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Queen of the Dawn by S.M. Gaither

"The light cannot always overcome the dark. But it can rise to meet it.” Against all odds, Casia Greythorne has survived battles with gods and monsters alike, and the most powerful crown in the Kethran Empire is now securely in her grasp. Yet a seemingly impossible task still looms: finding a way to rid her world of its darkest god so she actually has a future to rule over. The path to sealing that god away has been revealed, but to follow it will mean venturing into a deadly and strange new realm, facing old fears and enemies, and deciphering ancient magic that raises more questions than answers. Meanwhile, chaos continues to spread throughout the empires. Armies rise and fall. The bonds between allies begin to fray—and hope along with it. And with every bloody battle, the final cost of saving their world becomes clearer. Dawn is coming, but will Casia and her friends survive to see the new day?

When The Stars Alight by Camilla Andrew

A maiden of the stars. A monster from the shadows. A collision that rewrites their worlds. Princess Laila Rose is a fallen star in human form. A beloved guardian to humanity. Yet in spite of these fantastical origins, she has never much believed in prophecies. That’s why when a demon of apocalyptic legend is presented to her in a block of ice, she feels fascination rather than fright. Curiosity kindles into mutual desire once he breaks free of his captivity. Far from the rampaging beast of mass destruction everyone expects—he is monstrously handsome, deviously articulate and alluringly mysterious, a prince among his kind. Eager to discover his origins, Laila travels from her idyllic seaside realm into a land of unspeakable horrors, relying on her wits to survive her journey. She arrives aiming to establish peaceful contact with the aid of the besotted prince. However, it becomes clear that the heartless demon king does not desire peace at all, only war and conquest. When diplomacy fails, Laila turns to the king’s suave and manipulative bastard son in the hopes that she can inspire both him and his trueborn brother to go against their father. But soon it is her heart she must keep from being torn between their centuries-old dangerous rivalry. This gothic fantasy set in a vibrant gaslamp world is a must-read for fans of Catherynne Valente and Angela Carter. It’s written in lush, lyrical prose full of intricate worldbuilding, courtly intrigue, and magic that seeps through the pages. Beneath its light, romantic and whimsical veneer, you can expect darkness, brutality and passion.

Hearts Lost by Meredith Hart


I was sent to stop the monsters. I'm trapped with one of them instead. In exchange for my sister’s freedom, I have to enter the Lands Below, stop their attempts to bring down the barrier that keeps them all trapped underground, and kill Princess Elanerill. There’s no way this ends well, but I don’t have a choice. Not if I want my sister to make it out of King Grathgore’s court alive. But my borrowed magic backfires, knocking me out of the Lands Below and into a forest filled with strange shadow animals where the ground itself shifts beneath my feet. And I’m not alone. Aloserin, the dangerous Royal Guard from the Lands Below who’s trapped with me, calls this place the void. He claims those who enter the void’s twisting forests and shifting paths rarely return. Still, I have an advantage those previous travelers did not: I can communicate with the shadow animals that so terrify Aloserin. Perhaps the two of us can survive long enough to find our way out. As long as Aloserin doesn’t discover that I’m the reason we’re both trapped here.

Perfect for fans of Uprooted and A Court of Thorns and Roses, Hearts Lost is a complete stand-alone fantasy romance adventure that's impossible to put down!

City of Mages by A.J. Cerna


Born a fire mage, destined for something greater. For hundreds of years, Sombria has lived in peace thanks to the delicate balance the Council fosters between those with magic and those without. But unrest is brewing under the surface of Sombria, and the Council's tenuous hold may be on the verge of collapsing. All Alara ever wanted was to become a soldier, fighting to protect Sombria from the bruya rebels that threaten its borders with their chaotic magic and lawlessness. In order to succeed, she must first conquer her worst fear--her own innate magical abilities. Quenti, raised to hate the oppressive thumb of the Council, has only ever wanted a life of peace away from those who wish to control her. When her abilities are revealed, she finds herself at the center of a world she grew up despising, where magic is suppressed under the illusion of control. And her only means of escape may lie in trusting those she grew up doubting most. When Alara is given one final chance to prove she's worthy of being called a Mage of Sombria, the key to her success may lie within the untrusting Quenti. And Quenti doesn't plan on making things easy. Though as their two lives come crashing together, trusting each other may be the only choice they have to survive what's coming.

Embrace of the Shade by Amanda Muratoff & Kayla Hansen


Amarie’s legendary magic could incinerate her enemies, but it’s her sword she trusts. While running from the men who killed her family, she learns of an ancient text locked within the Great Library that might be the final key to understanding her curse. During the daring theft, a stranger inserts himself into her scheme. Kin’s roguish good looks and boundless charm threaten to distract her, but she has no intention of landing in the city jail. Kin’s life, riddled with shadows and death, is as dark as his soul. He embraces his power, given by a wicked master, but when he meets Amarie... She shatters the walls he’s built, piercing his solitude with vibrant light. But if she learns he hunts the power cursing her family, he will lose her forever. Trusting him could risk her heart and her life, but it might be the only way to destroy the world’s most sinister evil. Unless Kin’s master finds her first… Embrace of the Shade is Part 1 of The Berylian Key Trilogy, and Book 1 in the Pantracia Chronicles. This series is perfect for readers who enjoy Sarah J. Maas, Jennifer Armentrout, Leigh Bardugo, and Holly Black. It is recommended for 18+ as it contains sexual content, violence, and language.

Witch Stone by Mandy O'Dell


A half witch with no power. A warlock who’s betrayed his own kind, and the monster that’s hunting them both. Destined to fail, Rossi is only a half witch. Her coven, her mom, even her troll were constantly trying to make up for lack of magic, but Rossi knows. And she’s over being a burden, but unsure how to fix it. On a stormy night, a bolt of lightning makes the choice for her, while at the same time, sending a pulse out into the magical world. Within hours, strangers start showing up in her small mountain county by the bucketloads. An annoying, but somewhat swoony warlock with plenty of his own secrets.
An unusual unicorn who had delusions of grandeur.
A monster that uses tricks of the mind to trap its prey.
And more witches than Rossi could possibly count. All of them interested in only one thing. Rossi.

