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Under an Azure Sky - Elysia Dayne: Book One by Wil Chan

Elysia Dayne: Hero. Mercenary. Dragon slayer. At least that's how the bards tell it. But that wasn't always the case. There was a time when she thought that dragons were beautiful. When she was a child, she believed that she was friends with a dragon. Except, the dragon knew of no such friendship. Soldiers arrived to slay the creature so that a feudal lord could make his name amongst the Nine Kingdoms. It ended in abject failure. They were left to soak in a bloodbath of their own making. In a rage, the dragon destroyed the place that she called home, and killed the people that she called family, also dismantling a thing called love. Reborn under a mound of ashen corpses, her empty shell vowed vengeance, forging a fiery path of retribution that could not be undone. Not by her own design, she becomes a slayer of dragons. Curiously, dragon slaying isn’t her next job. A princess is being held for ransom at a goblin fort. Wearing the stolen armour of a goblin knight, she attempts to rescue the princess to claim her bounty. Her plans are somewhat botched by the uncooperative royal, and the two of them end up wandering through the wilderness towards civilisation. What they don't realise is they are being tracked by Niemirian raiders who are intent on killing them both. An epic tale interwoven between the tragedies of Elysia's past and the precarious nature of her present, all the time exploring the nature of the human condition.

Echoes of Bellek by Morrigan Gaines

Memory is a gift. It's also a curse. When Cyrus Arbritrem refuses to marry the crown princess of Osmaria, his father disowns him. He is cast out into the world, plagued by loneliness and memories of his troubled childhood. He’s becoming the man he never intended to be, finding solace in drugs and alcohol. His life is spiraling out of control. It's only a matter of time before he gets caught up in another dangerous situation - one that may cost him everything. Tessa, a fiery woman with a passion for flowers, lights the spark of hope for a better future in his heart. She holds tight to her own secrets as she cares for her ailing father. Secrets that may threaten their budding relationship. Cyrus grasps his second chance, determined to move beyond the memories that haunt his nightmares. His chance at happiness is within reach, but a darkness is rising that desires the power Cyrus doesn’t know he possesses. Will he survive to shine brightly, or will the darkness destroy him? This book contains themes and situations some adult readers may find triggering.

The Rise of Runes and Shields, Book I The Seidr Sagas by JM Stephen

Witchcraft need not be evil. Twins Freyja and Bjorn live in a time when Viking magic, called the Seidr, is deemed witchcraft and forbidden. When their home is attacked by men sent from the tyrannical local earl, who accuses their mother of a murder she did not commit, the twins are forced to flee into the night and onto an adventure to not only prove their mother’s innocence but also set to rights the ills created by the misuse of the Seidr. Along the way, they both make new friends, reunite with lost allies, visit hidden worlds, and learn the true ways of the Seidr, until they find themselves caught in the middle of the never ending war of the Fire and Frost Giants. Bjorn must learn the ways of magic and Freyja the life of the shield maidens if they are to survive.

The Nameless God by Emma L. Adams

Zelle and her allies have returned to Zeuten, but their visit to Itzar left nobody unscathed. Especially Zelle, whose allegiance with the nameless Shaper has given her a burden that might kill her before it lets her free. Rien, meanwhile, has his own battle to fight. Returning to his homeland leads to more than a confrontation with the man who took everything from him, as in their absence, their enemy has seemingly formed an alliance with another Great Power. Invicten, god of illusions, possesses magic that can turn friend against friend and nation against nation - and it might already be too late to stop him working his influence over the other mages of Aestin. While Zelle struggles to protect her nation against the deadly threat across the ocean, Evita is forced to turn to the assassins she once lived with for answers on the magic she took from them.  But the truth is deadlier than she would ever have guessed. War is on the horizon, with the three Great Powers prepared to use the human world as their battleground. And in a battle of the gods, there may be no humans left standing in the end…

Quest by A.J. Ponder

A.J. Ponder's latest book, Quest is a quirky and original celebration of fantasy in the tradition of The Princess Bride, Terry Pratchett's Discworld and The Hobbit. Sylvalla escapes Avondale castle, and the life of a princess, in search of the adventure she’s always wanted. Once found, adventure bites back. Fortunately Sylvalla is not alone – Unfortunately, her new-found companions are less than heroic. Jonathan would rather make money. Dirk would rather live a long and happy life. And at 150, Old Capro would rather stop gallivanting about and harangue unsuspecting students about his glory days over a nice cup of tea. Quest has everything, heroes, monsters, chases, escapes and a complete lack of true love.

Tome of the Vampire by Jason Goss

For over one thousand years after the world was nearly destroyed by the calamity known as Sinfall, the church has helped people recover. The recovery and safety the church gave came at a steep cost. Technology has been lost to the ages and banned by the church. The land is plagued by a terrible curse that threatens to wipe out all life, and the church has no idea how to stop it. Until a chance encounter with a mentally unstable vampire offers an unlikely solution…. Tome of the Vampire is a dark fantasy story set in a post apocalyptic fantasy world filled with magic, dragons, and mystery surrounding the secrets the church has banned people from knowing, and what caused the calamity.

Tomb of the Blue Demons by J.T.T Ryder

The Druid Ambicatos embarks on a journey of intrigue that quickly turns into war, when he arrives in war-torn Italia, under siege by the Carthaginians. While the war rages, Ambicatos falls for a mystery woman some call the Sorceress, who claims she has discovered the sight, the power of the Underworld. Ambicatos must fight friend and foe alike in this epic novella, a prequel to Hag of the Hills, the Bronze Sword Cycles duology. This novella is part of a Celtic heroic fantasy series set in 200 BC.

