Good Girl


Good Girl by Olga Werby

Humans are finally going to colonize another world, an exoplanet in Tau Ceti. Three people are specially selected, each sent in isolation on the long journey, accompanied only by the voice of Saia, a powerful Spaceflight AI Aide. Each partition of Saia interacts with one of the future colonists: Null, a neuroatypical who desires to leave humanity behind; Aliza, an immune-compromised biologist charged with keeping Earth flora alive on the long journey; and Rachel, an eleven-year-old genius. To keep its crew alive and sane for the twenty-four lonely years it would take them to reach their destination, Saia can play games, read books, and carry on conversations on almost any topic and in any language. But soon there are hints that either this AI is not completely stable, or it has received orders that run counter both to the mission and the safety of these isolated would-be colonists. "Good Girl" presents intriguing questions about consciousness and individual agency within the framework of a fascinating multiple-point of view narrative. It’s a story about meanings and hidden context buried in words. As we teach our AIs to take on more and more difficult tasks, their learning algorithms become black boxes to us. What are they really learning? What are they thinking?

Young AdultScience Fiction/Cyberpunk and BiopunkScience Fiction/Space OperaDiversity Representation/Neurodiversity

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