Shackle.exe: Episode 2 by Van D Vicious

n a world run by oligarchs, money can buy anything…for the right price. Socialite Marissa Lancaster is the darling of the family empire. She has it all—pre-fab future and the man of her dreams. Well, the man of someone’s dreams. Rissa would trade it all for an unscripted life. But when her parents control everything down to the food she eats, a taste of freedom looks more like attrition. If only she was brave like her cousin... Ashton Westworth embraces her outcast status and thrives despite the loss of money and power attached to the Lancaster name. Unlike her cousin, she has a plan: college, design business, escape her name. But she pays for that opportunity the only way she can—with blood. College should have been a chance for them to reconnect, but when Rissa’s fiancé turns his sights on Ash, the cousins’ shaky bond crumbles. James Buchanan knows all about Ash’s double life, and he’s dead set on buying her contract. At least he would if it didn’t draw his abusive father’s attention. James can’t have his cake and eat it too. Without their engagement, James and Rissa lose everything; if Ash accepts James’s help, so will she. But when the alternative means drowning in addiction or selling skin for a future? Choices have consequences, and this time, money can’t buy a happily ever after.

AdultScience Fiction/Cyberpunk and BiopunkScience Fiction

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