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A Dragon of the Veil

A Dragon of the Veil by Nick Snape

With the realm falling apart, the fate of a people falls upon Laoch and Sura’s shoulders and the Gods’ weapons they now bear ‒ a thousand years of faith and lies reconciled in a single moment of hope and redemption. For Laoch, the Crusades never ended, yet the embittered Ranger finds hope in his love for the dishonoured elven warrior, Sura. Together, they must face a new conflict when a powerful enemy crashes into a Meister’s alchemical experiment, setting off a wave of fear that ripples through the realm. With the secrets of the Gods’ scripture exposed and whispers of an ancient evil’s return, Laoch and Sura are left reeling by the power their enemy wields when an even larger threat rises from the forest depths. One even the Gods’ weapons fear. In a world no longer devoid of magic, a thousand years of secrets and lies spill out, and cracks form in the last bastion against an ancient foe. For cast in iron and spiritfire - here be dragons. “…artfully mixes elements of arcanepunk and high fantasy … this is a riveting start to a new fantasy series from an undeniably skilled storyteller” ★★★★★ SPR editorial review

The Songs That Beckon

The Songs That Beckon by M.A. Brown


Their grief binds them The Song calls them The Darkness wants to claim them As winter wraps Areth in its frozen embrace, nightmarish beasts descend upon the Hastings household kidnapping Mr. and Mrs. Hastings and leaving behind their daughter, Bianca, as sole witness. In the wake of their abduction her quiet world is turned upside down and shaken revealing the secrets and lies her parents have buried. As truths unravel it binds her to those who have similarly lost. Together they must wade through the thorny tangles of growing love and grief to find those that they hold dear before the looming threat of darkness is unleashed to destroy them all. Travel worlds in this dark, dreamy and romantic debut filled with dusty books and pining looks.

Cursed Cocktails

Cursed Cocktails by S.L. Rowland


When life gives you lemons, squeeze them into a stiff drink and stir. After twenty years defending the frozen north against some of the most dangerous threats in the nine kingdoms, Rhoren “Bloodbane” has finally earned his retirement. While the blood mage's service to the realm may have ended, burning veins and aching joints remain, and Rhoren soon learns that a warmer climate offers relief from his chronic pain. And a chance at a fresh start. In the warm and relaxing atmosphere of Eastborne, the umbral elf finds a new purpose and a sense of belonging. He may have left the frozen north behind, but he brings with him the skills and strength gained from a lifetime of defending the realm. Along with his most prized possession—a book of drink recipes inherited from his father. Spilled cocktails may not carry the same weight as spilled blood, but opening a tavern brings a unique brand of challenges. With the right friends and a little bit of luck, he might just have a recipe for success.

Welcome to the enchanting world of Tales of Aedrea, where small-scale stories, low-stakes adventure, and cozy fantasy come to life within an epic, high-fantasy realm.

The Desert Heiress

The Desert Heiress by Shoshana Rain


Nothing will stop Lis from regaining her family's power—not even the three tempting men standing in her way. In the desert port of Cenefra, the Sun Rose is life blood. A magic plant with the ability to grant people greater abilities. Sale of the plant is strictly forbidden, its growth restricted only to farms owned by the Empire's shipping company. Liseya Moroeste has only ever wanted one thing: to run the syndicate smuggling it. But her family has been cut off for over a century, forced to advise but never lead. When the government cracks down on all illegal export, Lis is ready to seize her chance. To do so, she must best her three rivals. Filip, Deo and Adrian each want to court her, control her, cajole her into doing what they want. Liseya finds herself drawn into their complicated web, but to survive, she must learn if she can trust them, or if she must cut them down before they can do the same to her. The Desert Heiress is the first book in The Seven Star Empire Series. It is a slow burn, MMMF why choose, second world fantasy with steamy scenes and a guaranteed HEA at the end of the series. It contains both MM and FF scenes, and involves the FMC in a relationship before getting involved with her main love interests.

The Stars Would Curse Us

The Stars Would Curse Us by Stephanie Combs & Valerie Rivers


The Iris were sent to us from the stars, but their rule is controlling and oppressive. Every season, we send our brothers and sisters to the marriage drafts . . . but the selected never return. Aella My world falls apart when my best friend and I are drafted to compete for the hand of Esterra’s most eligible bachelor, the devastatingly handsome Iris prince. As an elemental fae, it should be the greatest honor, but the competition is filled with violence. I question my true purpose as we fight to survive in games rigged against us. Arianwen Life should be simple—go on my rite and return to marry a man I’ve never met—but when a handsome stranger falls from the sky, everything is turned upside down. Secrets and lies unravel, leading me to question everything as I find myself pulled into a rebellion. My heart longs for a better world, but am I willing to forsake duty in pursuit of it? We both face choices: LOVE or DUTY LOYALTY or ADVENTURE FIGHT or SURRENDER Is fate truly written in the stars, or have they abandoned us?

The Treachery of Ravens

The Treachery of Ravens by Steven D Nickell


A daring robbery. Magic out of control. One last chance to do the right thing. All Meryl Gaspard ever wanted was to fly, but a life lived on her terms means turning her back on her mother and the Liberty Belle salon. So, she lives a secret double life: dutiful daughter by day, professional thief by night. Meanwhile, for a nameless young acolyte, living like a prisoner on an isolated island, using her magic to heal the sick would give meaning to all the suffering her powers have caused her. And, on the dark streets of Pelz, Inspector Michel Aubergon hunts an elusive thief while the greed and corruption around him tears at the fabric of his ideals, seeking to consume his very soul. Soon, a skyship will arrive in Pelz carrying an object of untold value, and Meryl must steal it. But her friend, the mysterious cleric possessing forbidden magic, is under threat, and the police inspector charged with apprehending her is closing in. Meryl must stay a step ahead and pull off a high-stakes burglary, but she can’t do it alone. She needs allies, and those allies might come from some very unexpected places. For fans of fantasy and steampunk, experience a tale of swashbuckling action and adventure set in a world where coal and steam are ascendent over alchemy and magic, and giant skyships rule the air.

