Novak's Quest by James H Lewis ✓ author

Former Pittsburgh police detective Karol Novak came out of retirement to lead his borough’s scandal-ridden police department. Having instituted sweeping reforms, Novak is ready to walk away. He hates small-town politics and wants to resume his search for the predator priest who preyed on him and his closest friend years before. A dying man’s wish derails his plan, drawing him into the unsolved murder of a young woman two decades earlier. As the investigation unfolds, Novak and his team discover a similar unsolved murder. Are the two deaths related? Are they the work of a serial killer? While they work to answer these questions, Novak must also locate a three-year-old child who has disappeared without a trace. This is the second Chief Novak novel by the author of Novak’s Mission, praised by Reedsy Discovery as “an entertaining and intriguing police mystery that will draw readers along a misty trail that reveals a hidden crime.”

Age: Adult

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense/Police Procedurals

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