Knight of Ash: The Venomous Tempest by Sebastiaan Constantino van Doorn

Dragons might seem dangerous to most of the people of Anglavar, but to the Knights of Ash, hunting them down is just another job. When Yara starts off her apprenticeship with the order of dragon hunters, it seems like she may get used to this new reality fairly easily, even if her mentor Arran is a little more closed off than she’d like. Just when she’s beginning to feel comfortable, a new threat rears its ugly head. Undead dragons, called Titans, have begun to show up across the country and the source is dangerously unclear. Yara and Arran find themselves with the responsibility of finding the cause of the undead creatures — and cleaning up the mess that comes with them.

A plague of ruin Book One: Son of Two Bloods by Daniel T Hylton

For generations, the world of humans has suffered war, death, and devastation, unleashed upon the earth by the strange and mysterious race of darkings. Powerful and terrible; no one can stand against them. Those that try and do so, die. Many believe that the masked fiends serve someone even more powerful who dwells in the far east of the world, a god, perhaps, or a mighty sorcerer. Into this troubled world, Brenyn is born. An unusual boy, he came into the world possessed of magic powers that he does not understand and cannot control. Brenyn's father was human, and his mother, who died at the moment of his birth, was, some believe, of the race of Sylvans, a magical folk. But how can this be? Long ago, the gods decreed that humans and Sylvans, should they mate, could not conceive a child, for they feared that a union of the two Great Gifts - human will and Sylvan magic - would produce someone, either male or female, who would be different, powerful, like unto the gods themselves - someone... like Brenyn.

Two Moons of Merth: A Mythic Tale of the Royal Karda Family by Ruth Mitchell

Written in the whimsical tone you will find in Neil Gaiman’s Stardust, the Two Moons of Merth takes readers to an extraordinary planet—where adventure and danger await. Aadya, the main character, begins life as a lowly peasant, but her goals are mighty, and she finds her way to becoming the queen of all the land. Her mission in life is to gain respect for herself and all the other women of Merth. Through her heroic efforts, she changes her society and elevates the status of all women once referred to as ‘breeders.’ Follow the Karda family through two generations in this alluring tale as they lead their people with the guidance of the Matong and kinetic sight. This imaginative saga of quests, romance, intrigue, and magic will have you spellbound as you turn each page to find out what happens next.

Petition by Delilah Waan

In the Dominion of Aleznuaweite, anyone can rise to the greatest heights—if they are willing to pay the price. Failure is a luxury Rahelu can’t afford. Her family sold everything, left their ancestral home, and became destitute foreigners for the sake of her resonance skills. Now she can manipulate emotional echoes to discern truth from lies, conjure the past, and even foretell the future. But an act of petty revenge by her rival destroys her chance at joining one of the great Houses. Desperate to prove her family’s sacrifices were not in vain, Rahelu calls upon the most dangerous magic of all—altering fortune. A slight twist of fate is enough to restore her way forward…with deadly consequences she never bargained for. The Houses make a pawn of her in their bitter struggle for control of the Dominion. A shadowy cult grows ever closer to completing an ancient ritual. And Rahelu discovers that fulfilling her oath to her family might come at the cost of her mother’s life.

An Enemy Defined by Amy Maltman

Deadly creatures. Inhospitable lands. The magical journey continues. Five weeks after Lexi Guinel plunged into Gowerland from Earth, she is on the run from the irate King Ulric and the evil Selenites. With her is Prince Aeric, reluctant as always and grappling with bad tidings from home. Together, they must find the artifacts required to fulfill the Venus Prophecy and save Gowerland. Working with Aeric doesn't mean Lexi trusts him. He seems to be cooperating, but does he have other plans? And can they find the artifacts before King Ulric and the Selenites catch them? For every question answered, another arises, until a stunning betrayal unearths long-buried secrets that redefine Lexi’s knowledge of the enemy. When faced with deceit, you cannot retreat.

The Altar of My Fate by Michael R. Schultheiss

“Game of Thrones meets Conan the Barbarian in this epic tale of adventure.” ~Reedsy Discovery “An epic narrative describing an incredibly vast world and steeped in exceptional character development.” ~Literary Titan A warrior questing for glory… A slave-girl with a secret… Can they claim the ancient altar? Trained to the warrior’s path, Rosteval yearns for glory and craves adventure in unknown lands. Leading the war-band he created, he sets off on a quest to brave a formidable desert and the swords and arrows of a growing number of enemy tribes. He expected the mounting dangers… but he didn’t expect Ghaitta, the beautiful slave-girl with a secret… and the power and peril of an ancient altar, an artifact of the vanished Shaper race. As his enemies multiply, Rosteval is forced to confront an immortal adversary and the looming specter of defeat. Can Rosteval and Ghaitta avert disaster, and claim the fateful power of the ancient Shaper altar? Brimming with fierce tribes, deadly perils, ancient powers, and sexy slave-girls, The Altar of My Fate is the epic fantasy adventure you’ve been craving. Get it now.

