Shadow War


Shadow War by Jilleen Dolbeare

Things have been going downhill since Piper discovered who she really was and whom she descended from. Now her best friend has paid the price. An ancient goddess has forced Bran into an artifact changing her, and to make it worse, she won't leave Bran alone. You can only run, hide, and muddle through so long before the final chess moves are complete. Weasel is coming for Bran. An unknown monster is stalking Piper, and war between the ancient gods, the shadow winged, and the weres is lurking on the horizon. If Piper's side wins, humanity will continue on, ignorant but safe. If they lose, it is the end of everything. How much can one bush pilot do?

AdultDiversity RepresentationFantasy/Comic FantasyMystery, Thriller, and Suspense/Supernatural and ParanormalFantasy/Mythic, Retelling, and Folklore

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