The Limit of the Lonely Man


The Limit of the Lonely Man by Becky James

Evyn is running out of time. A princess could have a solution–or be her downfall. Newly made Rangers, Thorrn and Aubin race to find the cause of Evyn's strange illness, seeking out Princess Sabatha of Rush. Aubin’s self-doubt threatens the outcomes of the mission while King Gough is making political moves, hoping that Evyn continues her betrothal to Prince Gerlay of Dinahe rather than choosing anyone else. But destiny weaves around them, drawing the multiverses and their hearts together. What is Evyn’s calling as the Spirit Shaper, and what does it mean to be the Lonely Man? The third book in the thrilling King's Swordsman series, perfect for fans of sword and sorcery portal and multiverse fantasy.

New AdultScience Fiction/SlipstreamFantasy/PortalFantasy/ContemporaryScience Fiction/Time TravelFantasy/Alternate History

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