Gunships and Goodbyes


Gunships and Goodbyes by Casey White


McCallister was done with the galaxy. The galaxy wasn’t quite done with him. When the Tamani blew a hole in his ship, his friend, and his career, Richard McCallister called it quits. No more TerraCorp work. No more cheerfully donning the uniform and pretending he couldn’t see the cracks in the bulkheads around him. From that moment, he’d be his own man again. Until the message came – a whisper, carried through the few contacts he had left to the Dust, the farthest reaches of settled space. A warning that the Tamani had returned. When it arrives, McCallister is presented with a choice: He can run, hiding in a darker corner of the universe that the Tamani haven’t found yet. He can stay moving, and stay alive. Or he can turn back, straight into the maw of their approaching doom, and pluck his friend’s legacy from its teeth. Winning means honoring his partner’s memory. Losing means sharing his fate. The choice is his.

Young AdultWesternsScience FictionHorror

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