Askefise by Rebecca Schmid


Tales of Redemeré: Book I ASKEFISE n. One who blows on ashes to bring them to flame. In a time before the Great War has ravaged the land, two sisters stumble across a lone traveler who calls himself Tyron. They tell him that they’re just passersby. He tells them that he’s nobody. They’re all lying. When the sisters begrudgingly agree to take Tyron with them to safety, they have no idea what they set in motion. One thing’s for certain: The world of Eatris will never be the same. For once Tyron has started, there’s no turning back. Note: While this is a prequel following an antagonist from the series, A Daughter's Ransom, it can be read as a standalone. Although A Daughter's Ransom is appropriate for readers 13+, Tales of Redemeré is recommended for audiences 16+.

Rebel Unicorn by Brogan Thomas


Her heart is broken, and her wrath is boiling over. Will she atone for her violence or fall to darkness? Tru Dennison is tired of being judged a freak. Sick of monstrous villains wreaking havoc and mayhem on her city, the half-unicorn, half-vampire shifter channels her energy into an undercover role as a black-ops assassin. But when her alluring angel mentor finds her standing over a pile of dead bodies, she’s horrified that her unrequited crush accuses her of serial murder. Unable to persuade the resolute man of her clearance to make the hits, Tru is thrown before the grand creature council to answer for her actions. But even after her sanctioned kills are verified, her fuming anger fuels her determination to become a force no one dare cross… Will Tru’s battle to deliver justice destroy her soul? Rebel Unicorn is the action-packed first book in the Rebel of the Otherworld urban fantasy series. If you like underestimated heroes, electrifying twists, and edge-of-your-seat suspense, then you’ll love Brogan Thomas’s epic quest for redemption.

Marked by Fate by Jayme Hunt


She found her true home - just in time to fight for its survival. Katherine Doyle can't quite figure out how to fit in, and the loss of her father ten years ago only exacerbated her loneliness. When she begins to see creatures that no one else can, she realizes her entire upbringing has been filled with lies and deception. In a leap of faith, she adventures into the realm of Faeries, where she discovers that she is not actually an outcast meant for the human realm, but a powerful Fae. As she discovers how to manage her newfound powers, passionate tension ignites between her, the commander of the Queen's army, and the heir to the throne. But between the excitement of magic, friendship, and love, a looming fact remains: All is not well in this realm. Her race is under threat of extinction…and the hunt for her heritage could end her bloodline entirely. “Marked by Fate” is the first in an adult fantasy romance series, based loosely on Celtic lore, which will take you on an action-packed journey of loss, love, and found family.

The Exile of Zanzibar by Daniel Maidman


Claire built a device to fold space and time. It had a flaw...   When the smoke clears, she finds herself halfway across the world, thousands of years in the past, and no device in sight.   In bronze-age Florence, war has lasted for generations. All Claire wants to do is get home, but she'll need help from the locals. She wins an ally in Marcus Diophantus, a pickpocket turned soldier turned general, who hopes to turn into something more than just her champion. Together, they broker peace between Florence and its enemy.   If Marcus is going to help Claire, he'll have to survive. Peace has upset the balance of power in the capital city. The king stands increasingly alone against: the Constantines, a commercial enterprise as much as a clan, who aim to profit from peace as they have from war -- the warrior nobles, descended from the founders of Florence and quick to turn against a weak throne - and Reburrus, the high priest of Florence, convinced Claire answers to hostile foreign gods. As the city comes to a boil, Claire and Marcus - and Marcus's formidable army - will have to decide where their allegiance lies.   Claire becomes a reluctant participant in a savage campaign. While Marcus leads the battles, she tries to gain control of the unimaginably powerful Ctesiphôn - a ghost tower in the heart of Florence, shrouded in magic and myth.

Delusions & Dragons by SC Gowland


Romancing the Stone meets Jumanji. Tasha Stone is on the verge of her dream promotion and a better life, but there’s one thing holding her back: her husband. Gary Stone thinks he’s got it all, including a perfect marriage. He’s a modern man, a king of video games, scared of nothing, all from the comfort of his sofa. When Gary forgets Tasha’s birthday, two mysterious shopkeepers offer him a lifeline: a magical gem necklace. But when the necklace cracks, an ancient magic transports Tasha and Gary to the mystical world of Pavia and right into the clutches of the evil queen, Cadence Moonfall. Can the two hapless strangers survive the perils of this strange world to find a way home? Can they fight separation, monsters, and romantic adversaries to find a way back to each other? After all, without love there is no magic…

Fated Born by Kristin L Hamblin


What happens if you fall in love in a world where love is forbidden? Yesterday, Laida was Ardenis’s friend. Today, she’s the love of his life. And he can’t tell her. Ardenis’s human emotions weren’t meant to awaken prematurely. Watchers are supposed to resist the charm of mortals’ magical kingdoms and court intrigue. The punishment is exile—denying him the beauty of a mortal life. He can’t get caught, and he can’t risk awakening Laida’s emotions. While she remains oblivious, he is in torment, struggling to find his new place in the world alone. But love cannot exist without hate. Yesterday, the council could do no wrong. Today, Ardenis sees corruption among them—something he never would have recognized before. Someone is plotting to prevent the first-ever fae from being born. If Ardenis can’t uncover the source of the corruption while hiding his human emotions, the realm’s ability to provide souls to the mortal world will be destroyed. Everyone, including Laida, is at risk. Fated Born is the first book in a young adult fantasy series perfect for readers who crave deep friendships, alternate worlds, and slow-burn romance.

Beyond the Filigree Wall by Melissa Wright


A dark curse. A deadly secret. The ill-fated girl at the heart of both. Antonetta Ostwind is about to get everything she’s ever wanted. If all goes to plan, she’ll end the fae, steal back what was stolen, and win the post she’s always dreamed of in time to dress for supper. There’s just one problem. His name is Gideon Alexander. Gideon holds the key to her coveted post. He’s fantastic with a sword, looks amazing in uniform, and commands even the adoration of his great, beastly dog. He’s living the life Etta needs. Gideon doesn’t believe Etta should have any of it. In fact, he’s planning to make sure she never does. And that’s a real problem, because if Etta can’t take her post as marshal, how can she have her vengeance and save the kingdom from the prince of the fae? Slow-burn with sweet kisses with properly stabby heroines--these regency and fairtyale inspired fantasy standalones are perfect for fans of Enchantment of Ravens and Little Thieves.

