Return of the Dragonriders (DragonBirth, DragonWing, DragonSword)


Return of the Dragonriders (DragonBirth, DragonWing, DragonSword) by Raina Nightingale

The dragons are extinct. None have been seen in a lifetime, and it is all to the good of the world that the soul-devouring demons are no more. In a small village in the foothills, a devout girl named Silmavalien and her agnostic fiance, Noren, find two mysterious objects. When an albino dragon hatches in her room and Silmavalien's soul is bonded to the dragon's in a song of fire, her world is changed forever. Everything she has been taught is a lie, and everyone she knows is to be feared. Before she can marry Noren, she flees into the wilderness, where the challenge of winter in the mountains almost proves her and Minth's end. Noren fears for Silmavalien's disappearance. When his object hatches the dragon Elninya, just outside the gates of the Oracle's city, Noren finds his answers, but questions why Silmavalien would not trust him. He half-heartedly tries to find her, while struggling to hide his identity and his growing dragon in kingdoms where to be discovered is to be burned alive. But his fear could turn him into the monster he fears. No matter how far they run, neither Silmavalien nor Noren can escape the Nightmare that seeks to devour their souls and slay their dragons. But if they accept it, the Gift of the Volcano, born in fire and darkness, will be enough to win their battle. Includes an exclusive short story and over 40 illustrations.

Young AdultFantasy/Epic and HighFantasy/Magical RealismDiversity Representation/LGBTQ+Diversity Representation/Neurodiversity

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