Memoirs of a Snowflake by Marc Itziro

Somewhere in a timeless future, billions of inhabitants live in a city-state, the gigapolis of Pardon. All citizens now possess an artificial body, their minds permanently connected through a universal network, and video games have become supreme. Among them is Janus, a gladiator Hero who lives his life of ultra-violence, subversion and glory. His mind is that of an ancient warrior incarnated in a flesh of almighty metal, mastering the cybermartial arts, practicing the yoga of cyborgs, honing his consciousness through electromagnetic meditation. In his spare time, he secretly explores a world now bereft of clear boundaries, voyaging in this labyrinth where other labyrinths are hidden. And, sometimes, Janus dreams cyborg dreams.

AdultScience Fiction/Cyberpunk and BiopunkScience Fiction

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