Of Deeds Most Valiant by Sarah K. L. Wilson


Eleven paladins walk into a monastery. Only one knows it’s a trap. When Victoriana Greenmantle is summoned to represent her paladin order in an unusual quest, the timing couldn’t be worse. Having just witnessed the horrific death of her mentor, she is barely a paladin at all. Worse, she has a trapped demon on her hands and if anyone discovers she hasn’t quite managed to cast it out, she will be made to suffer consequences worse than death. The summoning requires Victoriana to journey to the newly revealed Aching Monastery and there to search for and recover the fabled Cup of Tears on behalf of her order. But her order is not the only one seeking this relic. And her rivals are stronger, smarter, more experienced and just as motivated as she is. Will this cynical paladin have the faith to find the truth? When Adalbrand Von Menticure is summoned to the Aching Monastery he is unamused. Far from his holy work healing the sick and injured, this quest seems a waste of his time. But when the murders start and he’s thrown together unwittingly with a young female paladin who keeps breaking all the rules and drawing everyone’s ire, he is forced to confront ghosts of his past. Can he push past his guilt to accept this tempting ally? Together, these two holy paladins may be the only ones who can discover what or who is killing their compatriots and whether the Cup of Tears is really worth the bloodshed and danger within the monastery walls before time runs out and they are trapped forever. A complicated mission, you say? Oh, but it gets worse, because forbidden love is slowly stalking them both, complicating everything, and leaving them each more vulnerable than they can afford to be in the face of a danger worse than either of them ever imagined. Will this pair find strength in their strict discipline and holy orders in time to escape, or will they fall before the twin dangers of a rogue killer and an attraction more deadly than the simple risk of death?

This adult romantic epic fantasy stand-alone novel features paladins in all their aspects and is perfect for lovers of T. Kingfisher, Tamsyn Muir and Danielle L. Jensen. Though this book is a part of a collection of books linked by the same world it is a complete story in itself and does not bleed out into the other books in the series.

Wild Eyed Southern Boys by Shawn McGee


Rebecca dumped him and then his mentor, Old Donnie, died, so Corey decided that he didn't need people and became a loner. He is nearly killed in his first encounter and his buddy from High School, Miles, and his codependent friend, Rachel, saved his life. He continued to go alone to gigs, even though injured, despite Rachel begging him not to go alone. Gargoyles are trying to come back to Earth faster than they ever have before and Corey is the last person on Earth who can banish them. The problem is, he'd rather find a new woman in his life, brew a better batch of beer, and relax in nature. If Corey can't go over his obsession with being a loner and accept the help of others, Atlanta, and the rest of the world is doomed.

Jagged Emerald City by R. K. Brainerd


Meet Fairian Leynthall. She’s irreverent, the unwilling heiress of her family’s business empire, and obsessed with learning magic. She’s also got two big problems. One, there’s evidence the magical being who killed her sister is in town. Two, there’s this supernatural jerk interfering with her field research. He keeps spouting nonsense about danger, treating her like she matters, and distracting her with big lonely eyes. Not to mention it’s aggravating how much being around him makes her feel like her true self. Then it turns out that her supernatural jerk, Daimyn, is some kind of lynchpin in the magical community, and people are desperate to control the power he holds. As Fairian struggles to unravel the truth about her sister’s death, a ridiculous rumor of Daimyn’s affection for her spreads, and she becomes a target. Fairian convinces Daimyn to work together to fix it, but she won’t let herself get close to him. Because the last magical being she trusted? Killed her sister. History threatens to repeat itself as Fairian falls further into the tangled web of supernatural politics. Becoming a pawn would be the easy path. The hard path will mean believing in herself, being vulnerable enough to trust, and take back power to be her own piece on the board. Jagged Emerald City is the first in the OBSIDIAN DIVDE series, set in an eco-city and following the adventures of Fairian Leynthall as she discovers and finds her place in the magical underworld.

The Ring Breaker by Jean Gill


Shortlisted for the 2022 Chaucer Award. 'A skilfully written, beautifully researched coming-of-age story set in Viking Orkney.’ Lexie Conyngham, the Orkneyinga Murders series Loyalty has a price the children pay In the twilight of the old gods, when the last Vikings rule the seas, two cursed orphans meet on an Orkney beach and their fates collide. Stripped of honour, facing bleak loneliness ahead, Skarfr and Hlif forge an unbreakable bond as they come of age in the savage Viking culture of blood debts and vengeance. To be accepted as adults, Skarfr must prove himself a warrior and Hlif must learn to use women’s weapons. Can they clear their names and choose their destiny? Or are they doomed by their fathers’ acts? The award-winning author of The Troubadours Quartet returns to the 12th century, with skalds instead of troubadours and Viking warriors instead of crusaders. Get ready for authentic medieval adventures steeped in poetry, politics and passion. Perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell Matthew Harffy and Madeline Miller.

A Magical Imperative by Edith Pawlicki


One binding destroyed her family; could another save it?

At thirty-six-years-old, history professor Aurelie is resigned to a childless existence. It's not her age - it's the absence of male Unseen. Her species has been so desperate to hide among humans that it is quietly dying out. Now her family is broken; eager to leave behind a painful past, Aurelie accepts a teaching position in Nara, Japan. But she's unprepared for the future she finds...

Twenty-two-year-old Kazuki is the favored son of the Hayashi family - a clan of Unseen that has not only survived in Japan, but thrived. Though he knows hundreds of Unseen, he’s unprepared for Aurelie and the overwhelming attraction he feels for her, a biological imperative to mate.

Or perhaps a magical one because, as Kazuki and Aurelie grow closer, the reasons for hiding come out.

And they are hungry. A Magical Imperative treads a delicate line between reality and fantasy, painting a detailed picture of cross-cultural romance while also adding subtle strokes of whimsy and fate. The first book of a series, it’s a sure winner for fans of atmospheric writing, intelligent fantasy, and character-driven plots. Visit a magical Japan with A Magical Imperative today!

The Dark Heart of Redemption by Darran M Handshaw


"Some secrets are best left undiscovered." Pyramid, the great heart of Redemption, lies under siege by tribal invaders that threaten to destroy the very civilization that the Dominions have created. The Engineer, Actaeon, leads a force of Raedelleans from the south, where they pause to investigate the secrets of abandoned Travail in search of aid for the battle to come. At the same time, the new Princess of Raedelle, Eisandre, sails down the River of Arches with her Thyrian allies to attack from the Great Sea to the west. Travail's secrets are darker than expected, and the reason behind the Loresworn evacuation may soon spread to the rest of the city. Meanwhile, far to the north, Ajman and Shield fight over the lands of Czeryn, left desolate by an artifact that just might extinguish all life in the city at the hands of an unseen enemy known only as the Veiled One. In his quest to save Redemption, will Actaeon be able to overcome the old enmity between the Dominions to unite against these threats? Or will all civilization fall, just as the Ancients had ages ago? One thing is certain: in Redemption, everything comes with a cost.


