H2LiftShips - Beyond Luna


H2LiftShips - Beyond Luna by Bob Freeman

SPSFC 2023

H2LiftShips - Beyond Luna (Volume 1 in the Series) "A Tech Manual for a Future" Imagine a world, exactly like ours, but different A series taking you on the ride of your life: part road trip, part solar sailing. Into a world almost parallel to our own (but not quite.) Soaring through the heliosphere through the asteroid belt on Solar Sail ships, the unlikely crew of the LunaCola finds themselves foraging supplies from Earth and sea and hitting up the casinos around Sol to gamble their bounty hoping to their pot. Their adventures cross paths with everything from pirates, anarchy, poker games to jail time. This is a space adventure unique to its own with characters who are just as out of this realm of reality, entertaining and unforgettable. And after your cruise through the Asteroid belt, Mars, and Luna, settle down on Earth for a party in the desert. They'll bring the Carne Asada burritos and count on you to bring the fun.

AdultScience Fiction/DystopianScience Fiction/Space OperaScience Fiction

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