Tall & Dark

Tall & Dark by Suzannah Rowntree


Ghosts, grifters…and a missing heir in 1890s Europe. It’s easier to conduct a séance when the dead aren’t trying to contact you. As Molly Dark knows all too well, the problem with being able to see ghosts is that they never tell you what you wish to know. For instance, how a proper young lady like Miss Dark is supposed to support an impoverished family after her father has died a ruined man. Or how she is going to impersonate a missing princess long enough to steal a fortune out from under the collective noses of a whole family of royal monsters. Or exactly why the charming imposter claims to be none other than Grand Duke Vasily Nikolaevich, when he certainly isn’t a prince…or a vampire. Alas, the dead normally have something far more unsettling to impart… Return to the Bête Epoque, an 1890s Europe ruled by monsters, in Miss Dark’s Apparitions! Leverage meets The Parasol Protectorate in this whimsical historical fantasy caper. Join Miss Dark in the spooky mansions of 1890s Europe - read Tall & Dark today!

Legacy's Price

Legacy's Price by T. L. Rolston


When Lady Elizabeth "Liz" Bryne suddenly manifests ancient magic during a duel, she finds herself at the center of an ancient mystery that puts her at odds everyone around her. Complicating matters, her grandfather, the King, has gone missing on a diplomatic mission and everyone seems to believe that she is somehow responsible. In order to clear her name, Liz will have to save the King herself. Failure means the end of Segen as she knows it. But when her journey forces her to confront the truth behind the incident that stole her memories, will she be strong enough to complete her mission?

Rise of the Forgehearts

Rise of the Forgehearts by Emily Huffman


R-0’s existence has always been dedicated to one simple directive: protect the king. Like all the constructs, they complete their orders without thought or feeling. But when a magical phenomena sweeps over Haiden, the constructs transform from mindless metal to fully sentient beings. Now R-0 sees the world through new eyes. Beauty, curiosity, and endless questions that used to be out of reach now overwhelm them. Despite their potential, not everyone views the change favorably. The organics they used to serve fear what the constructs have become and what they may be plotting. When constructs begin disappearing, Haiden’s council sees it as proof of the constructs’ nefarious intentions and threatens to decommission them all. While navigating their newfound thoughts and feelings, R-0 must solve the mystery of the missing constructs–even if the truth may put the king they’ve sworn to protect in danger. Because if they fail, the constructs’ lives could be over as quickly as they began.

Haelend's Ballad

Haelend's Ballad by Ian V. Conrey


"Some call me Murderer, others call me Lord. I've been called Savior and Enslaver. But no one has ever called me Child." A young man signs his own death warrant when he joins an already failing militia. A teenage girl is haunted by her childhood abuse and begins to crave the very things she hates. A childless mother finds herself on the run as a convicted murderer. Yet they are all unaware that their own fates are tied to a young orphan who has drowned and come back to life in a foreign land where he will be the death of everyone he meets. Hælend's Ballad is a grimdark fantasy/steampunk tale about what happens when men and women from two colliding cultures realize they may not be on the right side. Heroes are villains. The persecuted are oppressors. And when rumors begin to spread that the world is dying, the darkness of their own hearts betrays them.

City in the Dragon's Eye

City in the Dragon's Eye by Jordan Loyal Short


Red Dragons. Black Comedy. White-Knuckled Adventure. Viktor’s magic is turning him into a dragon. And it’s not pretty. To save his friends who've bumbled into a deadly ambush, Viktor draws too deeply on the power of the Dragon Well, and now a magical tumor has begun to change scale at a time. Viktor sets off on an irreverent quest for a cure that will lead him to a remote sanitarium. Here, he will uncover a mad doctor’s strange experiments, a stubborn dwarf with stinky feet, and rumors of an ancient mirror that may hold the key to Viktor’s very survival. As a mustache-twiddling secret society of dragon fanatics closes in, Viktor must choose between the power his transformation offers, and the hope of finding a cure. To the fabled Tyrant’s Tomb, Viktor races the mysterious Thule Society, where deadly traps and cryptic puzzles protect a treasure of unspeakable power. With every heartbeat the tumor’s corruption spreads. Can a court dandy and a disgraced scholar help Viktor find his cure? Or is it too late to save the city from a mad doctor’s dark designs?

Dawn of the Darkest Day

Dawn of the Darkest Day by K.C. Woodruff


An artist plagued by a violent past. An heir destined never to take her own throne. A tyrant bound to life, consumed by his bloody trail.
Dawn breaks over a dying land. Ever since surviving the bloody coup that cost Ara her home and Stedd his family, they’ve found solace in each other’s arms, dreaming of a life where Ara can cultivate her gardening and engineering talents while Stedd flourishes in his art. But the old magic that once held Evenia together has long faded, and when King Vayne Savant learns of Ara’s godly heritage and royal bloodline, she turns from a budding engineer into a reluctant bride, and a pawn in his cunning plan to dominate the continent amid its technological collapse. Desperate to escape her husband’s bloodstained grasp, Ara strikes a dark deal with the king: a child—the heir to two thrones—in exchange for her freedom. Her plan should have been simple, but in between sieges, squabbling, and sessions of pleasure are nights spent waking to assassins’ blades at her throat and the threat of sinister societies formidable enough to outsmart even Savant’s cunning. Unwilling to lose Ara, Stedd sets down his paintbrush and picks up a blade, entering a war he doesn’t understand. But the line between love and hatred is a thin one, and Stedd soon finds himself torn between rescuing the love of his life or pursuing revenge on the man who destroyed it. The fate of the continent lies in the hands of a ruthless conqueror and a pacifistic queen, their destinies far more than they understand. If they can find common ground, Evenia may be saved. But the obstacles that lie in their wake are more than they can anticipate, and the consequences for failure greater than they could imagine.


Landbringer by Karen Lucia


The world must fall. Sade has always lived in the shadows of the Society, surviving only by risking her life in dangerous dives over the abyss during airship heists. But her time among the street gangs of Vale is coming to an end and she must get hers and get out before it's too late. Seeking an escape, Sade agrees to one last airship heist. When the job goes sideways, Sade finds herself in the refuge of an unlikely pair: a spiraling heiress and the ghost of her violently murdered sister. As Sade is hauled into the underworld of magic, she is thrust into the middle of a conspiracy that runs ages deep and Society wide. Forced to confront the reality of her repressed past and the complexities of her own abilities, she discovers the truth of the gods, and the lengths they will go to maintain a controllable populace. To free the world, Sade must risk all life.