The Dark Heart of Redemption is Darran M Handshaw's second novel and is a standalone sequel to The Engineer (an SPFBO semi-finalist!).

Doll Girl Meets Dead Guy by Lidiya Foxglove


It’s not easy being a doll girl in a flesh-and-blood world. Although her race was created from magic as second-class citizens, Sorla’s baked goods are now famous for miles around thanks to her hard work and unrelenting optimism. She’s even attracted the notice of Prince Seldon, who invites her to work at the royal bakery in the capital. The one thing Sorla’s life is missing is love. Her youthful crush ditched her for a normal girl with generous curves (of course), and technically she is unsexed (parts sold separately). Flesh girls certainly don’t have to save money to buy themselves lady bits before they can even date. Her ride-for-hire to the capital? Dorr, a soldier revived from a battlefield death, as is the way of his necromancing clan. He might rather have been left to die with his comrades. Instead, a few parts of their bodies were stitched on to fix his. Scarred and broken, Dorr wants to drop off his overly cheerful companion as quickly as possible—until he realizes that her pastries are the only thing that’s tasted good since his revival. As they slowly open up over dog rescues (her idea), graveyard strolls (his idea), and of course, delicious pastry, love and trust grows between these two misfits. But the war isn’t over, and when the royal family expect Sorla’s pastries to save the life of the hero of the realm, she might lose Dorr and everything she’s worked for. Cross a Ghibli movie with The Nightmare Before Christmas, add a little spice, and you might have the quirkiest of romcoms.

The Quavering Air by Simone Snaith


All that divides Span from its dark sister world, Avid, are two extraordinary clocks set an hour apart. When a mysterious shapeshifter alters their settings, Avid’s beasts start slipping through rifts in the air, wreaking havoc on the many species of Span. Despite her insecurities and fresh heartbreak, the young human Renna answers a summons by the wise founders known as the Appon, to join a motley crew of champions chosen to save Span from destruction. On a journey riddled with attacks from otherworldly creatures, the team must put aside their prejudices and dark suspicions . . . because they dare not abandon the mission. From the author of Between The Water & The Woods comes a new adventure in a strange world full of magic and wonder, danger and humor, and unexpected romance.

The First and Last Demon by Hiyodori


Meet Char: a once-renowned human warrior, trapped in an abandoned city with a demon who hates her. A demon who woke her from a fifty-year magical slumber specifically for the sake of tormenting her. The demon’s name: Vesper. She and Char go a long, long way back. They used to be partners on the battlefield. National heroes. An unbeatable team bonded by magic. That bond was supposed to last for the rest of their lives. Now Char’s memory is full of holes. The sealed city is full of hostile magical beasts. And Vesper, with her sharp teeth and unpredictable moods, is the most vicious of them all. As an ageless demon, she’s fully prepared to keep holding Char captive forever. Char struggles to unravel the mystery of why they've ended up pitted against each other, locked in a private war that seems certain to end with one or both of them dead. Does Vesper’s senseless cruelty stem from simple demonic bloodlust? From years of suppressed loathing? What else could have driven her past the breaking point—compelled her to suddenly snap and betray her own bondmate? To uncover the truth, Char will have to face her demon as she would any other deadly monster: as an enemy of humanity, the most formidable and vindictive foe she's ever encountered. The First and Last Demon is a dark f/f enemies to lovers story with a heavy emphasis on the enmity—but an indelible slow-burning love at its core. Although it's set in the same contemporary fantasy world as the Clem & Wist series, this novel can be fully enjoyed as a standalone tale.

A Rival Most Vial: Potioneering for Love and Profit by R.K. Ashwick


Two potion shops, one heated rivalry…until hate bubbles over into something else. Any adventurer worth their sword knows about Ambrose Beake. The proud, quiet half-elf sells the best, and only, potions in the city—until a handsome new shopkeeper named Eli opens another potion shop across the street, throwing Ambrose’s peace and ledgers far off balance. Within weeks, they’re locked in a war of price tags and products—Ambrose’s expertise against Eli’s effortless charm. Toil leads to trouble, the safety gloves come off, and right as their rivalry reaches a boiling point… The mayor commissions them to brew a potion together. The task is as complex as it is lucrative, pushing both men to the limits of their abilities and patience. Yet as the fires burn and cauldrons bubble…they find a different sort of chemistry brewing.

The Blood-Born Dragon by JC Rycroft


A bond she didn’t choose.
A love she can’t escape.
A creature so powerful it bends the limits of time… Smart, sassy, and sanguine, Des Mildue is a traveling sellsword in Rescalin, a dry and dusty kingdom full of rogues, opportunists, and thieves. She keeps her nose clean, brazens it out with a blade when she can’t, and keeps others at arm’s length where they can’t mess up her plans. That is, until a sword fight gone wrong leaves her tied by blood to the first dragon hatched in centuries. Suddenly, Des has to contend with a new voice in her head: haughty, willful Esquidamelion. Des wants to leave Squid by the roadside, but the blood bond has other ideas. With half the world on their tail - including Liv, her beautiful, faithless ex who Des is definitely over - Des must search for answers for why so many are willing to kill, maim and torture to get their hands on Squid. But she’s beginning to suspect her blood bond has tied her not only to a dragon, but to a fight for Rescalin’s future… …and no one else even knows it’s at risk. If you like the kind of story that grabs you by the shirtfront and hauls you through mystery, magic, adventure and betrayal, with a side of sapphic romance, pick up The Blood-Born Dragon, first in a new trilogy from debut author J.C. Rycroft.

The Sparrow and the Oak Tree by Jamie Jackson


Unicorns don't exist, and dragons aren't real, but the Fae are. And they are to be feared. Or so the tales say. As the sole sorceress within the Lion King's court and kingdom Isolde is valued for her power, provided she fulfills the king's commands. Her task? Deal with a child who has emerged from a forest no one has returned from in over one hundred years.As Isolde works to fulfill her order, accompanied by her nameless guardian, she'll encounter a creature she's only heard of through myth and legend... When he kidnaps her.