Bonds of Promise by Andrew D. Meredith

All are bound by oaths of pantheon —mortals, saints, and deity. For it is by those promises made, The world of Kallattai is chained and set free. Hanen and Rallia Clouw—enterprising mercenaries, caring siblings, and children of a luckless man—only wish to find their place in the world and make an easy coin. Yet too many blame their own bad luck on the Clouws, and everything they have worked for begins to crumble around them. When the man who introduced them to their path rolls into town with an easy opportunity to make them all wealthy and influential, they leap at the chance to hit the road, and put their past behind them once more. Fate has other plans. And the responsibilities they leave to others must be answered for. Bonds of Promise is Book One in the sprawling epic fantasy series the Kallattian Cycle by Andrew D Meredith—a story of gods, their chosen champions, and dark figures bent on freeing the mortal realms from a fate established by greater beings. All would-be heroes must give their lives, or be made folly. Example to those who’ve still to come, Through doomed cycle, Or fated legacy.

Gods of the Broken Sea by James Jakins

To sail the Broken Sea is to brave the most dangerous waters of Domhan. But that is just what Arthur Shield and Mikaia Goretusk will do. Following rumors of a powerful Elven Queen that might be able to get Mikaia home to Earth, the two gain passage on a pirate ship sailing these treacherous waters. Their journey grants them new allies, but also new dangers. While pursued by an ambitious Imperial admiral they flee through a gauntlet of challenges: God infested islands, godless paladins, and an evil as old as the Broken Sea, and Domhan, itself.

Knights of the Dead God by James Jakins

The half-orc girl, Mikaia Goretusk, has been torn from her home. Her world. Her family. Her only allies are the holy knight, Arthur Shield, once sworn to kill everyone she has ever cared for, and the witch, Hazel Midd. Arthur struggles with the guilt of being unable to save his god. Hazel seeks desperately for something taken from her. They distrust each other but both are compelled to protect the young girl. To return her home they must battle angry mobs, hags, and dark wizards. They will seek the aid of the Knights of Saban. The very god that ordered the extermination of her family. But Saban is dead and not all is as it should be in his temple. The knights have enlisted the use of dark magics to rekindle the fear that was once theirs by right. Mikaia’s road home will be a long one. Will her first step in that journey be the last?

The Perilous Sea by Emma L. Adams

Zelle Carnelian has claimed the allegiance of the nameless Shaper, the enigmatic ancient deity whose name was forgotten by mortals and gods alike. Together with Arien Astera, who has claimed a new Relic of his own, and Evita Govind, would-be assassin, they defeated Orzen and prevented him from unleashing havoc on the human world. But Orzen is not the only deity with his sights set on escaping from the realm of the gods. When her sister is captured by a cult of devotees to an unknown deity, Zelle's quest to find her leads across the perilous sea to the Isles of Itzar. Teeming with dangerous beasts and strange magic, the Isles are not a destination for the faint of heart, and Zelle and the others are well aware that they might be sailing straight into a trap. Soon her sister's plight becomes only one of Zelle's concerns, between mysterious Relics appearing on Itzar's beaches, a struggle between two rival factions and a rogue deity with an unknown agenda. It'll push Zelle and the others to their limits to navigate these dangerous waters and escape alive…

Of Water and Dance by Leslie Griffin

The forest is impenetrable. Mortals do not dare enter and the ancient Gods residing within cannot break free. In this stagnant, earthen prison they’ve waited, and one-by-one they’ve suffocated. But when a Leviathan is found slumbering deep inside a mountain and a Priestess’ destiny is fulfilled, her decision between four different fates ricochets through time and leaves a crack in the wall that separates the realms of mortals and Gods. With this fissure an unlikely web of people have found themselves intertwined. A pair of golden colored siblings born with an ancient, forgotten magic in their veins. A middle-aged Prince dying from the poisoned blood of his family’s false rule. A Sergeant whose abilities on the battlefield unwittingly released a dark, immortal secret from within himself. At the core of their improbable alliances is a secret long buried in stone. A secret that could change the bleak landscape of their home back into the fertile land it once was. But every secret has its price, and in order to expose this one time must shift, and one of them will have to die in consequence.

Shadow of Fire by Kate Schumacher

A potent power is about to be unleashed. Forbidden and forged in flame. Control over the elements is a gift from the Gods, but since the creation of the Rift, fire magic has been outlawed in Merawuld. The Rift is a source of mystery, fear, and, for some, a tempting source of power. Ash is a fire caster who has spent years hiding her magic, but when her explosive powers reveal themselves she is imprisoned by the Mage Council. Ash’s powers are coveted by the High Mage, who seeks to use her as a pawn against not only his enemies, but his allies as well. With the Bone Mother’s winter fast approaching, the fae Princess vows to fight against the corrupting influence of power, forming an alliance whose success rests on a human man’s desire for peace; a man who must decide if he will play the game he's inherited or begin one of his own. But in Aileryan, the Gods have their own plans. As the Mother of All turns the wheel of the year, the land is brought to the edge of war. Loyalty and courage will be sorely tested as paths intertwine and Fate plays her hand. If Ash can’t learn to control her magic, the scheming of gods and mortals could spell doom for them all.

Path Of War by David Green

The Banished have made their move, now Haltveldt answers back. Reeling from the events at Solitude, Calene Alpenwood embarks on a journey to find meaning in all that she's seen, and discover the answers she so desperately seeks. Finding herself more alone than ever, Calene is trapped between doing what's right, and doing what needs to be done. Meanwhile, Kade Besem continues his search for his son, Arlo, and the strange warrior-monk Tilo. His hunt takes him deep into Banished territory and into the jaws of danger. Revelations are revealed, ancient secrets are uncovered and those who stand in the Empire's way can't hope to win when Haltveldt walks the Path of War.