Guarding Gus

Guarding Gus by Karryn Nagel


What would you do if you found a rare magical animal? Nico, who has just begun passing as a transgender man, relishes the quiet life working as a bonsai bodyguard. But during a chance encounter one night amidst the aftermath of a territory dispute, he meets Brant, an excitable, good-natured cookie bodyguard, and the two strike an instant friendship. They form an irresistible bond with Gustopher, a baby gargoyle in need, setting off on a thrilling 3-day adventure to rescue the little creature and reunite it with its rightful owner. As they set out on their mission, the mismatched duo encounter predicaments unusual to new foster parents. Unscrupulous enemies lurk in the shadows, eager to exploit Gustopher on the black market. In order to ensure Gus's safety, Nico and Brant must quickly learn how to nurture (what do gargoyles eat, anyway?) and safeguard their newfound charge. Fortunately, their journey leads them to encounter Remi the vampire, an eccentric cheese guard from Wisconsin, and Jasper, a seasoned traveler, who faithfully accompanies the renowned Manley Cup, the cherished trophy of a championship hockey team. Together, this peculiar quartet must combine their unique talents navigating both gargoyle-raising and crime-boss hunting. As they traverse the mountain metropolis of Multnomah, their hidden secrets gradually come to light, forging unbreakable bonds and solidifying their motley chosen family. And in the midst of it all, Gustopher surprises them with delightful…qualities, adding an extra dose of astonishment everywhere they go.

Fortitude's Prize

Fortitude's Prize by Ceril N Domace


The Master of Fortitude, the largest city in the Flying Isles, has been robbed. Normally, this wouldn’t concern Edward Bardsley. He’s an alchemist and surgeon on a small privateering vessel, and there are much larger and better equipped ships in Fortitude. It only becomes his concern when his crew is commissioned to retrieve the master’s stolen property. Between storms, injuries, and secrets that could see Edward exiled from the skies the way his father was, just getting to the thief’s hideout is enough to test the hardiest crew. Thrust into the middle of an adventure that will take him from one end of the Flying Isles to the other, Edward must use every ounce of his alchemical and sailing knowledge to keep the crew intact as they inch closer to their goal.

Dark City Rising

Dark City Rising by CL Jarvis


He wanted to fix the archaic medical education system. He ended up changing the world. Scotland, 1748. Professor William Cullen has a secret: he’s developing a new, egalitarian system of magic. If Scotland’s aristocrats learn he threatens their stronghold of power – upheld through dark magical means and buy-in from the Edinburgh’s illustrious medical school – he’s dead. When a noble is murdered for daring to champion Cullen, he realises confrontation is inevitable and he must take his fight to the enemy. Aided by his prodigious former student Joseph Black, Cullen must navigate a hostile academic system, locating the source of the aristocrats’ power before his secret abilities are uncovered and the assassins return for him. Fans of The Embroidered Book and The Baroque Cycle will be enthralled by this sweeping reimagining of 18th century Edinburgh on the cusp of scientific and philosophical revolution.

Father of Constructs

Father of Constructs by Aaron Renfroe


#1 Best Seller and #1 New Release - LitRPG with heart! Lorith's magic is fading. Centuries ago, heroic adventurers stopped the World Boss’ cycle of rebirth by reducing the creature to one hit point and sealing it away so no one would ever find it. But, by ending one calamity, they halted the natural flow of magic within the world and brought about the Havoc Plague. With all civilization now on the brink of collapse, humanity's only hope is to find and kill the World Boss in order to restart the monster's rebirth cycle and bring back magic. When the Plagued janitor Harvey stumbles into a mysterious wreckage and accidentally kills the missing World Boss, he gains a million experience points, making him the target of almost all the would-be adventurers of the world. Burdened with ancient knowledge, and hunted by countless rivals, he must join with unlikely allies to do the unthinkable: find the reincarnated World Boss and defeat it again, before it can ravage the world anew. Father of Constructs is an optimistic LitRPG novel with a dash of Slice of Life.

A Witch's Guide to Business

A Witch's Guide to Business by Alex Evans


In the free port city of Barramar, the only law is the law of money. Here, the dingy taverns and the opulent teahouses alike thrum with the whispers of dark dealings. It's a place for the ruthless — spies and smugglers, or the desperate—refugees running from war, opression and poverty. Trust is a rare currency and alliances, as fluid as water. After spending their youth on opposing sides of a brutal war, Tanit Murali and Padma Amrithar are as different as night and day. One is a former spy, a rogue with a serious taste for violence, brandy and handsome men. The other is a compassionate surgeon and devoted family mother. They share but one thing: their rare magic gift. Forming an unlikely partnership, they run together an occult business. Their enterprise is thriving until two peculiar cases land on their doorstep: a murderous vampire ensnared by a hex and a string of deadly mishaps in a notorious factory operated by zombies. Pursuing the truth leads them to the city's influential high priest of the god of wealth. Soon, they uncover a web of intrigue and realize that humans are far more dangerous than magic creatures. A special note for readers: this book contains a lot of different characters and a lot of worldbuilding. If you prefer your settings conventional and your story focused on a few heroes and villains, you probably won't enjoy this novel.

Ferren and the Angel

Ferren and the Angel by Richard Harland

An angel falls from the sky and crashes to the ground! Miriael, the Fourteenth Angel of Observance, has been shot down in the thousand-year war between Heaven and Earth. Damaged and helpless, she prays for extinction. The young tribesman Ferren finds her lying in the grass. She ought to be an enemy, since his people are on the side of the Earth. But seeing her there, unable to fly, his curiosity outweighs every rule and every warning. Ferren knows almost nothing about the terrifying world he's grown up in. Now he's going to learn the truth about the war, the Humen army camp and what military service really means. His unique friendship with Miriael is about to change the course of history. Richard Harland, author of the Worldshaker books, creates a whole new world of angels and apocalypse!

The Earl's Assassin

The Earl's Assassin by Kyro Dean

In a game of kill or be killed, a reformed assassin is at a serious disadvantage. **** Reviewers say about Rogue Royals: "Delicious dialogue." "So much fun." "I can't wait for more!" **** Rana Maathornefurer is the last assassin of the gods—scratch that—former assassin. But keeping her sapphire blade at her side is harder than it looks when she is forced to join with persnickety and rude Lord Sheffield in a business deal they both desperately need to work. Add in an assassin who is hot on Phillip's trail—though she can't for the life of her figure out why—and Rana finds herself in a comically ridiculous dance to keep him alive while wanting to kill him—at least until she no longer needs him. When sneaking feelings that could get her killed catch her off-guard, however, she realizes the charade can't last. With everything she cares about falling into deadly chaos, Rana must decide what is most important. Will she be the person Lord Sheffield wishes her to be and risk him dying? Or will she become the monster she's always been to save his life?