That Which The Deep Heart Knows by RJ Wheldrake


Adala Radagorian, innkeeper’s daughter, seems an unlikely pawn in the great game played between those rival gods who contest the fate of the world and whose machinations have influenced the course of human history since time immemorial. Possessed of wit, beauty and an education uncommon in her class, she finds herself bound up in events where the fate of empires lies in the balance. An equally unlikely love imperils the foundation of her world, tears her away from the simple circumstances of her upbringing and thrusts her into the centre stage of imperial politics. In the heart of the Empire of Erenor, the greedy and the unscrupulous plot the destruction of the established order, setting in train momentous events that will shape the course of history. A corrupt and venal emperor, a proud and evil empress, an embittered rival long thought vanquished and a humble slave all play their parts in a great unfolding drama that will shake the empire to its core. Amongst the highest and the lowest in the land, Adala stands at the centre of that drama, one that obliges her to explore the utmost limits of her strength. Through many adventures, trials, successes and disappointments, she learns that the head and the heart may stand at odds, but the voice of the heart is the truest guide at last.

A Broken Blade (The Halfling Saga) by Melissa Blair

The BookTok sensation from debut author Melissa Blair—now with exclusive bonus content! "Gripping and fierce. This is much-needed fantasy with its fangs honed sharp by the power of resistance. Melissa Blair has built a tremendous world."—Chloe Gong, #1 New York Times bestselling author of These Violent Delights My body is made of scars, some were done to me, but most I did to myself. Keera is a killer. As the King's Blade, she is the most talented spy in the kingdom. And the king’s favored assassin. When a mysterious figure moves against the Crown, Keera is called upon to hunt down the so-called Shadow. She tracks her target into the magical lands of the Fae, but Faeland is not what it seems . . . and neither is the Shadow. Keera is shocked by what she learns, and can't help but wonder who her enemy truly is: the King that destroyed her people or the Shadow that threatens the peace? As she searches for answers, Keera is haunted by a promise she made long ago, one that will test her in every way. To keep her word, Keera must not only save herself, but an entire kingdom. Fans of fast-paced high fantasy such as A Court of Thorns and Roses series, The Inadequate Heir, and From Blood and Ash author Jennifer L. Armentrout, will enjoy the fierce female characters, sapphic representation, and fantasy romance of A Broken Blade.

A Shadow Crown by Melissa Blair

The highly anticipated second installment of the new adult fantasy saga that took BookTok by storm picks up where A Broken Blade left off... To the kingdom, Keera is the king's Blade, his most feared and trusted spy and assassin. But in the shadows, she works with Prince Killian and his Shadow--the dark, brooding Fae, Riven, who sets her blood on fire. Together, they plot to kill a tyrant king. In Myrelinth, the lush, secret city of trees, Fae, Elves, and Halflings like Keera live in harmony. But Keera cannot escape her past: her crimes against her own people have followed her all the way to the Faeland. There is a traitor in their midst, and Keera is the top suspect. Keera finds comfort in the allies that have become her family. She swore she would never open her heart again after a loss she barely survived. But she will soon find she has more to lose than she ever imagined . . . Perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas's Throne of Glass series, A Shadow Crown is a tour-de-force high fantasy novel with stunning world building and a slow burn enemies to lovers romance. Readers seeking more LGBTQ+ and BIPOC representation in the fantasy realm will fall in love with the unforgettable cast of characters introduced in A Broken Blade, whose sagas are only beginning...

The Heart of Jesparia by Alex Hanson


Eight years ago, Amii ended a civil war in her country when she became sovereign with the help of a guild of warriors called The Men of the Mark. Now, as a plague sweeps through their capital city leaving enough unrest to give Amii’s uncle an opportunity to challenge her rule, Amii finds herself at odds with the guild in her greatest hour of need. This time, she must trust her own strengths if she’s to cure her people and defeat the usurper, but there’s one Man of the Mark she can’t help but lean on, the one who’s been at her side from the beginning and stolen her heart along the way: her Master Shield and personal guard, Aro. Aro was appointed as Amii’s protector by his guild’s leader when she became sovereign, but falling for her was never part of the job. Just when he decides to finally act on the feelings he’s found for her in their years together, illness strikes and leaves Aro disabled. He’s not sure he can protect Amii anymore, and a bitterness grows in his heart that threatens to end their relationship before it begins. As Amii’s partnership with the guild becomes strained and her uncle makes his move to overthrow her, Aro must find the strength to fight with her or walk away and let someone else stand beside his sovereign and the woman he loves. **Each book in this series is a standalone romance, but conflicts, side characters, and plot elements often carry over into future books. Though these books can be read individually, you'll get the best experience if you read them in order.**

A Kingdom Scarred: A Fantasy Romance (Fae of TĂ­ria Book 1) by K. A. Riley

For fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses and other Fantasy Romance comes a tale filled with twists, turns, and passionate, forbidden desire.

“I was a prisoner in these ruins, captive of a Fae who was as perilously alluring as the lands where I now stood.” A thousand years ago, the mortal realms of Kalemnar were separated from the land of the Fae by a dark, poisonous mist that takes lives with all the cruelty of the sharpest blade.

Lyrinn Martel has been told all her life that the Fae deserted their lands long ago, leaving them to decay and ruin. Rumors still swirl to this day that the Immortals were malevolent creatures, bent on destroying the realms of humans…and that their departure was a welcome blessing. But one fateful night, as Lyrinn flees for her life, she discovers a hidden path up the cliff beyond her town that guides her to the Fae realm of Tíria. There, she encounters a Fae so extraordinary and captivating that she finds herself inextricably drawn to him, despite her fear that he plans to send her to her death. When Lyrinn escapes the Fae lands, she finds herself summoned to the palace of the mortal king. Even as her journey begins, she discovers that the alluring Fae is not done with her—and he has no intention of ever letting her go. For fans of Fantasy Romance such as A Court of Thorns and Roses, A Kingdom Scarred is the first book in an exciting new Fantasy Series by the author of Recruitment and The Cure.