In Solitude's Shadow by David Green

Named #1 Book of 2021 - Magic Book Corner Review The tides of fate are shifting. The Banished have returned, and they have set their eyes on the walls of Solitude. Zanna Alpenwood, a powerful mage, and two hundred aged and forgotten Sparkers are all that stand between the Banished and the nation of Haltveldt. With time running out and the world at stake, Zanna is forced to reach out to her estranged daughter, Calene, and set her on an impossible quest. Calene quickly learns that enemies make unlikely allies as she teams up with both friend and foe on her journey to save her mother and Haltveldt. Forging their way over land and sea, uncovering dark plots and secret societies, Calene is forced to decide between her masters and her own conscience. Will they arrive in time to save the fortress of Solitude from destruction? Only one thing is certain; Ruin is assured if Solitude falls.

Perception Check by Astrid Knight

Her favorite tabletop roleplaying game is real, and her kidnapped childhood best friend is trapped in a far off land. Will she be able to save her? Let's roll initiative! Violet Spence wants nothing more than to have a normal life. After witnessing her childhood best friend get abducted by monsters, that’s easier said than done. At twenty-three years old, Violet cannot seem to move past that fateful night ten years ago. Her only solace is Mages of Velmyra, a tabletop roleplaying game filled with goblins, fairies, and all-powerful magicians. But of course, that’s all fantasy. Or, so she thought. As it turns out, the land of Velmyra is very real and the home of the monsters that took her best friend. With the help of her friends (and the creator of the game itself), Violet must navigate the once-fictional creatures and powerful mages of Velmyra to retrieve a set of ancient relics—all in the hopes that the journey will lead her back to her friend. But for Violet, fighting monsters and magic workers doesn’t seem nearly as terrifying as confronting her own demons. And she’ll soon realize fighting the battle within herself can be just as tough as those fought against demigods. Perception Check is the magical first installment of the Mages of Velmyra Saga, great for fans of Dungeons and Dragons, Critical Role, and The Magicians. With endearing and hilarious characters, an exploration of mental health and trauma, LGBTQ+ representation, gut-wrenching twists, and a whirlwind of an ending, you will never want to leave the world of Velmyra.

A Price to Pay by Jason Hubbard

"A great fantasy with everything from magic and war, to vampires and a play for power as one woman fights to make a decision that will influence the very future of the world." - K.J. Simmill, Readers' Favorite "Intriguing time travel elements, well-crafted fight scenes, compelling protagonist, and a dash of romance make this a quick page-turning read." - BooksCoffee, Goodreads

The Savior's Rise by Talli L. Morgan

WHEN GODS FALL, LEGENDS RISE. Taja Ievisin thought the Oracle Stone would fix all his problems, but all it’s left him with are a city in shambles, shocking truths about his gods, and a role he can’t possibly fill. He is Sawwia Setukkda, the Second Savior of his people, but without a drop of magic in his blood and no idea how to get his people to trust him, how is he supposed to save anyone? Jekku Aj’ere is finally free –– from his maddening curse, from the Royal Sorcerer who wished to control him, and from the influence of the Oracle Stone. But now what? Grappling with ghosts from his past and torn between two paths, Jekku has to figure out where to turn, even if it means leaving someone behind. But before either of them can move ahead, they’ve got a mess to clean up. Båthälla is divided –– and most Elshalans remain stubbornly loyal to the gods. If Taja can’t win over his people, it’s only a matter of time before the gods strengthen their hold and snuff out Båthälla’s magic for good. Return to the magic-rich world of THE ORACLE STONE for another adventure in Talli L. Morgan’s page-turning duology.

Revenge and Forgiveness by A.J. Torres

Torn between the love of a brother and sworn duty to your kingdom, would you trade the comfort of a cage for freedom bought with blood? Kaius Braveheart has just been granted the rank of knight to the Ligera royal family of Rosado. His first task, seek out the Grand Mage Vincent Braveheart, his older brother, and Princess Alaia Ligera. He is to inform them that King Cecilio Ligera wishes to speak with them. A simple task surely, were it not for the rising tensions in his relationship with the two. His brother's growing mistrust for the Ligera family has caused a rift between the brothers. As for Princess Alaia, though he holds feelings for her, their difference in class forbids him to act. Though apprehensive about his mission, orders are orders. He delivers his message to Vincent and escorts the Princess to the palace throne room. There Kaius is forced to relive memories long sealed away as creatures of darkness attack. Joined by an unexpected ally, he must face the truth of his past and uncover a mysterious evil. This standalone story is perfect for fans of Kingdom Hearts and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

The Call for Finis: Pride by A.J. Torres

Seven sins. Seven hosts. One city purged. After everything you’ve learned, can you still stand with your faith, or finally rise up against it? Salvia VerdaderaFe has signed a pact with Ultor, a demon of Infernos, to enact the end of all and purge the world of sin. Ultor and six others were granted permission to enter the middle world of Eldara, bound to mortals by the Seraphim of Hevellum. Upon his arrival a messenger of Hevellum should have been waiting to assign him his task, unfortunately the messenger did not appear and thus his mission is a mystery. Along their journey through the country of Marlela, they are set upon by a group of Templar Equitums, bearers of virtue and enforcers of the Cirine faith. From their encounter their destination is revealed. Their journey to Lumen Magnum begins.

