Azalei's Riders


Azalei's Riders by Miranda Marie

It’s the early 3000s and for the Southern Countries, there has never been a better time to live in. Technological advances have made the need for roads obsolete and drastically reduced the amount of earth needed to grow crops. As a result, much of the planet has been plunged back into the breathtaking, unknown wilderness it once was; a fact that has, for centuries, been celebrated. Until now. With the disappearances – thousands vanishing out of the sky every time a transport leaves one of the cities – it is soon becoming clear that the jungle that now separates the islands of civilization is harboring an enemy. Someone is here, in their forests, on their land, hiding somewhere in the vast, impenetrable space. Someone they can’t see or detect. Someone who is making the cities go dark, one by one. How do you fight an enemy who slips passed your radars, is undetected by your satellites, and concealed from your scouts? Turn the tables. Develop your own secret weapon. One just as invisible to them as they are to you. Only this weapon isn’t made of gears and wires. It’s not moving pieces and a quick plug in to recharge. This one doesn’t have a control panel, a comfortable seat, an air conditioned cockpit. This weapon breathes.

Young AdultScience Fiction

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