Hot Water, Cold Blood by David Reynolds

A stolen T-shirt leads former computer hacker Andru Olshansky into a web of deceit, betrayal and a whole lot of pain. Hot Water, Cold Death begins with Andru having an angry confrontation with a ski club leader as he seeks to get his T-shirt back. Getting kicked out of his hotel, he is taken in by young, beautiful and rich Yvonne Savage. As they are getting to know each other on the ski slopes, the pair is attacked and badly beaten. Yvonne convinces Andru to hunt for her industrialist father. He disappeared on a plane flight to Germany nearly a year ago. As Andru starts digging into the disappearance, he befriends Roxanne, a former Navy SEAL. Roxanne is also looking for the plane crash because her sister was on it. Will Andru and Roxanne find the wreck before their own lives end? Find out by reading Hot Water, Cold Blood available know at

AdultRomance/Action and AdventureMystery, Thriller, and Suspense/Suspense

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