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David B. Reynolds lives and works in California where many of his stories are set. A former weekly newspaper reporter and editor, he now works as a Certified Technical Writer and writes in several genres including young adult, action/romance and science fiction.



Sunset Surfing by David Reynolds

“I want a logo shot,” KSRF News Director Brenda Malone said in her authoritative no-nonsense voice to videographer Tim Abella. “Get me some surfers early for the 5 o’clock broadcast and some at sunset for 11 o’clock." Paying a visit to a Central Coast of California beach, Tim gets his shot of Cate Young, a marine mammal vet. Just before leaving, Tim gets a call from Brenda asking him to see why dolphins are suddenly beaching themselves at a popular tourist spot. Tim swims out and asks Cate to come with him, since her expertise might explain what's happening. When they arrive, though, the cause becomes evident: a juvenile great white shark. Tim has to race the shark before it feasts on a tasty morsel: a young child playing in the surf. Does the single father of a young girl get there in time to rescue the child? Does his jealous ex-wife try to ruin Tim's potential friendship with Cate? Find out by reading Sunset Surfing, available now on Amazon.com.

The Patsy by David Reynolds

All Richard Malachi wants to do is stop a co-worker from bawling her eyes out so he can get back to work. Offering to take her out for a drink, he finds that Lisa Jones is more than she appears, a lot more. He also discovers that Lisa has plans for Richard, plans that don't include a repeat romp in a hotel bed but do include letting him take the fall for her "activities." Find out what happens to Richard as he learns the definition of the term "patsy." The Patsy is available now on Amazon.com.

Under a Cat's Eye by David Reynolds

Ron had this strange knack of knowing when his boss Serenity was about to get hurt. This time, he took the brunt of her fall, catching her before she smacked into the linoleum covered concrete floor only to get slapped by her for touching him. Ron's headaches, which seemed to happen whenever Serenity was about to get hurt, get much worse when a driver arrives at Ron's retail store with a semi loaded with barbecues and propane cannisters. Barely able to keep them alive, Ron finds himself stuck in the middle of a battle between his cat and Serenity's furious ex-husband. Or are they something else? Find out in Under a Cat's Eye, available now on Amazon.com.

Mage in the Middle by David Reynolds

Did Assistant psychology professor and judo coach Calvin Aguila just see a naked woman lying in a ditch, or was it something else? Unsure, and not willing to take chances, Cal slams on the brakes, stopping his car and helping the naked and scratched woman inside. Concerned about how she ended up there, and after having a trip to the hospital turned down, he reluctantly takes Bella Donna home. Bella Donna asks Cal out on a date as part of her investigation into a human trafficking ring, finding out that he is not only skilled in martial arts, but a practitioner of magic. The magic comes in handy later when Cal finds himself caught in a war between two werewolves and a monster version of the same. Find out what happens in Mage in the Middle, Book 2 of the One True King.

May Your God Go With You by David Reynolds

“And may your god go with you,” the audience replied in unison to the Rev. Jeremiah Brown's blessing. With that last comment, Russell Richman had his view of reality twisted, tilted, twirled and transformed into a tiny flaming ball before being drop-kicked screaming into a toilet and flushed. In that tiny interval between fully opening and closing his eyes, Russ saw small beings stand up next to their humans. Trying to figure what he was seeing, Russ suddenly did a face plant onto hard rust-red rock after being kicked in the shin by a bearded man wearing the smallest pair of hiking boots he had ever seen. Find May Your God Go With You on Amazon.com

Maia, Mother of Worlds by David Reynolds

Attorney John Greenwood unknowingly meets his next client when he literally bumps into her at a bus stop. Meeting her later that morning, he finds his attraction to her at odds with the desires of his boss, Solomon Isaacs. Shortly after the meeting, John realizes he is caught in a very long running war--though he has no idea how long--between two former spouses. Which choice does he make: His job or a possible romance? Find out in Maia, Mother of Worlds. Available now on Amazon.com.

