A Jinn's Wish: Hidden Wishes Book 3


A Jinn's Wish: Hidden Wishes Book 3 by Tao Wong

Sometimes your greatest Wish becomes your greatest challenge. Henry Tsien made a wish to gain magic in a mundane world. Now heโ€™s a mage living in a supernatural and dangerous world. When news that he holds a powerful wishing ring reaches the wrong ears, the danger grows imminent. Even the strongest of allies may fall as his enemies take action. Henry will have to run for his life, Leveling up and becoming more powerful as he tries to hide from his many enemies. All the while, Henry holds one last trump card. But wielding it might see the end of everything he and the world knows. A Jinn's Wish is the final book in the Hidden Wishes trilogy, a Gamelit / LitRPG urban fantasy novel that combines gaming concepts with popular fantasy tropes. It features a hidden supernatural world, magical leveling up, Knight Templars, kickass women, and shadowy supernatural organizations. No romance, no harems but pure magic and adventure.

AdultFantasy/ContemporaryFantasy/LitRPGDiversity Representation/BIPOC

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