Birth of the Storm by Valerie Storm

A bolt of lightning. And a dream of vengeance. For wolf-demon Kari, these define her every waking moment. Her parents are dead, slaughtered by human hands, forcing their only daughter to masquerade among their killers to save her own skin. Now she dwells among them, hiding her lightning-based abilities and plotting a terrible revenge, believing her schemes are all she's good for now. But when she discovers unexpected solace among a group of humans who look past her monstrous nature, Kari finds herself questioning everything. Her mission. Her dreams. Even the hatred festering in her heart. Is it possible for a creature like Kari to find happiness in a world that despises her? Or will the specters of her past force her down the path of vengeance in the end?

Shadow Of The Wicked by Douglas W.T. Smith

Twin brothers–a sorcerer and a warrior–are each tortured for their opposing convictions. Will magick be restored or extinguished? Magick had once ruled The Three Kingdoms, but now it is banished and condemnable. Jaromir and Talmage have been imprisoned for different convictions. Jaromir wakes up chained to a table filled with dread, while Talmage is thrown into an underground labyrinth. Jaromir has devoted his life to mastering weapons as the Empress’ Guard and forming a secret order to rid the world of magick. His lifetime devotion is useless when his limbs are chained. Unless he divulges the order’s plans. Jaromir is tortured and his body pushed to breaking point but he refuses to betray the order––until his wife is dragged into the room. Jaromir is forced to make a choice between his honor and his beloved wife. Which will he choose? Meanwhile, Talmage is thrown into an underground labyrinth. Since his parent’s death, he had practiced the art of magick in secret from his brother’s order. Magick had been his savor and his security through his troubled life. No matter what Talmage tried, the ghosts of his past haunt him––especially in the dark passages. At first, he thought he was alone, for one last trial, until familiar voices echo from the shadows. Both brothers must escape from their wicked fate, identify their outgrown relationship, and swallow their pride before it’s too late. If one of them fails; they both suffer.

Awakening: The Commune’s Curse Book 1 by Lucy A. McLaren

The Kingdom of Septima is ruled in all but name by the Commune, a ruthless cult that seeks control of an ancient power that has taken root in unsuspecting children in Septima. To maintain their hold on the kingdom, the Commune will stop at nothing to capture children who show signs of this power, to be weaponised or eliminated. 18-year-old Evelyn Folksman is in hiding. Taken in by a tavern-owner, she is haunted by the horrific events that drove her from her home years before. Evelyn is forced to face her past when two wayward children, Raif and Rose Huntsman, arrive at the tavern, pursued by Commune soldiers. The children fall under Evelyn’s reluctant care as the trio narrowly escape a raid. Relentlessly hunted by Commander Jonah Sulemon and Commune agent Lord Eirik Torrant, Evelyn and Raif cannot fathom why they pose such a threat to the Commune, until six-year-old Rose unwittingly reveals a terrible secret: she possesses powers more fearsome than any the Commune has unearthed in decades. There are only two options: to be captured and imprisoned, or to run for the rest of their lives.

Roots and Steel by Casey White

Where monsters go, hunters follow. Hunters of the guild wait all year for the Festival of Knives, when they put their skills to the test and claim new ranks with every fiend they slay. Trapped helping the family business instead of pursuing his own career, Trellin has never been allowed to participate. But when he risks expulsion to sneak out and claim a kill beyond his rank, his hunt is spotted by a senior guildmember. Rather than turn him in, she offers him a chance for freedom: Join her, and sail to the distant isle of Deldynne to compete in the bloody race for the rank of Guildmaster. If they can kill the monster that calls Deldynne home before the other teams do, he'll soar to new heights as apprentice to the leader of the Hunter’s Guild. But not everyone wants his new mentor to be Guildmaster - and if they fail, neither will leave that island alive.

Scorned by Joseph S Samaniego

Rowena was bred for war! Her stepmother, Queen Sirie, taught her everything that she knew about the deadly arts. Sirie wanted a weapon to ensure her own son's place upon the throne, and Rowena was that weapon.… for a time. A war hero, mercenary captain, mother, loving sister, and daughter. In her heart Rowena bled for her family. But was it ever enough? Her existence was an insult that would threaten the kingdom's roots, and future.

The Hunter by Hannah E. Carey

Forced to flee her uncle's palace in the dead of night in order to save her own life, Duchess Rhiannon of Solis finds herself pulled into an ongoing war. She seeks safety on the shores of the island of Pern Coen, though she knows little of the strange land and its even stranger Spirits. A stroke of fate leaves her at the mercy of a band of rebels led by a notorious outlaw, a man the people of the island call the Hunter. Conor has lost his family and his home. Forced to live in exile, he dreams of the day that the people of Pern Coen win back their freedom. He has no love for the Empire of Kelnore, but when he finds an injured Kelnorian noblewoman, he can't bring himself to abandon her. Against his better judgement, Conor offers Rhiannon his protection, but the more time he spends with her, the more he finds his feelings toward her shifting. He's already had his heart shattered once, does he dare take that risk again with a woman who should be his sworn enemy? The longer Rhiannon spends with Conor and his band of outlaws, the more she finds herself torn between the life she knew and the life she has discovered on the island. Can she turn her back on all she's ever known? And can a rugged outlaw capture her heart? This Celtic inspired romantic fantasy features a slow burn, fade to black romance.