Kelly's Killer Fries by David Reynolds

Ex-con Gary's death in a prison hospital is only the start of his journey not to redeem himself, but let a young boy have a life of his own. Dropped by a bus at the same spot where his life changed for the worst, Gary is given one command by the driver, "Remember." Can he avoid making the same mistake he made a lifetime ago? Can he keep from hurting young Kelly and poor Pickle, the pooch? Will cooking fries help him make amends with them and their mom Cathy? Find out by reading Kelly's Killer Fries, complete with recipes. Available now on Amazon.com.

Bring My Baby Home by David Reynolds

While taking his dog to the vet, one of the vet techs asks Mike for a favor: fill up his truck with a load of wood and take it to her remote mountain home. That simple act of kindness--and Mike's willingness to help Mary--leads to the beginning of a relationship neither expected. Turning a budding friendship into something more runs into a painful roadblock when Mary's violent ex-husband decides to get in the way and starts throwing punches. Can Mike and Mary make something happen for themselves and Mary's two young children or will her ex-husband destroy everything, including her family? Find out in Bring My Baby Home, available now on Amazon.com

Return of the Knave by David Reynolds

Fresh off an encounter with the deadly M’Oag—a being that makes a Great White Shark look like a guppy—The Knave needs to warn Earth before more M’Oag sterilize the planet. Can Theo find a way to persuade disbelieving leaders, protect Earth and keeping his K’Haat friends safe? Read Return of the Knave and find out. Available now at Amazon.com.

Birth of the Knave by David Reynolds

“No good deed goes unpunished,” and if Theopolis Knavidowsky had known what kind of punishment he was going to get, he would have run away screaming as far and as fast as he could go. A small-town reporter and photographer, Theo lets a “friend” persuade him to shoot a rocket launch. Through a series of errors, Theo is blasted unprepared into space aboard a rocket module. One of four in this batch, the modules are designed to be connected and then sent to the surface of Mars. Each module has its own function, though one is filled with food and supplies. Unknown to its passenger, the “unoccupied” rocket’s purpose is changed from being part of a Mars mission to fending off an approaching asteroid. NASA’s people on Earth do not know the former moon is not an empty hunk of rock but something else entirely ... and it's occupied. Read Birth of the Knave available now on Amazon.com

Return of the King by David Reynolds

What if … Gravely wounded at the Battle of Camlann and preserved by ancient spells, Arthur is waiting to be discovered by modern men and women? What if … Merlin, imprisoned by the witch Nimue, is freed after 1,500 years by a random bullet fired during a drunken college party? What if … The awakening of Merlin causes Morgan Le Fay and Mordred, the nemeses of Merlin and Arthur, to also return from their own enchantments? The world is about to find when a reawakened Merlin, with help from his computerized familiar Archimedes, modern human guide Nicole and pet cat Rex seek out Arthur before rebuilding the Knights of the Round table. Return of the King, Book One in The One True King series, is available now at Amazon.com

The Gravity Shield by David Reynolds

“Melissa,” a security guard at the front entrance to the Field Museum in Chicago said when McAllister’s phone rang, “I’ve got a geezer down here who claims to have some Martian meteorites. What should I do with him?” “What the hell,” she said, thinking aloud, “I’m not going to get any more productive work done today anyway. Send him up, Harry.” “How do you know these are Martian meteorites?” she cynically asked the large man holding a 5-gallon bucket filled with reddish sand and rocks. "I was hoping you’d have one of them there mass spectrometers that could tell me—us—for sure,” the man known as Wooly Wally replied. Melissa didn't know it then but her life was about to be permanently changed when the museum's lab did the unthinkable: Wooly Wally was right: the bucket's contents were from Mars. Find out what happens next by reading The Gravity Shield, available now at Amazon.com.

