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Icemoon by Simon Steele

After experiencing a dark and tumultuous journey to reach the shining city of Gallerheim, Ulva and her companions would be forgiven in believing that the worst of their troubles were behind them. In fact, they are just beginning. Whilst John, Ulva and Brenna sequester themselves behind the city walls for their safety, Einar, Kit and their newfound ally Freki must travel to the ancient and forbidden Isle of Icemoon in search of a wise and godly figure who may be able to provide them with the knowledge needed to craft a powerful artifact that could save Norway from the terrible Dark Wolf Fenrir and his villainous cult. But the dangerous journey forces Einar, Kit and Freki to walk frightful and mysterious paths that few tread and even fewer return from alive. In the meanwhile, John, Brenna and Ulva struggle to contain her lycanthropy, which is beginning to spiral out of control.


Gallerheim by Simon Steele

With the only hope of a cure for the wolfblight cruelly and unexpectedly snatched from their grasp by the villainous Cult of Fenris, Ulva and her companions must travel farther and deeper into the frozen land of Norway to reach the great city of Gallerheim. There they will assist King Snaebjorn and his noble allies in their plot to take back Fenrir’s Bane so that it cannot be destroyed by the Dark Wolf Fenrir and his malicious followers. But the road to Gallerheim is treacherous and paved with many trials and dark tribulations that will test Ulva and her companions to their very limits and with Ulva’s lycanthropic affliction worsening, time is running out to save both her and the kingdom.


Coldwood by Simon Steele

After escaping from the clutches of the fanatical Cult of Fenris and barely surviving a number of horrific dangers, Ulva and her companions continue their journey northwards towards the forest of Coldwood, where a cure for Ulva’s lycanthropy lies in wait. As they travel deeper into the land of Norway, Ulva, John, Einar, Brenna and Kit must face off against even greater perils and revolting horrors, culminating in a revelation that will shock Ulva and her loved ones to their very core. But with the beast lurking within Ulva becoming stronger as the nights wear on and with Ulva struggling to keep herself together, getting to Coldwood will take all her strength, courage and determination…but will it be enough?


Wolfblight by Simon Steele

After suffering a terrible tragedy, John and Ulva Forrester settle into their new home in the village of Gormstad in ninth-century Norway, hoping to begin a new life of peace together. But their dream of tranquillity is shattered when Ulva is bitten by a werewolf one fateful night. Consequently, Ulva is afflicted by a wretched disease known as the wolfblight, which transforms her every night into a vicious beast and will ultimately take control of her permanently unless a cure is procured. With friends and family at her side, it is a race against time as Ulva sets off on a journey to reach the dark and mysterious forest known as Coldwood where a cure can be found, an ancient artifact known as Fenrir's Bane. But many horrors and nightmarish perils await Ulva and her companions, will they triumph and reach Coldwood in time, or will it be too late?

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