Chosen by Heather N. Russell

Pure of heart and human A chosen warrior comes The barrier shall be broken Two worlds unite as one. Growing up feeling insignificant and anchorless in foster care, Seline never expected to one day step through her front door into a world where myth and magic reigned. An ancient Fae prophecy names her Chosen, a hero meant to reunite the worlds of Earth and Fae. Blood-hungry enemies from the darkest of Earth legends seek conquest rather than unity, threatening the future she is called to initiate. While forces of evil gather to take control of one world in pursuit of the the other, Seline fumbles for mastery of new magical gifts and struggles to come to terms with destiny. Unexpected friends teach her trust, powerful enemies challenge her soul, and a memory wakens a long-forgotten identity. Can she fulfill the destiny written for her long ago and unite worlds divided by ancient treachery, or will evil consume the future as well as the past?

The Inquisitor by H.C. Harrington

A brutal murder, a disgraced inquisitor, and a city of secrets. From the Amazon best-selling author of Daughter of Havenglade comes, The Inquisitor. In the port city of Pax Grati, a highborn daughter betrothed to the son of a powerful lord has been brutally murdered. Nestor Atius, left to rot in the dungeons has one chance to find the killer and bring justice to her family and the realm. But when an unlikely friend reveals the investigation is more than meets the eye, Nestor must make a choice. As he uncovers the truth, it becomes more and more clear, he is the killer's next target. A fantasy mystery from the Havenglade World.

Heir to the Sun by Jennifer Allis Provost

A mad king. An escaped slave. One warrior to save the realm... Asherah doesn’t want much. A former slave, she wants to live out her days in peace and enjoy her hard-won freedom…then she learns that Parthalan’s king, Sahlgren, ordered not only her enslavement, but that of thousands more. Naturally, she starts a rebellion, but while she has a quick mind and a strong sword arm, she lacks both the funds and the soldiers to make her rebellion a success. Enter Lormac, the elf king of the north. He’s quickly captivated by Asherah and agrees to fund her rebellion. What’s more, he wants to make Asherah his queen… but is that what Asherah wants? Caol’nir was born to be a warrior, and he can’t think of a worse way to spend his life. He goes through the motions of his role as an elite temple guard—until Alluria arrives. She’s a priestess from the east, and Caol’nir can think of nothing but her bright eyes and soft voice—and the fact that he took an oath to defend the priestess’s chastity. Rules never much bothered Caol’nir, and he searches for a way to be with Alluria. Then a priestess is attacked, and another is murdered, and Caol'nir realizes that Alluria isn’t safe in the temple. When Caol’nir learns that King Sahlgren himself is responsible for these atrocities, Caol'nir heads north and joins Asherah's rebellion. What Caol'nir doesn't know is that Sahlgren has promised the demon lord a woman of rare and singular beauty, a woman whose magical abilities are rumored to rival the sun god’s…a woman Caol’nir knows all too well. HEIR TO THE SUN – Book One of the Chronicles of Parthalan

We Seek No Kings by T. Thorn Coyle

In a world of djinn, elf, yakshini, and troll, one woman has only her sword.
 Jenny rides hard, fights hard, drinks hard, and lusts hard. A motorcycling Knight of the Steel Clan, she is sworn to protect the autonomous township of Go No More. But trouble stalks the land, carrying the stench of rotting corpses left for crows.
 After the Great Reckoning, the sideways realms grew closer. Magic returned to the human world. In this time of magic, Jenny has none. Her comrades say they trust her, but does Jenny trust herself?
 Anandita wants only to raise her child, gather her herbs, and help those in need. Still mourning her disappeared partner, she avoids Jenny’s heated gaze and goes about her work, tending to the township’s bodies and hearts. But who will tend hers?  Jenny and Aanandita are challenged to rise beyond their fear and sorrow. The Knights must ride. They ride for Go No More.  Xena, Warrior Princess meets Sons of Anarchy in this post-apocalyptic epic fantasy adventure!

The Guardian of the Ward by Reginald Lewis

An empire in ruin after a great betrayal, an order of warrior souls infused in teddy bears, and demons, monsters, and traitors around every corner… The world is filled with demons, monsters, and traitors, all things Erth, a legendary guardian and slayer of monsters, has sworn to battle. After a devastating fight, he discovers a mysterious gem and a plot that threatens him and all he holds dear. He must go on a journey to capture a smith forging mysterious artifacts before he loses everything. But the Caste’s fate doesn’t solely rest in Erth’s hands; a student struggles to find purpose in a deadly, secret tournament. A scout must make the impossible decision between duty and family. And a spymaster embarks on a quest to expose a conspiracy destined to annihilate the collapsing empire. A handful of individuals hold the fate of an empire in their hands; will they succeed or will Caste crumble to dust?

The Sickle's Edge by Toby Bennett

It has long been accepted that nothing good comes out of the wastes. The catastrophe, which left the world choking on cinders for forgotten centuries buried many truths, but that much wisdom remained intact. Still, no one alive could be expected to appreciate the significance of the silver-haired youth who strolled out of the Dunlands, leaving the town of Ruckfield ruined in his wake. This interloper, Wyatt, represents both hope and bane for the people of the Union. The young mage’s origins are shrouded, but there is no doubt he holds a spark that has not been seen for generations. With the wastes still smouldering, only the desperate or insane would fan it into flame.

