Unstoppable Shadow


Unstoppable Shadow by Alex Mead


Friendless orphan from the slums of Talon, Scab is no ordinary boy. So everyone keeps telling him. He’s pretty sure ‘the Slow’ doesn’t happen to anyone else, but he daren’t ask, in fear of the next beating. Taken from the city, Scab finds himself closer than ever to having a bed of his own, but it comes at a price. A painful one. Veteran assassin, Silas is ready for a normal life with a family. Something the Shadows would never allow. Not helping matters, the strange, grey-eyed boy from the slums gives him glimpses of how life might be with a son. Offering Scab the opportunity to follow the same violent path as his own, Silas finds himself bound tighter to the Shadows. With his future entwined with the boy’s, he’s beginning to wonder if death may be the only way out.

AdultFantasy/Comic FantasyFantasy/Contemporary

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