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Author of four novels, the most recent two in the Chief Novak series of Pittsburgh-based police procedurals. Former journalist, public media executive, and consultant to nonprofit organizations.

Authored Stories:

Novak's Mission by James H Lewis ✓ author

When Karol Novak takes over a scandal-ridden police force, he has two murders to solve and years of corruption to clean up. The last thing he needs is to reopen a closed murder case.But that’s the birthday wish of a nine-year-old girl, making it difficult for him to refuse. Since the request comes through Novak’s wife, it’s impossible. When Novak grudgingly peeks into the case, he doesn’t like what he finds. The borough council resists his spending another minute on the case, but don’t try telling a veteran Pittsburgh cop he can’t do his job. Whoever wants the case dropped wants Novak out and is using a secret from his past against him. When one of his officers disappears while investigating the old case, Karol Novak has only hours to bring her back, solve all three murders, and save his job and reputation. The gritty detail of police work is reminiscent of Ed McBain’s police procedurals, while the relationship between Karol and Barbara Novak recalls Donna Leon’s Venetian mysteries. Will Novak answer the nine-year-old’s plea before the council forces him out? Find out for yourself by buying this engaging novel of small-town policing.

Novak's Quest by James H Lewis ✓ author

Former Pittsburgh police detective Karol Novak came out of retirement to lead his borough’s scandal-ridden police department. Having instituted sweeping reforms, Novak is ready to walk away. He hates small-town politics and wants to resume his search for the predator priest who preyed on him and his closest friend years before. A dying man’s wish derails his plan, drawing him into the unsolved murder of a young woman two decades earlier. As the investigation unfolds, Novak and his team discover a similar unsolved murder. Are the two deaths related? Are they the work of a serial killer? While they work to answer these questions, Novak must also locate a three-year-old child who has disappeared without a trace. This is the second Chief Novak novel by the author of Novak’s Mission, praised by Reedsy Discovery as “an entertaining and intriguing police mystery that will draw readers along a misty trail that reveals a hidden crime.”

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