Moonlight, Roses & Murder

Moonlight, Roses & Murder by Lorri Moulton, Anna-Violetta Carsini

This is the first part of the story, so there will be cliffhangers! Selina is a woman with a secret...and she has been hiding it for a very long time. With her nieces, she runs Luna's, a nightclub in downtown Seattle, catering to Steampunk and Goth clientele. When someone leaves a body behind her club, she is drawn into a web of mystery and murder. Puncture marks on the body indicate a vampire might be responsible and as more women are killed, a red rose is left by their bodies. When a vampire hunter with secrets of his own comes to investigate, Selina wonders who she can trust...

Ice Flight (Flux & Flight Book 2)

Ice Flight (Flux & Flight Book 2) by Andi C. Buchanan

Chipped Cup

The mountain sanatorium on the edge of a glacier is a world away from the noise and hustle of Liquid City. For Rosalie, it offers a chance of health, and for Abra, Adèle’s daughter and a future art student, a thrilling taste of freedom. Things are rarely as peaceful as they seem. As Rosalie tries to piece together the past, a metal bird offers the first clue there is someone hiding in the mountains. Abra teams up with the doctor’s son Jem, to follow the mystery through the snow. As secrets come to light, and new are connections are made, their lives will take new trajectories and none of them will remain unchanged.

Liquid City (Flux & Flight Book 1)

Liquid City (Flux & Flight Book 1) by Andi C. Buchanan

Chipped Cup

Abandoned as a teenager on a strange planet, Casp Alkin earns a living transporting cargo through the ancient tunnels which lie beneath the rapidly industrialising Liquid City. It’s a dirty, dangerous game but one which affords them the independence they always longed for. But the offer of a lucrative contract persuades Casp to break with their established routine and journey into the unexplored parts of the tunnel network, deep underground. Accompanied by an ill-tempered cephalopod and the scientist daughter of their wealthy sponsor, Casp embarks on an increasingly dangerous journey. But they quickly find that success will mean an end to the livelihoods of the tunnel folk who have become their family, destroying the community which has relied on the tunnels for generations. Casp has little hope of saving the tunnelling industry, but they are persuaded to take to the tunnels one last time. Because some believe that humans weren’t the first to inhabit this isolated planet, and what they find will shift the balance of power in Liquid City forever.

Cast Off (Book Three of the Peridot Shift)

Cast Off (Book Three of the Peridot Shift) by R J Theodore

Chipped Cup

With the very survival of Peridot at stake, the crew of Fortune’s Storm sets upon a quest to reclaim pieces of the planet’s trapped soul before they can be seized by those who would sacrifice everything and everyone in their race for power over everything. The final entry in the Peridot Shift series is here! Praise for Cast Off and the Peridot Shift: “R J Theodore does a truly masterful job of heightening tension over the three books and bringing it to a satisfying conclusion.” — Emmie Mears, author of the Stonebreaker series “I had so much fun reading Cast Off! As a writer, I was freaking out over how Theodore handled the ensemble cast: I love that the world feels big and fleshed out, but familiar characters also run into each other in such organic ways. There’s an element of serendipity that the author pulls off so well. Cast Off feels like a masterclass in how to handle an ensemble cast. I love how the various factions overlap and separate in unexpected ways. The crew of the Not If We Don’t Get Caught was heaps of fun, and Hankirk is the kind of antagonist that I love to hate. When his comeuppance arrived my only coherent words were, “Holy shit, yes, he deserved that”; the rest of my mental capacity was taken up by gleeful screaming.” — Dominique Dickey, author of “Civilian Assumptions” (Lightspeed Magazine) “I can’t stop thinking about the world of Flotsam. Science-fiction, alchemy, and airships. It’s magic.” — Mary Robinette Kowal “Take a pinch of Jim Butcher’s Aeronaut’s Windlass, add a dash of Treasure Planet, some vivid imagery from Avatar, a generous helping of banter from Firefly, and you might have an idea of the feeling this story left me with. Rich language and imagery blend with a complex world, a story told with humor and heart, that left me breathless and wrung out. I want to know what’s in store next for this crew and their already shattered world.” — Ronda “A thrilling conclusion that rights wrongs both within the story and healing from historical ones, definitely a romp that will stay with me and a go-to recommendation for folks looking for a queer adventure expertly navigating the lines between science fiction and fantasy.” — Jo Ladzinski, Jo Writes Fantasy

Salvage (Book Two of the Peridot Shift)

Salvage (Book Two of the Peridot Shift) by R J Theodore

Chipped Cup

A crew of salvagers plot to expose the evil dealings of Peridot’s enemies, but to protect their secrets, those enemies will destroy the crew and everything and everyone they hope to save. Peridot is headed for its second cataclysm. War has broken ancient alliances, sealed borders, and locked down the skies. The Five, Peridot’s alchemist gods, have seen one of their number die and another fall in their efforts to protect their world from invaders beyond the stars. Defeated and diminished, they have ceased to answer the prayers of their people and have left the rapidly unraveling world to fend for itself. Talis and the orphaned crew of the lost airship Wind Sabre have a plan to set things to rights, but they’re stranded on a rock far from the heart of the conflict. When an old enemy comes and offers them a ship and a path forward, it comes with strings that will pull them further from the home they are so desperate to save. Can Talis and her crew chart a course through hostile skies, shifting allegiances, and subverted governments before the true enemies of Peridot claim a power that can destroy the world once and for all? Praise for The Peridot Shift series: “Combining the best elements of steampunk and space opera, placed in a lavishly detailed and imagined world, Flotsam will hold you firmly till the final page.” — Cat Rambo “Flotsam sucked me in and wouldn’t let me go. R J Theodore is a fresh voice who will soon be on your must-read list!” — Jennifer Foehner Wells “I can’t stop thinking about the world of Flotsam. Science-fiction, alchemy, and airships. It’s magic.” — Mary Robinette Kowal “Take a pinch of Jim Butcher’s Aeronaut’s Windlass, add a dash of Treasure Planet, some vivid imagery from Avatar, a generous helping of banter from Firefly, and you might have an idea of the feeling this story left me with. Rich language and imagery blend with a complex world, a story told with humor and heart, that left me breathless and wrung out. I want to know what’s in store next for this crew and their already shattered world.” — Ronda “Peridot is a fascinating, fractured world that truly comes to life on the page; it’s remarkable that Theodore manages to establish the world and its cultures and races so well straight off the bat. And as if that isn’t enough, she introduces an alien race and culture into the mix, juggling them all with aplomb.” — Alan Brenik “The worldbuilding is incredibly epic for a newly minted author and hints at uncovering even more as this series evolves.” — Koeur “1,000% here for the merger of scifi steampunk with fantasy. This is exactly the sort of thing someone who grew up on underappreciated masterpieces like Treasure Planet craves!” — Jenna R, NetGalley Reviewer