The Liar’s Crown (Dominions Book 1) by Abigail Owen

Some shadows protect you…others will kill you in this dazzling new fantasy series from award-winning author Abigail Owen. Everything about my life is a lie. As a hidden twin princess, born second, I have only one purpose―to sacrifice my life for my sister if death comes for her. I’ve been living under the guise of a poor, obscure girl of no standing, slipping into the palace and into the role of the true princess when danger is present. Now the queen is dead and the ageless King Eidolon has sent my sister a gift―an eerily familiar gift―and a proposal to wed. I don’t trust him, so I do what I was born to do and secretly take her place on the eve of the coronation. Which is why, when a figure made of shadow kidnaps the new queen, he gets me by mistake. As I try to escape, all the lies start to unravel. And not just my lies. The Shadowraith who took me has secrets of his own. He struggles to contain the shadows he wields―other faces, identities that threaten my very life. Winter is at the walls. Darkness is looming. And the only way to save my sister and our dominion is to kill Eidolon…and the Shadowraith who has stolen my heart.

Curse of Shadows and Thorns: A Dark Fairy Tale romance by LJ Andrews

A bargain between enemies. A curse without an end. A love that will bring a kingdom to its knees. Long ago, Elise's ancestors stole the crown from the fae king. As the niece of the brutal, current king, her purpose is to do whatever is asked to ensure her family keeps the throne for centuries to come. The trouble is, Elise would rather sneak into gambling halls with the servants than be a silent princess at a ball.

Soon reckless games are ended when her uncle forces her into negotiations for a marriage. If she refuses, her deathly-ill father will pay the price.

Trapped by her sense of duty, Elise is given to the charge of Legion Grey, the handsome and mysterious dowry negotiator. But Legion holds more than her future in his hands. He incites her anger and a forbidden passion.

When a coup upends the kingdom, Elise flees with Legion, only to discover he holds more secrets than anyone. Unknowingly, Elise sets in motion a beastly curse Legion has endured as long as he can remember.

As secrets unravel about Legion's vicious past, questions rise over who has the true right to the throne. When answers come, more lives are put at stake, and Elise is forced to make an impossible choice: avoid a bloody game by leaving Legion to the beast within, or end his curse and restore magic to the land by sacrificing a life--hers. Part Viking, part Fairy Tale, one-click to preorder a dark, swoon-worthy slow burn romance with the perfect amount of spice and action.

Storm & Shield (Mages of the Wheel Book 2) by J. D. Evans

“All you see is that I run. Why haven’t you realized I always come back?” She is lightning and storm. A spy, driven out of her home by a tyrant ruler. He is granite and earth. A guard, ordered to keep her contained. To protect herself and her family, she’s learned to go unnoticed, unseen. Suddenly a refugee in a land that once was enemy and now must be home, she isn’t certain where she belongs, or what her duty is beyond her family. She can’t protect them alone this time, but the only man who can help her is the only one she cannot ask. He’s sworn his loyalty to the Sultana since she lifted him out of the gutter that made him. The arrival of a foreign spy loyal to the new prince makes him question himself and his orders, and his mistakes threaten the life of the ruler he swore to serve. War will force choices of them both. She—to remain a spy, or stand and lend her powerful, untamed magic to the Sultana of Tamar. He—to remain a loyal, unquestioning guard, or learn to trust his instincts, and his heart. They are magic in opposition, earth and sky, steady and mutable. One immovable as stone, the other fast as the wind. Balance, sometimes, is chaos. He needed the storm and wildness of her, he needed the way she broke him apart.

A Shade of Madness: The Ashes of Avarin Book 2 by Thiago Abdalla

Avarin tumbles into madness through the shattered ruin of a centuries-old peace. As griffin riders clash against airships above and hordes of madmen below, Lynn finds herself surrounded by enemies. Ones that will test the limits of her faith. To defeat them, she must risk everything… including her sanity. Adrian has lost the Legion, but new magics on foreign shores might be the answer he needs to rebuild his army. His return to the Domain will bring vengeance, and the hope that he will finally prove himself to his father. Nasha’s curse has taken on a new, terrifying shape. She dreads it could be just what the dead goddess needs to escape from Her prison within the Silent Earth. Will she be strong enough to resist, or will Nasha’s curse give rise to the monster she fears to become? Madness is spreading and it cares not for the borders of men. A Shade of Madness is the second book in the Ashes of Avarin series, picking up straight after the exciting conclusion of A Touch of Light.

Between Despair and Hope (The Divine Between Series Book 2) by Jess Wisecup

During the longest night, will you sink into the darkness or call upon your light? Emmeline has experienced more heartache and sorrow than any one person should. Though she now has immeasurable divinity granted by the gods, her new status came at a price she never would have paid. Haunted by the events of the Cascade and the horrifying acts she bore witness to, she must work alongside people she never would have expected to undo the atrocities committed on that dreadful day—starting with what was done to her daughter. With the help of trusted friends and new allies, she must learn to harness and control her powers, live with guilt and grief in the face of her decisions, and work to save the one man who never gave up on her. Will her love be enough to bring back those she loves—not only physically, but mentally, as well? Please Note: This book contains explicit and darker

Between Wrath and Mercy (The Divine Between Series Book 1) by Jess Wisecup

A mother will do anything to save her child, no matter the cost. After her daughter is kidnapped, Emmeline Highclere—a thirty-four-year-old mother living in isolation with memories and grief her only companion—must do everything in her limited power and divine abilities to get the girl back. Emmeline believes that her daughter, Elora, is the Beloved—the conduit with goddess-granted divine abilities prophesied to bring peace to the Three Kingdoms. Because the last person thought to be the Beloved was brutally murdered by the enemy kingdom of Folterra, Emmeline has dedicated the last sixteen years to hiding her daughter and keeping her safe. When Elora is kidnapped by a Folterran prince, Emmeline must leave her place of hiding, resolving to do anything to rescue her daughter. But to have any chance against those who took the girl, Emmeline must call upon one of the most powerful conduits in the Three Kingdoms, the Crown Prince of Vesta—the man who broke her heart—and hope he helps her despite their estrangement. With the weight of his father’s impending death hanging over his head, Crown Prince Rainier has begun to make moves to prove his dedication to assume the role of king. When he is visiting the estate that was once a second home to him, the woman who has long haunted his dreams and consumed his thoughts appears before him, asking for his help to find the child she had with another man. Now, he must decide: does he drop what he is doing to help Emmeline, or does he maintain his unwavering duty to the Crown? Now, Emmeline and Rainier must work together to find the Beloved—to save the girl from the Folterrans and fulfill the prophecy of peace—while they both battle feelings of remorse and heartbreak, trying to ignore the heated desire and simmering attraction between them that never left. From relative isolation to the capital city of Vesta and onwards to Folterra, Emmeline must find out exactly where her daughter has been taken—seeking out help along the way—and bring her home before it is too late.