The Trail Angel by David Reynolds

When we get older, we want to know more about what brought on our creation. What were our parents like before they met? How did they meet? What brought them to add us to the family? Helping other people, mom said, is how I came to be the center of the family. “Your dad calls me his angel but the roles should be reversed,” mom said, getting my undivided attention. “I’m the one who should be calling him my angel, though, because if your dad hadn’t performed a random act of kindness, who knows where I’d be.” “What happened mom? What did dad do that was so special?” I asked, intrigued by her comment. “Well dear, even though it happened a long time ago, it seems like just yesterday …” Read The Trail Angel available now on Amazon.com

Oy Fey by David Reynolds

A change of jobs and locations required Trevor Wilson and his Chihuahua Tinkerbell to take a hike, one that became a lot longer and stranger than Trevor could imagine. Walking the Pacific Crest Trail, their adventures began with seeing a small bird drink whiskey from a cup. If that wasn't strange enough, Trevor and Tinkerbell's lives go bonkers when he's asked to rescue a cat stuck in a tall pine tree further down the trail. Attacked by thieves wanting to steal her car, Trevor fights them off. Changing out of his human form, Trevor barely has time to protect Bella from an onrushing car before the vehicle hits his now rock-hard form. “Who are you? What are you? Get away from me you monster,” Bella screamed, running back to where she had left Hunter in his carrier. Trevor responded, hurt far worse by her words than the bullet through his middle, though he doubted Bella heard him. Woodenly, he said, “I am gnome.” Find Oy Fey on Amazon.com

Cold Water, Hot Blood by David Reynolds

Seeing a shipwreck about to happen within feet of where he is taking pictures, landscape photographer Dan Berger risks life and limb to save … a small dog. Once onboard the sinking sailboat, though, he hears banging coming from below decks only to find a woman trapped in the galley. Using his fist as a battering ram, Dan breaks the closed door before the waves and current carry them into the depths of the Pacific. Adding to his list of injuries, Dan manages to tow Kate and the dog to safety along the rugged Big Sur shoreline. What Dan doesn't know is his pain has only just begun. Find out more in this exciting adult romance, available now on Amazon.com

Hot Water, Cold Blood by David Reynolds

A stolen T-shirt leads former computer hacker Andru Olshansky into a web of deceit, betrayal and a whole lot of pain. Hot Water, Cold Death begins with Andru having an angry confrontation with a ski club leader as he seeks to get his T-shirt back. Getting kicked out of his hotel, he is taken in by young, beautiful and rich Yvonne Savage. As they are getting to know each other on the ski slopes, the pair is attacked and badly beaten. Yvonne convinces Andru to hunt for her industrialist father. He disappeared on a plane flight to Germany nearly a year ago. As Andru starts digging into the disappearance, he befriends Roxanne, a former Navy SEAL. Roxanne is also looking for the plane crash because her sister was on it. Will Andru and Roxanne find the wreck before their own lives end? Find out by reading Hot Water, Cold Blood available know at Amazon.com

Giving Comes Around by David Reynolds

"Enough is enough," Daniel McClain said after hearing a woman cry out that she didn't have enough money to buy her a daughter a dress for Christmas. Instead of being nasty, Daniel added a few small items he was going to buy for his niece and then demanded the clerk let him pay the entire bill. few feet away as she completed her own transaction. “Why are you doing this?” the mother asked. “Because even though I don’t make a lot of money, my niece and nephew lack for little. It sounds like your daughter could use a little holiday cheer,” Daniel said, staring at her. Another woman standing close enough to hear the conversation asked him why he did it. "Even though I won’t be there when the girl gets her dress and her doll, I can imagine the beaming smile on her face. That is payment enough. It’s also the only reason I needed to help her," Daniel replied. So starts a series of actions where Daniel's gift to a woman leads to Sarah Fontaine inviting him to a swanky party. What happens next? Read Giving Comes Around, available now on Amazon.com

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