The Dragon's Wrath Bounty


The Dragon's Wrath Bounty by Patrick Dugan

Cowboy Bebop meets the Witcher With the Ashen Orb in hand, Saria and the Shadow Blades return to Moonbourne to collect payment for their retrieval mission. But perhaps they were too successful, for now the temperamental sorceress Brar Opalback, whom Saria already suspects of deception, wants to hire them for a second job. Pretty please can they infiltrate the Dwarven capital to steal another teeny tiny artifact? After barely surviving the last bounty from Opalback, the Blades reject the offer in favor of a nice, simple missing person case. Or it would be simple, if a rampaging dragon didn’t seem bent on becoming their new worst enemy. When a dragon is hot on your trail, it’s far too literal, and it doesn’t help when your missing person turns out to be some kind of tricksy wizard. All that Saria and the Blades want is to make Southern Holm a little safer and earn enough coin for food and festivities while they’re at it. But now it looks like they’re today’s special on a dragon’s menu.

AdultFantasyFantasy/Sword and Sorcery

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