A Kingdom of Exiles (The Outcast Series Book 1) by S.B. Nova

The brightest of stars are always born on the darkest of nights. Serena Smith is unusual. Growing up in a backwoods village, her life is lonely and dull. Then, on her eighteenth birthday, she's gifted a magical heirloom only to be snatched by fae and condemned to a lifetime in chains. Dragged to Aldar, a fae kingdom ruled by a tyrant witch, Serena discovers a forbidden love, and meets fellow outcasts, each with their own dark secrets. As the lives of warriors, rebels, and witches clash, they find a shared destiny. For only together, and with Serena's unique gifts, can they survive long enough to build the flames of a revolution. Only together can they go to war ...

Winter's Fury by A.E. Rayne

IN A WORLD RULED BY MEN, ONE WOMAN WILL RISE She was their greatest warrior; the daughter of the king. But her uncle stole the throne and sent her away to marry Eadmund, the drunken son of their worst enemy. Now she must pick up her sword again to restore her family’s honour and return to the home she loves. Despite her skill with a sword, her prowess in battle, and her reputation as the greatest warrior in Brekka, without her father to protect her, Jael was merely a pawn, a woman to be married off so her uncle could forge an alliance to fulfil his own desperate ambitions. Eadmund is broken hearted, tortured by the murder of his first wife, but his father had lost patience with him. He wanted heirs for his kingdom. He wanted his son back, restored to the fierce warrior he had once been. And when his daughter has a dream about Jael, the woman who would save him, he eagerly jumps at the opportunity to make an alliance with his worst enemy. Jael and Eadmund will fight against their union, but the dreamers know that this marriage is meant to be; it must happen for the sake of all Osterland. For without them... without Jael and her sword, without Eadmund by her side, the five kingdoms will not survive the darkness that is coming to claim them all.

Wind & Wildfire (Mages of the Wheel) by J. D. Evans

“I like it when you shine for me, Sabri Sultan. Someday, I hope you shine for them all. So they see you like I do.” He is the future sultan, a man who wields brutal magic and only knows how to be what they’ve made him. She is a commoner, a woman who champions the vulnerable and treads where she does not belong. Dilay Akar is the daughter of a judge. By day, she trains the wealthy in magic, and by night, she breaks the Sultan’s laws. But even those closest to her do not always appreciate what she is striving for, or believe that she can achieve it. Omar Sabri is the Sultan’s tool, flaying minds open to obtain their secrets and truths. Everyone who looks at him sees only the prince—or the monster. Even he cannot see the man beneath the power and the position. When Omar secretly enlists Dilay’s help in controlling his magic, it sets off a chain of events that will reshape Tamar for generations to come. Dilay will have to choose between the familiar and the powerful. Between people she cares for. And whether to hurt one to help many. The Wheel turns for balance in all things, and where love springs, may also Wheel, she was lovely. Someone who knew exactly who they were, and what they wanted, and were moving toward it like an arrow loosed from a bow.

Siren & Scion (Mages of the Wheel Book 3) by J. D. Evans

She was beautiful the way the ocean was beautiful. In a new way every time one looked. She is water, bright and alluring, fathomless and profound. He is a bridge between peoples, artist and criminal, vengeful and compassionate. Amara Mutar has risen to the highest ranks of Tamar society by her wits and ambition. But it is not high enough to keep those she loves, and herself, safe from a past that will not release her. Cassian Haydar has sunk as low as it is possible to sink, but he intends to take back what is his, and crush those who took everything that mattered from him—after he’s done stealing back all the other lives they’ve robbed. In exchange for a betrothal that would secure Amara’s position and freedom, the Tamaran Sultana sends her on a dangerous hunt for lost mages of the Third House, in the last place any mage should be. Amara and Cassian, brought together deep inside the Republic, discover they have nothing, and everything, in common. But their paths were never meant to converge, and there are horrors in the heart of a rising Empire that threaten both Amara’s plans and every mage in Tamar. Knowing the fate of the Circle rests in her hands, Amara must choose whether to serve her heart, or her people. He was a shore upon which she crawled from the dark deep of her magic and fell against to breathe, and taste the air again.

Dark Night Golden Dawn (The Immortal Orders Book 1) by Allison Carr Waechter

In a city where the elite are powerful as gods, the season is about to begin. The Immortal Orders will gather, pair and create a spectacle for all of Nuva Troi to witness. Harlow Krane is a sorcière who wants nothing more than to recover from her most recent breakup in peace. When the season begins, her Order needs her help to save their ancestral occult district from being taken over by the Illuminated, the most powerful immortals in Nuva Troi. They offer to back off—if Harlow agrees to pair with their most eligible bachelor, Finn McKay. But Harlow has been burned by Finn before. Finn McKay is one of the Illuminated. Rich, powerful, and he isn’t afraid of anyone—except for his parents. When they push him towards Harlow Krane, he knows their purposes are sinister at best. For the past seven years, Finn has done everything in his power to stay away from Harlow and he won’t break his resolve now, even if it means defying his parents. As the season begins, it’s clear something is dangerously wrong but besides Finn, only Harlow seems to notice. With magic behaving strangely, the balance of power between the Immortal Orders and humans grows deadlier by the day. Harlow and Finn must work together to keep ancient grudges from resurfacing and take back their lives in the process. If they can get over their past, the whole world may have a brighter future. Dark Night, Golden Dawn is Book One in The Immortal Orders Trilogy, a blazing hot fantasy romance, set in a contemporary world of magic, deception, and betrayal.

A Lair of Bones (Curse of the Cyren Queen Book 1) by Helen Scheuerer

A deadly contest. A vaulting ambition. How far will one cyren go to win? Mighty cyrens have ruled the ancient lair of Saddoriel for centuries. A cavernous fortress, a subterranean labyrinth of tunnels and levels, powered by magic and music… From the moment she was born, Roh, the daughter of an infamous criminal, has been despised by her own kind. Restricted to the Lower Sector and forced to work as a common bone cleaner, she has always believed she belongs above: where lies adventure… and power. Opportunity arises in the form of the Queen’s Tournament, a treacherous set of trials that could see the victor crowned ruler of the entire lair. Up against the most cunning, dangerous cyrens in all the realms, does Roh stand a chance? A Lair of Bones is the first gripping book in the dark fantasy quartet, Curse of the Cyren Queen.

