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Welcome to the delightfully unconventional world of Sinnamon Carnelian, where the lines between cutesy charm, whimsical science fiction, enchanting fantasy, and the raw, heartfelt beats of contemporary romance blur into irresistible tales.


A Trashy New Year Romance

A Trashy New Year Romance by Sinnamon Carnelian

Start the new year off with a bang in this captivating tale of resilience and unexpected romance. Paige never expected her world to crumble right before her eyes on New Year's Day. But when she catches her long-term boyfriend engaging in a scandalous affair with her own stepsister, her whole life implodes. Fueled by heartache and determination, Paige decides to leave it all behind and returns to her hometown. As she dives headfirst into the uncertain waters of starting over, Paige finds solace in an old friend's generous job offer. Working at a bustling restaurant and bar seems like the perfect escape, but nothing could prepare her for the enigmatic Duke Griffin, her new boss. Who seems more interested in her than her work ethic. In this tale of redemption, unexpected connections emerge as Paige navigates the tangled web of her shattered past. Will she find the strength to heal her heart, or will Duke's undeniable charm become an enticing distraction? Join Paige on her riveting journey as she discovers that sometimes unexpected beginnings can lead to happy endings.

A Trashy Christmas Romance

A Trashy Christmas Romance by Sinnamon Carnelian

Holly Jolly Cromwell hated Christmas after being born on it. Everything about it annoyed her. The repetitive music. How it took over November and smothered Thanksgiving. Those creepy elves that were supposed to watch the children and make sure they were nice and not naughty. Most of all, she was sour over the fact that she could never celebrate her birthday. Her older brother and golden child of the family never grew out of his childhood bullying and tantrums over her getting both Christmas and birthday gifts her first birthday, and it followed her long into her adult years. She forced herself to smile and get through it for the sake of her younger siblings and keeping the peace with her parents. However, year after year of being the backup caregiver for her younger siblings and dealing with the golden child, she found herself starting to slip. A chance meeting at a club leads her into the arms of a man who has the missing pieces she never knew she lost.

A Trashy Pirate Romance: Book Two

A Trashy Pirate Romance: Book Two by Sinnamon Carnelian

After her fateful fall from Gideon's ship following the Seafarer Bombings, Charlie slowly sobers up, working through her time on Finn's ship and her past. No longer able to drown her sorrows with booze and fill the hole in her chest with the love of random men from the bar, she must face the pain head-on. All the while, the gentleman pirate, Gideon, shows her what true love and care are as he tries to open her heart to the true colors of the man she was forced to marry. Just when the truth begins to shine through and she starts to mourn the person she thought she loved, the bombers of Seafarer Night return. Charlie is forced to strike a deal with Gideon and give him what he wants to save her best friend, Cherry. Clear-headed and determined, Charlie walks into the clutches of her pursuers, trusting Gideon to find her again, while she fights tooth and nail alongside Cherry to escape. Aunt Kathy will have to wait as the adventure continues, with Charlie and Cherry fighting alongside a new companion and friend to rid themselves of their hunters. Can Charlie come to terms with the treachery all around her? Are Charlie and Cherry strong enough to face those lying in wait for them? Find out in Book Two of the Trashy Pirate Romance series.

The Adventures of an Intergalactic Bordello Worker

The Adventures of an Intergalactic Bordello Worker by Sinnamon Carnelian

A cheating ex-husband. An old-fashioned, religious family. A break for freedom and her own life. Running away to a new planet was the only adult way to handle the situation. Side by side with her new friend, Rusty builds the life she wants with the experiences she desires.

Sugar Plum Tea

Sugar Plum Tea by Sinnamon Carnelian

SPSFC 2022

Humanity needed the Tahli to chase the invading Borie from Earth. The Tahli needed Earth since their dying sun was giving off radiation that sterilized most of their women. They can either make it work, or both go extinct. At the age of seven, Winnie was pulled from the rubble of a dying world by Tahli soldiers. She became their reason to fight to protect the women and girls of Earth, even if it meant going against their people’s desperation to save their species. In her adult years, Winnie wanted nothing more than to marry and have children after starting her successful tea and sweet shop in the colonies set up by the Tahli. Backstabbers, terrorists, and hate that still filled the rebuilding world always seemed to get in the way. That is until she has a chance meeting with a newly relocated Tahli on Kinship Day.

A Trashy Medieval Romance

A Trashy Medieval Romance by Sinnamon Carnelian


Lust and love are such fickle things. One day you are pursued by one, the next day, the other pounces. Teagan devoted her life to caring for war orphans in her kingdom, focusing solely on their welfare until circumstances compelled her to do otherwise. She quickly becomes the object of affection for two very different suitors, while her heart and convictions are put to the test. Theo, a battle-scarred baron's son, finds himself hopelessly enchanted by her grace. However, Lord Nin, a seductive nobleman, seeks only to satisfy his insatiable cravings. In this tale of conflicting desires, choices must be made, and the consequences of love's unpredictable dance may unravel life as they know it. *This book is not meant to be historically accurate. It is also not as trashy compared to my other books with the word 'trashy' in the title.

A Trashy Pirate Romance: Book One

A Trashy Pirate Romance: Book One by Sinnamon Carnelian

Some plans sail with the wind and waves, where greed and lust walk hand in hand. When Charlie’s father dies, she’s devastated. Then her worst nightmare begins. The king wants young, beautiful Charlie to marry the admiral’s son, ensuring her safety and security for life. However, such a union would cut off her greedy Aunt Kathy financially forever. With too much to lose, Aunt Kathy concocts a harebrained scheme to seize Charlie’s inheritance, paying devious pirates to abduct her vulnerable niece—a perfect idea, at first. What Aunt Kathy doesn’t account for is Charlie’s strength, determination, and resilience to reclaim what is rightfully hers, exact her revenge, and escape the shackles of her forced marriage to Finn. With a couple of loyal and trustworthy friends by her side, Charlie rolls up her sleeves, preparing for the most ferocious fight of her young life. Can she flee Finn’s manipulative clutches without injury? Can she confront Aunt Kathy and recoup what is rightfully hers before it’s all spent? Find out in this thrilling pirate adventure, where romance and a strong, feisty female protagonist take you on a journey you’ll never forget.

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