I Kill Monsters


I Kill Monsters by Dennis Liggio


The Nowak Brothers Mikkel and Szandor kill monsters. So what if they're making it up as they're going along? How much do you need to know to bash in a zombie's head with a lead pipe or slice a ghoul with an internet-bought katana? They may in fact have no clue what they're doing. But if you need someone to go down into the sewers to clear out some monsters, figure out why everyone in your neighborhood is getting bitten, or if you swear you really saw a zombie and you don't know who to call, then call them. They'll show up in their van of makeshift weapons, gear, and cleaning supplies to investigate your problem. They may be twenty-somethings with their own issues, but when it comes to monsters they know what they're doing. They probably have no clue what they're doing. That has never stopped them before. Hired by a woman from the rich side of town who believes she's being stalked by monsters, the two brothers think they've finally gotten an easy job that will pay well. But as they follow the clues, nothing adds up. Kidnappings, jackbooted commandos, and mysterious emails are just the beginning. Soon they find themselves involved in something bigger than monsters. It's anybody's guess whether they'll come through it alive, much less get paid.

AdultHorror/Paranormal CreaturesFantasy/Contemporary

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