Soul-Augmented: Part 2 by Kas Smith

How can one journey across trillions of miles in a trillionth of a second?Time has abandoned Joshua; hope fades from his slipping grasps, as the chances of finding the abducted soul of his fiancé, Savannah, diminishes. Earth and Olympus are becoming entangled, the planet’s slowing rotation means that soon the Earth will be incompatible with life.Everything he loves will be lost if he cannot break the insurmountable laws of physics…and the supremacy of the Circle of Hermes.Part two of Soul-Augmented, a thought-provoking dystopian/hard science fiction novel that merges The Time Machine and Stargate to question our existence and redefine our quest for immortality.This book is an Augmented Reality novel. Contained within the chapters are markers which can be scanned to reveal extra content.

AdultScience FictionScience Fiction/Cyberpunk and Biopunk

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