Darkness Forged (Legends of the Ragnarok Era #1) by Matt Larkin

Norse mythology retold - Volundarkvida The greatest crafts on Midgard come from the dvergar realm of Nidavellir. Volund, a gifted smith and once apprentice to the dvergar, escaped their dark realm to find solace in the arms of a valkyrie. Nine years of respite. And then she was gone. Volund will do anything to get her back. But his reputation precedes him, and a cruel king knows the weapons Volund forges can win his wars. Imprisoned in the king’s forge, Volund’s only hope to escape is to find his wife. If he can’t, more than the forge’s darkness will overtake him. For even more dark Norse adventure, don't miss the tie-in series Gods of the Ragnarok Era, starting with The Apples of Idunn.

AdultFantasy/Alternate HistoryFantasy/Mythic, Retelling, and Folklore

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