The Ice Mage

The Ice Mage by Julianne Munich

Marcel lives with one foot in each world. The first world feels as harsh and cold as the ice he casts from his fingertips. They want to use him as a bloodless and efficient weapon, nothing more. The second world is home to three friendly passengers who charter his coach for a journey. Luc, Emilie, and Adelaide are happy to travel to a prince’s castle as retinue servants, while Marcel's heart sinks in guilt and dread with each step his horses take. Luc's amnesia spell is all that separates the good man he's become, from the evil killer within. The coachman is driving him to where his spell will be broken—and his true self will be unveiled. Marcel is faced with a terrifying dilemma of his own. Either obey the orders of Le Conseil Suprême and become their henchman—or die a traitor. All the while, his feelings for a forbidden woman tempt him to risk it all.

Flotsam (Book One of the Peridot Shift)

Flotsam (Book One of the Peridot Shift) by R J Theodore

Chipped Cup

A scrappy group of outsiders take a job to salvage some old ring from Peridot’s gravity-caught garbage layer, and land squarely in the middle of a plot to take over (and possibly destroy) what’s left of the already tormented planet. Captain Talis just wants to keep her airship crew from starving, and maybe scrape up enough cash for some badly needed repairs. When an anonymous client offers a small fortune to root through a pile of atmospheric wreckage, it seems like an easy payday. The job yields an ancient ring, a forbidden secret, and a host of deadly enemies. Now on the run from cultists with powerful allies, Talis needs to unload the ring as quickly as possible. Her desperate search for a buyer and the fallout from her discovery leads to a planetary battle between a secret society, alien forces, and even the gods themselves. Talis and her crew have just one desperate chance to make things right before their potential big score destroys them all. Praise for Flotsam: “Combining the best elements of steampunk and space opera, placed in a lavishly detailed and imagined world, Flotsam will hold you firmly till the final page.” — Cat Rambo “Flotsam sucked me in and wouldn’t let me go. R J Theodore is a fresh voice who will soon be on your must-read list!” — Jennifer Foehner Wells “I can’t stop thinking about the world of Flotsam. Science-fiction, alchemy, and airships. It’s magic.” — Mary Robinette Kowal “Take a pinch of Jim Butcher’s Aeronaut’s Windlass, add a dash of Treasure Planet, some vivid imagery from Avatar, a generous helping of banter from Firefly, and you might have an idea of the feeling this story left me with. Rich language and imagery blend with a complex world, a story told with humor and heart, that left me breathless and wrung out. I want to know what’s in store next for this crew and their already shattered world.” — Ronda “Peridot is a fascinating, fractured world that truly comes to life on the page; it’s remarkable that Theodore manages to establish the world and its cultures and races so well straight off the bat. And as if that isn’t enough, she introduces an alien race and culture into the mix, juggling them all with aplomb.” — Alan Brenik “The worldbuilding is incredibly epic for a newly minted author and hints at uncovering even more as this series evolves.” — Koeur


Birthrights by David A Trotter

The old gods are dead. The new ones are silver and steam. A lone warrior must rediscover their identity, all while coping with copious amounts change. Gone from the hills and wilds of the north, Darius must acclimate to city life. He must learn to trust in a city filled with deceit, all while trying to discern the true meaning behind these strange dreams that take him far into other realms.

The Archimedean Heart

The Archimedean Heart by BJ Sikes

Paris 1880, the City of Electric Light Clockwork nobles of the Court promenade through the halls of Versailles, while Watcher spheres and cyborg police menace citizens of France in the streets. The Royal Scientist Doctor works frantically on an automaton designed to replace the failing sovereigns, but will it be ready in time to save the monarchy? In the cafes of Montmartre, Henri paints the common people chafing under the reign of the Augmented monarchs and dreams of a France free of machines. John yearns to capture the essence of beauty in his paintings with the luminous Marie-Ange his muse-and handmaid to the ancient Queen of France. With his brother Henri entangled in revolution, he must choose between the artificial beauty of Court and the movement to restore France. How much humanity can be lost before you are no longer human?

The Vitruvian Mask

The Vitruvian Mask by BJ Sikes

Are you intrigued by 19th century Paris with its artists and nobility? How about an alternate history version with forbidden technology and nuns with supernatural powers? 1881: The electric lights of Paris have been extinguished. The Naturalist revolution is over. Adelaide was on the losing side. Once the Royal Scientist Doctor for the now-dead cyborg monarchs of France, she's now a fugitive, hiding from the new king's Police Sécrète. Pregnant and alone, she seeks refuge in a Parisian hospital but things have changed there too. What was once a cathedral of Science is now a bastion of ignorance and superstition. The battlefield veterans whose Augmented prosthetics she once created are shunned by the new regime and come to the hospital for her help. But her nemesis, the father of her child, has returned to France and threatens to reveal her illegal activities to the authorities. Can Adelaide repair her Augmented patients without losing her freedom ... or her life? The Vitruvian Mask continues the story of Adelaide Coumain, the Roboticist of Versailles, that began in The Archimedean Heart.

The Timespeaker

The Timespeaker by Brit Stanford

2023 Whitney Award Nominee Desperate to be a hero. Born a demon. Win JorHali can steal minutes and years, spreading death and decay with a touch. He should have turned himself over to the gods for rightful execution years ago, but he’s seen death, and he fears it. Determined to prove himself worthy of the life he clings to, Win struggles to smother his growing power and provide for his family. When his secret is discovered, Win chooses to masquerade as his god’s greatest hero: the glorious Timespeaker. As Chief Executioner for the gods, Win thinks he’s found his true purpose, but a violent rebellion is brewing among his people, and the girl he loves has joined its ranks. He has the power to destroy any enemy, but who is the enemy? His gods aren’t what they seem, his people are merciless in their destruction, and Time itself seems to be splintering under Win’s ignorant hand. The world is unraveling and Win has the power to save it, but at what cost? And in the end, what will he be? Hero or villain?

