You Can't Prevent Prophecy


You Can't Prevent Prophecy by D.G. Redd


Three arrogant heroes all want the Eye of Aera, but little do they know that they are about to face world-shattering prophecies. Josephus believes he is the prophesised Chosen One, on a quest to save the world. Accompanying him into the dungeon is his trusty side-kick, Grilk, a kobold wizard. They seek the Eye of Aera, a magical artifact. On the other side of the dungeon, Penellina Dairgren descends into its depths. She considers herself a master halfling thief, and to prove it, she will be the first to uncover the Eye of Aera. Meanwhile, back in town, a proselytising dwarven cleric seeks solace in a good meal at the local tavern. One day, when he's converted enough people to his god's religion, he will be welcomed back into his lord's good graces. None of them know it, but they're all about to be swept up into a mess of ancient prophecies. But prophecies are malleable things that can be bent to suit the needs of those with the knowledge and power to do so. This is a light-hearted adventure in the vein of a fantasy roleplaying campaign. The characters are memorable, the stakes are high, and the adventure goes through many twists and unexpected outcomes. You can expect to laugh often and be entertained throughout.

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