The Umbral Storm by Alec Hutson

A thousand years ago the Heart of the World was shattered, its fragments scattered across the lands. In the chaos that followed, martial orders arose to gather these shards, for it was found that great powers were granted when these pieces were bonded to the flesh of the chosen. These are the Sharded Few, warriors imbued with the divine energies that once coursed through the Heart, and driven to absorb enough fragments to claim godhood. Deryn has known nothing in his life except suffering. Orphaned at the edge of the realms, indentured to a cruel slaver, he can see little chance of escaping his circumstances. But elsewhere in the world ancient powers are stirring, new alliances threaten the peace of the old order, and in the cataclysms that are coming a slave will become a hero.

Guardians of the Light by Leslie Aldridge

Ancient villains...Mythical Creatures A city of dark immortals...A misfit farm girl Heroes with severed souls trying to save a broken land... My name is Emerin and I have always had a compulsion to wander. Plagued by headaches since I was a child, their pain has driven me to the hills outside of our small village for as long as I can remember. Something out there has been beckoning me and I have spent a lifetime longing to answer its call. But the elders have their own plans for me. I have just turned seventeen, which is when girls are matched for marriage. Unfortunately, being married to someone from this town is not how I envision my future. But little did I know, a chance meeting with a strange creature would change my life, causing me to question everything I have ever known. Nebril City, on the other side of the Riverlands, is a sprawling metropolis that I have never seen, but it is rapidly taking over the lands that surround it. This growing city has a dark secret that threatens everyone, and only a select group of people are able to right the wrongs that have been committed. And, unfortunately, one of those people is me. Now my best friend, Jalya, and I must leave home for the first time and embark on an epic journey. The world outside of our village is full of unimaginable horrors—horrors which we have the power to stop if only we can follow through on this quest we have been given. Our mission is clear. Jalya must find her missing brother and I must find a part of myself that I never knew existed. But can I survive the dangers that dwell in this tortured land? Guardians of the Light is the first book of The Nebril Riverland Chronicles, an ongoing young-adult epic fantasy series.

Shattered Gods by Chris Fox

Fated to destroy the world. Determined to save it. My name is Xal and I live in the dims, a walled prison where my people are kept by our cruel masters, until we are needed to fight once more. One member of every family must answer The Call, for our blood bears the magic of a demonic god, and all the terrible power that brings. We march to war against the Fomori, an unstoppable army of giants, and their behemoths. If we do not, then our families are put to death. The Hasrans use us as cannon fodder, and worse. They used up my father, and he never came home. Die resisting. Die fighting. My choice isn’t if it happens, but rather how I sell my life. If by some miracle I survive I will be granted entrance to the Imperial Academy, where every noble house will vie to architect my end. They cannot allow the void-blooded to live. They cannot allow us to thrive, or to gain more magic from the bodies of other dead gods. They cannot allow us to win. They fear the rise of another dreadlord. And they are right to fear. I will pull down an empire, and that is just the beginning. Shattered Gods is based on the Magitech Chronicles pen & paper RPG, and takes place in the same universe. If you're a gamer, litRPG fan, or just want to see the stats for the characters in the book come join us! Links in the book or check us out at

The Stone Guardians: The Path of Fate by Katy Mullett

Tabby and Alfie thought they knew what life held in store for them - that is until a group of shadows with masks whisk them away and trap them in a room with a gentle giant, an overly excited witch, an annoying know-it-all prophet and a mystic healer. Welcome to Slately! The most depressing and oppressive place in the world. Locked in by a huge grey wall, the people here have no choices in life - they are told everything from what their children can be named to what career they've been assigned. It is grey, dull and hopeless... At least, that's what Tabby thought. Tabby has just come of age, it's time for her and her best friend, Alfie to be assigned their careers and districts but, when something unexpected happens the two are whisked away into an adventure of a lifetime! They find out everything may not be as it seems. They meet an incredible team of people who protect Slately from what's outside, not only that but to do this they use their powers! Now, Tabby and Alfie must figure out their place within their new world. Are they special? Why is this happening to them? But, maybe all of this self questioning can wait until they've figured out the dark mystery that looms over Slately and it's mysterious Council. This fantastical adventure is full of action, mythological animals, normal animals, magical people, snark and friendship - with a darkness to it all that will make you cheer our heroes on. Join The Stone Guardians in this first book: The Path of Fate as we embark on our great adventure.

A Hunter Among Wolves by Ben Stava

Sometimes the reward justifies the risk. For Sylene, the life of a bounty hunter is both perilous and exciting, providing an opportunity to travel and encounter all manner of folk. However, when an offer too good to pass up takes her to a desert town far from civilization, outside the rule of law, she realizes things are not quite what they appear, and the situation is far worse than what she was told. If Sylene wants to not only survive, but also complete the job, she has to rely on both old and new friends and navigate a town where just about everyone has a bounty on their head. An action and adventure fantasy novella, A Hunter Among Wolves contains adult content such as profanity, violence, and sexual (but not explicit) content.