Callus & Crow

Callus & Crow by DB Rook


Can a path of blood lead to redemption? Is redemption enough to amend a wayward world? Morality and reality have shifted from their natural axis. Technology and ideology derive from the remnants of a world long dead and segregated by the monsters that now rule the seas. Crow, a young ranch hand, is swept into an odyssey of redemption and revenge as he strives to hold back the ravages of fate and the urges born of a curse shared with his new mentor. Callus, an exile struggling to find redemption whilst keeping his vampiric curse from tainting his new ward, pursues his prey across the sea. The new world they discover reveals a tyrannical society fixated on their council’s ascension to godhood.

The Inversion Solution

The Inversion Solution by Scott Marlowe

The city of Brighton is in chaos. Infernal science inverted half the population. The other half fights for survival. The Alchemancer series continues. Half of Brighton’s population paid the price when Aaron failed to stop the Nullification Engine. The situation worsens when eslar invaders, led by Ensel Rhe’s brother-in-law, Balrabbek, arrive in Brighton intent on completing Ingrid Kane’s work. Forced into an alliance with them, Aaron soon realizes the engine’s effect went well beyond the city’s borders and that much more is at stake than he ever imagined. When Ensel Rhe learns of Balrabbek’s arrival, he wants nothing more than to take revenge on him for the murder of his son. But his brother-in-law’s deceit and his ambitions went much further than he thought. Now, he must end those ambitions, no matter the cost. Meanwhile, Serena flees from the chaos consuming Brighton, only to find that escape is a fleeting thing as her inability to control her magic continues to haunt her. When she learns of the Griffin’s mission to retrieve the secrets of a lifesaving vitality serum, she sees it as a way to save both her people and herself.

The Nullification Engine

The Nullification Engine by Scott Marlowe

An infernal engine threatens all life. A sorcerer's apprentice has no idea how to stop it. The Alchemancer series continues. The city of Brighton promises new beginnings for Aaron, Serena, and the taciturn eslar, Ensel Rhe. But, upon their arrival, Aaron and Serena are arrested for their role in the Chaos of a week ago, while Ensel Rhe slips away on business of his own. The pair are allowed to plead their case before the earl himself, after which they are released and assigned a very special duty. The Chaos unearthed an ancient, infernal machine called the Nullification Engine, and the earl wishes to know everything about it. Dormant for hundreds of years, the device is now active and gathering energy for some unknown purpose. While Aaron and Serena struggle to unravel the machine's mysteries, Ensel Rhe confronts his past when he learns his daughter has come to Brighton, but in the company of one of his greatest enemies. A race against time begins as Aaron realizes that the Nullification Engine was never turned on for a reason, for once the machine reaches a state of full nullitivity, it will destroy Brighton and everyone in it.

The Assassin's Cunning

The Assassin's Cunning by Scott Marlowe

Some days it seems like everyone wants you dead. The deadline for the Black Guardsmen to leave Alchester has come and gone, and now it’s up to the Assassin Without a Name to act on his threat. While he’s not above killing every last mercenary for the trouble they’ve caused him, he decides on a different course of action when Gwendolyn Goddard requests a meeting. In exchange for killing a rival, she offers to call off her Black Guard watchdogs. The catch? The mark is Atticus Drake, a trusted friend and ally. Meanwhile, the Warders and Jakaree continue to pursue their dark agendas. For the Warders, frustration leads to more direct action against the Nameless Assassin and his continued interference. The Jakaree, however, recognizing the need for alliances, offer to make a temporary one in hopes of striking a blow against the Warders. Trusting a death priest is never a good idea, but with questions continuing to mount about the Warders, the Assassin Without a Name reluctantly agrees to join them. Whatever their ultimate goals, the Jakaree and Warders remain in balance until a blood witch comes to town looking for revenge against Mathilda. While the witch has an agenda all her own, her presence threatens to turn the tide in the wrong direction for good. Deception, intrigue, danger, infernal science run amuck, and half the city wanting him dead? It’s just another day in the life of the Assassin Without a Name.

The Assassin's Blade

The Assassin's Blade by Scott Marlowe

I had a name once, same as everyone else, but after one glorious night of murder, it was no longer safe to use. Small sacrifice for ensuring my sister's safety, I figured. So now I don't use one. In my line of work, it's not necessary anyway. What is my line of work? Murder, of course, though I fancy myself more than just an assassin. Gentleman, thief, wine connoisseur, adventurer, a man of a thousand names and none. I'm all of those things and more. My life was about as normal as one could hope when one particular job came along. Kill the artificer, steal the plans, make an exchange. Simple enough, until a band of fanatical priests ambushed and tried to kill me. Turns out the plans have something to do with a source of dark energy. The priests aren't the only ones interested in it, either. I've no interest in being a hero, but I'll do whatever I have to do to keep my city—and my sister—safe. There's already blood on my hands. What's a little more?

Engines of Alchemancy

Engines of Alchemancy by Scott Marlowe

Chaos erupts in the Barony of Fallmere when a surprise elemental attack destroys Norwynne Keep. Aaron Shepherd and Shanna Bonnerman survive, but Shanna is soon lost in the fallout of the keep’s destruction while Aaron is forced to flee for his life. Unbeknownst to Aaron, Shanna becomes a captive of the enemy who destroyed their home. This enemy, a savant who claims to follow the path of science, speaks of ancient, infernal devices and a quest to reclaim the greatest of them all. Certain the savant means to kill her, Shanna is instead surprised when she finds herself embarking upon the adventure of a lifetime. Meanwhile, only the worst of nightmares await Aaron. Pursued by dwarven raiders, mad sorcerers, and a host of demons who will not stop until he is dead, the only thing keeping him alive is his own wits and an eslar mercenary whose reputation as a killer might make him the worst threat of all. Though Aaron and Shanna travel different paths, their purposes align when they each learn of a mysterious device known as the Fifth Element. Shanna sees it as the final piece of the puzzle that is her destiny. To Aaron’s logical mind, it is an impossible ambiguity. Whatever the answer, the Fifth Element draws them back together and into a final confrontation where science and sorcery will collide.

