The Bind of Blood and Bonds


The Bind of Blood and Bonds by Becky James

“Special Forces is harsh. It could be a lot harsher.” Treason takes many forms. Once trust is broken, it is hard to reforge. Thorrn discovers this all too clearly, much to his detriment. But someone wants Thorrn dead, and they don’t care how many lives they ruin in the process. Meanwhile, there is a spate of murders targeting Oberrotian officials, and Thorrn’s contingent is sent to investigate. Back to being the lowest of the low, Thorrn struggles to trust again – especially when he finds two of the most powerful mages in the world working together, and one of them is the woman he loves.

New AdultFantasy/Alternate HistoryFantasy/ContemporaryFantasy/PortalScience Fiction/Time TravelScience Fiction/Slipstream

Content Warning: This publication contains content including sexual assault, fantasy violence and reference to self harm, suicide and domestic violence. Reader proceed at your own discretion.

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