The Cracklock Saga Book 1: Fae or Foe? by C A Deegan

No one would want to kill a Faery, surely?! Jack Crackley wouldn't; teenagers don’t believe in such things. But he is going to learn that his imperfect life isn’t what it should be. Little eyes watch out for him whilst bigger ones seek him for their own ends. Hunted by the crazed family he never knew, Jack is in for a rude awakening of epic proportions. The Fae are in serious danger. Jack is going to have to get to the bottom of it all before it’s too late. And that's a tall order when you have no idea who you really are… A fantasy adventure like no other, where worlds collide and the monsters are not only from make believe. Things are going to get complicated.

New AdultFantasy/ContemporaryFantasy/Mythic, Retelling, and FolkloreFantasy/Portal

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