The Final Shroud


The Final Shroud by Nathan Burrage

The Holy Land, 1099: Jerusalem has fallen. As the Christian factions vie for power, Godefroi de Bouillon and his companions unearth markers to the Keystone, a mystical artefact with the power to shape history. Yet progress has its price: Godefroi's bodyguard lies gravely wounded; the Arabic cabal guiding Hugues is broken; and the forces of Severity are gathering to claim the Keystone. France, 1307: Bertrand de Châtillon-sur-Seine was a knight for a single day before fleeing with the mysterious Salome. After a pitched battle that claims most of his brethren, Bertrand agrees to become Salome's new Shroud, binding his fate to hers. A refuge lies across the English Channel, but will they reach it in time? And when will Salome finally reveal her secrets? The Keystone awaits, but is it meant for mortal hands?

AdultFantasy/Mythic, Retelling, and FolkloreFantasy/HistoricalFantasy/Alternate History

Content Warning: Given the medieval setting, there are violent battle scenes. The book contains a sex scene that is pivotal to the plot, and one instance of suicide.

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