into a world of betrayal, murder, and lies. He must survive long enough to have the choice—listen to fate and claim his family’s power, or let it wreak havoc on a realm that turned its back on him for becoming who he was truly meant to be.

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