The Dinosaur Hunters

The Dinosaur Hunters by Patrick Samphire


Mystery, murder, and adventure on Mars… Mars in 1815 is a world of wonders, from the hanging ballrooms of Tharsis City to the air forests of Patagonian Mars, and from the ice caves of Noachis Terra to the Great Wall of Cyclopia, beyond which dinosaurs still roam. Sixteen-year-old Harriet George has never had the chance for an adventure. Now her older sister is determined to marry her off. Harriet can’t think of anything worse. Meanwhile, her brother-in-law, Bertrand, has a problem. He’s never been much of a police inspector. As far as Harriet knows, Bertrand has never caught a criminal in his life. But now the famous jewel thief, the Glass Phantom, has come to Mars, and Bertrand has been given the job of tracking him down. If he fails, Bertrand will lose his job and the whole family will be ruined. Harriet will not let that happen. So she comes up with a plan: she will capture the Glass Phantom herself. Even if that mean that she and Bertrand have to follow the thief’s intended victim, the Countess von Krakendorff, on a dinosaur hunt in the perilous Martian wilderness. But there is far more going on in this expedition than mere robbery, and the dinosaurs are not the greatest danger. If Harriet cannot solve the mystery, her family won't just be ruined. She and Bertrand may not make it out of the wilderness alive. The Dinosaur Hunters is a thrilling adventure set in the world of Secrets of the Dragon Tomb.


Blackcap by Benjamin Aeveryn


Kade Blackcap was once a famous detective. Overburdened with guilt at sending a man to the noose, he finds himself unable to take a case for fear of the consequences. But with the taxman breathing down his neck, he has to find work soon, or he'll lose the house his father left him. He has one hope left. Long has he suspected the myths of old were creeping back into the world, and with his detective background he has all the skills to hunt them. But once he finds himself on the trail of a monster, he realises how out of his depth he is. He might have the skills to track such a creature, but what will he do when he catches up with it?

The Prism Effect (Skylight, #1)

The Prism Effect (Skylight, #1) by J. Wint

SPSFC 2023

Just beyond Earth’s atmosphere, orbiting like a shining beacon of hope, is the celebrated Skylight University and only the brightest students are accepted into its hallowed halls. Not surprisingly, Jet Stroud can hardly believe it when he receives his acceptance letter. Afterall, who would want a kid with glowing eyes and a deadly disease called ‘The Youthful Death’ on their campus? Thanks to his rare condition known as ephebus mortem, Jet has always been avoided and feared because of his eyes. When he learns the legend claims he will die before his twenty-fourth birthday, his excitement at being accepted into Skylight University is suddenly crushed. Determined to find answers, Jet quickly picks himself up. Accompanied by another kid from his hometown, a loner named Cutter Jade, they seek out the other three students with ephebus mortem. Despite their differences, the small group develops a shaky friendship and begins a quest to find a cure. But not all is as it seems at Skylight University. Mysterious shadows lurk in the hallways and bizarre visions of serpents and prisms haunt Jet’s dreams. While reading the obituary of a former student with ephebus mortem, Jet discovers several clues hidden in a trilogy of old paintings. As the group follows the breadcrumbs left behind by this former student, their quest takes an unexpected and deadly turn. The pace to find clues quickens when strange voices, ghostly apparitions and bizarre events threaten to splinter the small group apart. With the semester roaring to a close, and tensions running high, Jet fears they may not survive long enough to crack the code. Could the clues hidden in the paintings hold the cure to the strangest disease ever known to the human race? Can Jet and the others unravel the mysteries of ephebus mortem in time? In the end, Jet discovers something so profound that it will change his life forever.

A Song for Octaven

A Song for Octaven by R.C. Ballad


Resenfeld Draper is a skilled violinist and knows it. As a second-year student at Octaven University, where musicians sing spells and perform enchantments, Resen’s talent is only matched by his vanity and ambition. But Resen’s attempts to be top of the class are foiled at every turn by distractingly brilliant rival Eric Jameson – and so is his pursuit of friendship with the bold and passionate teacher’s daughter, Bravura Tempesta. Bravura is intrigued by Resen’s sweet-talk and vainglory, but Jameson knows a bully when he sees one. As Resen tries to connect with his classmates, he soon learns that forging real relationships is harder than writing concertos or currying favour. When a mysterious quake shakes the University, Resen, Bravura and Jameson must put their personal issues aside. With more in common than they realise, the three of them might be able to make real magic and save their school – but only if Resen can swallow his pride. A Song for Octaven is a standalone cosy fantasy with a sweet central mmf poly romance featuring trans characters.

Emma's Dragon

Emma's Dragon by M. Verant

The award-winning Regency fantasy continues. Emma Woodhouse needs a dragon. Her life depends on it. But Emma’s dragon is claimed… by Elizabeth Darcy. When Emma Woodhouse meets newly wed Elizabeth, a brush of their gloved hands unmasks the Darcys’ fantastic secret. Emma has discovered Yuánchi, the deadly dragon coveted by both Emperor Napoleon and England’s Secretary of War. Secrets are nothing new for Emma. She has her own: a deathbed promise, and a clever plan to achieve it. The Darcys’ power, forbidden to her, might even help. But clever plans go astray. As treason stalks a royal ball, an avenging queen rises to ravage England. Survival rests on a fabled alliance: Emma and her secrets, Elizabeth and her dragon, and the magical music of Mary Bennet and Georgiana Darcy. Will Emma, Elizabeth, and Mary unravel the mystery of the great wyves in time to save England and themselves? Emma’s Dragon is the second book in the award-winning Jane Austen Fantasy series. This boldly original story is filled with magical dragons, strong heroines, and a brilliantly reimagined Regency that challenges barriers of class, race, and love.

Strange Cargo

Strange Cargo by Patrick Samphire

What do a smuggling gang, a curse that won't go away, and a frequently lost dog have to do with each other? Answer: they're all here to disrupt Mennik Thorn's hard-earned peace and quiet. As the sole freelance mage in the city of Agatos, Mennik is used to some odd clients and awful jobs. But this time, one of his clients isn't giving him a choice. Mennik might have forgotten about the smugglers whose operations he disrupted, but they haven't forgotten about him. Now he is faced with a simple ultimatum: help them smuggle in an unknown, dangerous cargo or flee the city he loves forever. Time is running out for Mennik to find an answer, and things are about to get completely out of control.


