Fractured Magic by Em Rowene

When the King of Alfheim disappears, his nephew Leandros gathers a team of elites to find him. But Leandros soon discovers that there’s more at play than a simple kidnapping: divine creatures play puppeteers, monsters roam the continent, and his ex-friend Egil stands at the center of it all, fighting the dark magic that threatens to consume him, rot him from the inside out. Leandros finds himself torn. If he fails to rescue the King, his own family, it could mean war. If he fails to help Egil, it could end the world as he knows it. To make his choice even harder, he’s still in love with Egil.

AdultFantasy/Epic and HighFantasy/DarkFantasy/Steampunk, Gaslamp, and Flintlock

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📖 booksandkeats

Worldbuilding: Piqued curiosity
Plot: Mostly clear
Characters: Roles are clear
Storytelling: Balanced
Immersion: Satisfying, fulfilling experience
Emotional Response: Strong emotions
Thought Provoking: New ideas came up
Cover: Matches the story well
Content Warnings: Horror elements, fantasy violence

This story is Gothic in the classic sense, ticking every element. Gritty Victorian world? Check. A MC who's haunted by the past? Check. Elements of the supernatural? Check. Prophecies, nightmares, and a girl discovering horrors in an old castle? Check. It’s a compelling read.

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