Crystal Crowned (Air Awakens Series Book 5) by Elise Kova

Long live Solaris. One bloodthirsty ruler has been overthrown by another, casting the shadow of death over the Solaris Empire. Vhalla Yarl stands upon the stage of fate, prepared to do battle one final time. Fragile alliances will be tested and new bonds will be formed as the world is reshaped. She fights as the champion of peace, but when the night is darkest will she be able to pay the price of a new dawn?

The Magelands Eternal Siege - Blade Trilogy An Epic Fantasy Adventure by Christopher Mitchell

A city ruled by Gods, a mortal champion, a misfit girl and a disobedient dragon… Stolen from his home, Corthie Holdfast has arrived in the City of the Eternal Siege as a new Champion. He must fight alongside the Blades, whose lives are dedicated to the defence of the City against the hordes of monstrous Greenhides; or die at the hands of the Gods who rule. Maddie Jackdaw, a young Blade, faces her last chance. Thrown out of every unit defending the City, either she takes on a new role, or she will be sent to the Rats, a company of misfits given the perilous tasks beyond the Great Walls. Her new role, if she takes it, will bring her face to face with her deepest fears, for beneath the walls, in a secret and hidden lair, lies a dragon, imprisoned and waiting… This box-set includes the Blade Trilogy - the first three books (complete arc) of The Magelands Eternal Siege, over 1300 paperback pages or 2000 Kindle pages. The Mortal Blade The Dragon's Blade The Prince's Blade

Vortex Chronicles: The Complete Series by Elise Kova

This omnibus edition contains all five books in the Air Vortex Chronicles. They should've never met. She's the crown princess. He's a mysterious sorcerer. But the unexpected happens when the world is ending. When Crown Princess Vi Solaris finds out she has a rare and deadly power,   she must make a choice: Her magic or her throne. But the choice isn't as simple as it appears, because  her magic is the key to saving the world . As her Empire falters from political infighting and a deadly plague, Vi trains in secret under a deadly sorcerer from a distant land. From his pointed ears to enchanting eyes and silver tongue, he's nothing like anyone she's ever met before. Vi knows she should fear him and his shadowed past, but he may just be the only one who really knows what's happening to her. Locked together with the fate of a dying world, Vi sets off to uncover the truth of a magic that wasn't made for mortal hands. But the  ultimate triumph will require the ultimate sacrifice . Once Vi embarks on her epic journey of adventure, romance, family, and duty, there will be no turning back.

Water's Wrath (Air Awakens Series Book 4) by Elise Kova

Librarian turned sorcerer. Sorcerer turned hero. Hero turned puppet. The Solaris Empire found victory in the North and, at the cost of her heart and her innocence, Vhalla Yarl has earned her freedom. But the true fight is only beginning as the secret forces that have been lurking in the shadows, tugging at the strings of Vhalla’s fate, finally come to light. Nowhere is safe, and Vhalla must tread carefully or else she’ll fall into the waiting arms of her greatest foe. Or former lover.

Earth's End (Air Awakens Series Book 3) by Elise Kova

A woman awoken in air, a soldier forged by fire, a weapon risen from blood. Vhalla Yarl has made it to the warfront in the North. Forged by blood and fire, she has steeled her heart for the final battle of the Solaris Empire’s conquest. The choices before Vhalla are no longer servitude or freedom, they are servitude or death. The stakes have never been higher as the Emperor maintains his iron grip on her fate, holding everything Vhalla still has left to lose in the balance. Book Three of the Air Awakens Series

Fire Falling (Air Awakens Series Book 2) by Elise Kova

Soldier… Sorcerer… Savior… Who is Vhalla Yarl? Vhalla Yarl marches to war as property of the Solaris Empire. The Emperor counts on her to bring victory, the Senate counts on her death, and the only thing Vhalla can count on is the fight of her life. As she grapples with the ghosts of her past, new challenges in the present threaten to shatter the remnants of her fragile sanity. Will she maintain her humanity? Or will she truly become the Empire’s monster? Fire Falling is the second book in the Air Awakens Series.

Air Awakens (Air Awakens Series Book 1) by Elise Kova

A library apprentice, a sorcerer prince, and an unbreakable magic bond... The Solaris Empire is one conquest away from uniting the continent, and the rare elemental magic sleeping in seventeen-year-old library apprentice Vhalla Yarl could shift the tides of war. Vhalla has always been taught to fear the Tower of Sorcerers, a mysterious magic society, and has been happy in her quiet world of books. But after she unknowingly saves the life of one of the most powerful sorcerers of them all—the Crown Prince Aldrik—she finds herself enticed into his world. Now she must decide her future: Embrace her sorcery and leave the life she’s known, or eradicate her magic and remain as she’s always been. And with powerful forces lurking in the shadows, Vhalla’s indecision could cost her more than she ever imagined.

A Promise of Fire (The Kingmaker Chronicles Book 1) by Amanda Bouchet

Discover the white-hot fantasy romance that broke all the rules, where a fierce woman with powerful hidden magic goes toe-to-toe with the alpha warlord who abducted her...only to steal her heart. KINGDOMS WILL RISE AND FALL FOR HER... Cat Fisa isn't who she pretends to be. She's perfectly content living disguised as a soothsayer in a traveling circus, avoiding the destiny the Gods―and her dangerous family―have saddled her with. As far as she's concerned, the magic humming within her blood can live and die with her. She won't be a pawn in anyone's game. But then she locks eyes with an ambitious warlord from the magic-deprived south and her illusion of safety is shattered forever. Griffin knows Cat is the Kingmaker―the woman who divines truth through lies―and he wants her to be a powerful weapon for his newly conquered realm. Kidnapping her off the street is simple enough, but keeping the fierce beauty by his side is infuriatingly tough. Cat fights him at every turn, showing a ferocity of spirit that burns hot...and leaves him desperate for more. But can he ever hope to prove to his once-captive that he wants her there by his side as his equal, his companion...and maybe someday, his Queen? Get ready to burn: This romantic fantasy reads like the fiercest fairytale and includes a protective alpha warlord, enemies who become so much more, high action, humor, heat, and a dangerous world where mythical creatures hide. Readers will want to return to this fantasy world again and again in its sequels A Breath of Fire and Heart on Fire.

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