The Cradle by Ron Sami

A shaky peace reigns on the vast continent of Atonkaris, with conspiracies and riots brewing everywhere. A simple fisherman finds the corpse of a stranger and unknown artifacts. For the sake of his family, he decides to take on a difficult and unusual business. Yves Maurirta is the prince of the Cradle. He is bound by a deadly promise. Will he be able to abandon the fatal and dangerous Journey, from which no one has yet returned? He has no name. There is only a nickname - the Gift. He is so young, but already a member of a brutal gang, and they go to kill. What will he become? What will be his fate? The Cradle is the first book in a new series - The Eagre. The Cradle is an epic fantasy set in a vast new world with ancient belief systems, dark magic, and undiscovered lands. The series is ideal for fans of George R.R. Martin, Joe Abercrombie, Steven Erikson, or Brandon Sanderson.

A Deadly Bloom by Kody Boye

My name is Bryce Song, and for my entire life, I have lived in the shadow of a deadly Bloom that not only kills, but raises the dead. Since the plague’s beginning, my people have journeyed toward our God’s Promised Lands atop the backs of the Guardians. I have always wondered if we would reach our destination and felt helpless against the seemingly insurmountable odds. A great valley, filled with its Fallen peoples and their undead protector, separates us from our salvation. The only chance of killing our monstrous enemy is to find a weapon, once wielded by our God. During the long journey, our heroes have been slain, and few are willing to embark on a quest to retrieve the holy relic. There’s no question what I must do. I must journey to the last resting place of our God, and reclaim the weapon that will save my people from certain destruction.

The Game of War by Glen Dahlgren

Never meet your heroes—especially if they're dead. Dantess wants to follow in the footsteps of his dead grandfather—a legendary priest of War—but his father forbids it. In fact, his father's hatred of War lands him in a cell within the god's temple. The only way to free him is from the inside, so Dantess must choose: let his father die or defy his upbringing, become a priest, and win his father's freedom in the temple's deadly Game of War. Torn between the legacies of his father and grandfather, Dantess finds that both paths hide secrets that threaten to destroy everything he cares about, including his sanity. Percy Jackson enters the Game of Thrones in what reviewers are calling, "one hell of an action-packed thrill ride." It's a don't-miss page-turner full of mysterious magic, crafty competitions, and plenty of pirates!

Emperor's Fate by A J Walker

In Rhydenar, ancient dragon remains possess rare magic; elements used to fight an age-old war. A war where the enemy is a people born of dragon fire. An enemy who uses dragon hearts to wield fiery magic. An enemy known as the Volurem. In this world, the strong survive, the politically astute thrive, and those with dragon remains reign supreme. As the Rhydarian Empire prepares for a tough season of fighting the fire of the Volurem, agents of corruption scheme to remove the Emperor. One cloudless night, Shylo walks into a living nightmare. His host’s villa is the target of a blood feud. This one, more vicious than any other quarrel among the Noble houses, leaves every member dead, except Shylo. Just as Shylo discovers the massacre, bells toll from the palace, bells that only ring for two reasons – an army of Volurem threatening to burn the city, or the death of the Emperor. Shylo realizes he’s now a loose end in a plot far broader than a blood feud between Nobles. He’s caught in the crossfire of a fight for Imperial control and needs to clear his name. He quickly learns, he’s not alone… Emperor’s Fate is the first book in a thrilling new epic fantasy series. Dive into a story where magic is used in armor, swords, and military strategy. Where the most powerful people aren’t solely those who wield magic but also those who design political subterfuge. Where a plot to overthrow the Empire brings unsuspecting characters together, forcing unlikely partnerships. This is a book where epic worldbuilding meets one-of-a-kind characters in a plot that will keep you turning the pages. Start reading Emperor’s Fate today!

Dragon Prey by Hannah Steenbock

When humans became prey... Set in the prehistory of the Cloud Lands world, “Dragon Prey” tells the story of how humans and dragons met for the first time. Their early encounters are anything but auspicious. Humans and their livestock become the prey of invading “firebeasts”. Sidren's clan is hanging on, helped by her unusual talent. She can sense the emotions of those firebeasts, allowing her to warn her clan of an impending attack and seek shelter. Even so, their numbers dwindle, and trips to the burial cave have become too frequent. What will it take for them to survive?

Tethered Spirits by T. A. Hernandez

A man with an unknown past For years, Amar has traveled the Kavoran empire, seeking a way to recover his lost memories and end the curse that plagues him. With support from loyal friends, Amar may finally be on the verge of finding answers, but to do so, he’ll need to enlist the help of an unexpected guide. A girl afraid of her own powers Kesari is a Tarja, granted magical abilities through her Bond with a spirit named Lucian. Haunted by past mistakes that have left her desperate to sever her Bond, Kesari has her own reasons for agreeing to help Amar. But in doing so, she may finally have to face the fears she’s carried ever since leaving home. A woman on a vital mission Meanwhile, a young refugee named Aleida is in hot pursuit, hoping the secret behind Amar’s curse can save her brother from a fatal illness. With so much at stake and little left to lose, Aleida will stop at nothing to get what she wants. And when their paths collide, all three are set on a journey to unravel a mystery far deeper than they ever suspected.

A Gathering of Chaos by Cameron Hopkin

The world of Asunder is dying. Its gods are long fled, and they took all the world's metal with them... but it all happened so long ago that not even legends remain. In the now, a country girl sails into port, the only survivor of a plague ship, and a scheming priestess takes charge of her. Far to the south, an aging warrior monk forcibly recruits one of the Beast Riders to be his tracker. A remarkable vision of a demon lord binds them all together, and they scramble to find a bit of Chaos, the raw energy of their world, to protect humanity against this new threat. It's too bad they're only going to make things worse.

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