Wishhobbler by Francis O'Dowd

Somewhere in the damp, twisting alleyways of an alternate 19th Century slum there lives a hideous freak of nature. Driven by poverty, Spin and her makeshift family move to the Songwynds in search of work. There they share a tiny, rat-infested tenement room with their adoptive Ma: a ferocious wishhobbler. A monster of a mother, and the mother of all monsters, the wishhobbler’s viciousness has caused fear and mayhem among the slum dwellers. Unable to hit back at the wishhobbler, her victims turn their attention to Spin. An outsider wherever she goes - haunted by thugs and bullies - Spin finds a way to enter the carefully guarded and lethal world of Victorian Racing Televisions. When the wishhobbler disrupts the carefully laid plans of the mysterious Racers, Spin finds herself at the centre of a deadly confrontation. But it’s with the revelation of a centuries old Knight of the Implicate Order that things really take a turn for the worse ... Featuring over 50 stunning illustrations, this dark urban fairy tale is a must for anyone who's ever been bored, bullied or lived with a monster.

Legacy of Brick & Bone

Legacy of Brick & Bone by Krystle Matar

Follow the law and you’ll stay safe. But what if the law betrays you? It all started with the girl from the river: mutilated, tattooed, murdered. Tashué couldn’t help but look for answers and in the process, he uncovered the ugly truths being hidden by the very law he used to believe in—the law of the Authority. Now he’s fighting for his life. Mere survival isn’t enough; he desperately wants to save his son from the Authority, and he wants revolution. At any cost. Davik Kaine has been gathering power under everyone’s noses. Ruthless, ambitious, with a rebel army backing him, he wants revolution, too. He’s probably the only person powerful enough to protect Tashué from the looming implosion of the political field. And he’s the only person with the connections to save Jason. He may also be responsible for the death of the girl from the river. Is making peace with Davik worth it, if it saves Tashué’s son from the Authority? If Tashué plays along with what Davik wants, can Tashué get retribution for the girl from the river?

Miss Bennet's Dragon

Miss Bennet's Dragon by M. Verant


Foreword INDIES Winner for Fantasy. Royal Dragonfly Award Winner for Fantasy. “A charming retelling”—Locus Magazine An unforgettable fantasy retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice that is romantic, funny, and more relevant than ever. Elizabeth Bennet is hiding a forbidden power. She can speak to draca, the fire-breathing creatures kept as status symbols by English gentry. But Mr. Darcy has noticed, and he has his own dark secret. When Elizabeth’s sister falls deathly ill, the cure lies in the mysteries of draca. Elizabeth, aided by her brilliant sister Mary, defies restrictive English society to hunt for lost draca lore. She must hurry. England’s war with France has drawn other dangerous hunters. Elizabeth’s search leads her to the fabulous Pemberley estate, home of the entitled and infuriating man whose proposal she scorned. There, Elizabeth’s worlds smash together—protocol against passion, and exultation against the risk of love. But the stakes are greater than her sister’s life. Elizabeth must test herself against a distant war. And her enemy is not who she thought. “Thrilling, superbly paced, and moving. I highly recommend this novel to fans of Jane Austen, as well as to anyone who has ever pondered the mystery of dragons.” – Katherine Sturtevant, author of At the Sign of the Star “A historical romance that encompasses the Napoleonic Wars, arcane marriage laws, and women with the power to command the fiercest, most dangerous, and wisest of beasts” – Vanessa MacLaren-Wray, author of All That Was Asked Miss Bennet’s Dragon is a stand-alone story that begins a trilogy of Jane Austen Fantasy.


Andrion by Alex Penland

When 16-year-old Kallis goes to see Aristophanes' latest play, she's inspired to sneak into the Assembly and try to make her name as an orator. Against the backdrop of steampunk antiquity – an Ancient Athens where automatons line the city walls – Kallis sets out to incite a revolution. She’s going to create a world where no one is forced to be someone they’re not: a world where women can be artificers and orators, where one’s future isn’t determined by the track set out by their parents.

These Gossamer Strings

These Gossamer Strings by Allegra Pescatore

A Silence is Broken. The River Beckons. The Forgotten Wait. With eighteen days until her tribunal and Water Rite, Elenor must find a way to save her doena and keep her throne. The threat of war looms larger and only an alliance through marriage has the potential to save it. But who to trust when all her closest allies have secrets of their own? The past is creeping up on them, a web of maneuvers and lies spreading back to before the fall of the Empire. Gabriel can feel it constricting around them, drawing him ever closer to a future he never wanted. Confronting the truth of his heritage may be the only way to save Lirin, but at what cost? Perhaps one the desert has already paid. Shaken after the death of the Red, the Mondaer must choose their path forward. Protect the new Gatekeeper and Incarnate as they have always done, or embrace a future without reliance on Gifts? Fedrik and Fay’s safety depends on the answer, and it’s not looking good. Would they be better off trusting Daemon, or is North right that he intends to use them as a weapon? These Gossamer Strings is the final installment of the first arc of the Last Gift Series. Threads torn asunder are weaving back together and the Gatekeeper is coming for his Incarnate.

No Port in a Storm

No Port in a Storm by Cal Black

‘The Bayou wants its Butcher back’ Ghosts of Mildred Berry’s past stalk her dreams, dredging up memories she’d rather forget. Struggling with the return to city life and a surprise marriage, Millie finds her strongest ally is distracted, preparing for the Colfield Massacre trial. When the trial’s key witness goes missing, a bloody message makes it clear to Millie that the city of Marigot is done waiting for its vengeance against the man who betrayed it… and the elf who burnt it down. Enemies new and old lurk in the bayou, while all of Millie’s old allies are long dead. If she goes after the witness, she’ll be walking into a city of vipers. If she doesn’t, she’ll lose her closest friend. The Bayou wants its Butcher back, come hell or high water.

Shattered Spirits: The Fall of Ishcairn

Shattered Spirits: The Fall of Ishcairn by Cal Black


Legends say a dead god is buried under the stone city of Ishcairn, protecting its inhabitants by dashing enemy fleets into the jagged coast of Craeburn. Adjunct professor Corrie Ecksley doesn’t believe any of that, but she knows from her work excavating nearby burial sites that the ancient Craeburn people believed it enough to name the city after their dead god, Ish. When the ripples of a great war finally reach Craeburn’s shores, a terrifying new weapon is unleashed on the city that not even Ish can deter. A bomb that tears souls from bodies, driving anyone who witnessed the blast insane. But it is not the living that Corrie fears. Displaced spirits are hungry for a body, and care not if it already plays host to a soul. No bullets can stop them, no walls are thick enough to keep them out. No help is coming. No one left but Corrie to stop the carnage, if she even can.

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