The Earthly Blaze


The Earthly Blaze by Alice Poon

The Earthly Blaze is the concluding part of the Sword Maiden from the Moon duology. This duology is a blend of the wuxia and xianxia genre that evokes vibes of cdramas like The Untamed, Nirvana in Fire and Word of Honor. In this propulsive sequel to The Heavenly Sword, the heroine Sai’er is beset with grim challenges as she leads the White Lotus Sect to oppose Emperor Zhu Di. When the Green Dragon threatens to kill villagers to punish Sai’er for wounding Zhu Di, she is forced to fight the demon in an undersea battle. Aided by her immortal friends and found family, Sai'er engages in violent clashes with the enemy camp. All the while, she yearns to start a new life with her lover Sanbao, but is haunted by the prospect of a final showdown with Zhu Di. The Earthly Blaze is the second and concluding part of Alice Poon’s magnificent duology combining Chinese mythical folklore and speculative history into a sweeping tale of family love, fellowship loyalty, loss, sacrifice and kung fu rivalry.

AdultDiversity Representation/BIPOC/Own VoicesFantasy/Mythic, Retelling, and FolkloreFantasy/Wuxia and Xianxia

Content Warning: violence, gore, battle scenes, offpage rape, torture

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