Where Blood Runs Gold by A.C. Cross ✓ author


Sheriff Errol Thorpe’s life is chaotic, brutal, and above all, solitary. After an unimaginable loss years ago, all he feels is the compulsion to seek vengeance. But when a vulnerable family arrives in town, facing an ugly future, he is pulled headfirst into a web of violence, secrets, and things he never imagined. In search of truth and answers, Thorpe finds himself battling deadly flesh-eating Dust, acidic golden blood, and the political designs of powerful people – all the while learning how to be a person again. When Dust rises in San Dios, people hide indoors. When Sheriff Thorpe arrives, people run.

Age: Adult

Genre: Historical Fiction/Alternate History

Genre: Horror/Supernatural and Occult

Genre: Westerns/Adventure

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SKaeth ✓ author

Worldbuilding: Aided the story
Plot: Straightforward
Characters: Roles are clear
Storytelling: Balanced
Immersion: Didn’t want to put the book down
Emotional Response: Engaging
Thought Provoking: New ideas came up
Cover: Matches the story well
Content Warnings: violence/gore, allusions to sexual assault including of minors

an action-packed Western with enjoyable characters and an intriguing supernatural plot

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