The Unsung Hero


The Unsung Hero by Jack T Canis

A novelette of sword and sorcery, a warband of dwarves are corrected in their erroneous understanding of one of their greatest legends by the legend himself and his companion from the myth. The Siege of Telemarqe had been known as a dwarven battle of heroics against the might of a Dark Elven army. But the truth was very different, will the warband accept the truth? 'The Siege of Telemarqe is the last great legend in living memory for the dwarves, where a small, brave band of dwarven warriors, led by Stenchorn the Smelter, held the might of the Dark Elven army at bay until their eventual rout. 'Or was it? Truth is stranger than fiction & the dwarves are in for a shock when their own hero Stenchorn gainsays the history books. Is the proud dwarven nation ready for the truth?'

New AdultFantasy/Sword and Sorcery

Content Warning: e-novelette

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StephW avatar StephW book blogger

Worldbuilding: Aided the story
Plot: Straightforward
Characters: Roles are clear
Storytelling: Descriptive
Immersion: Satisfying, fulfilling experience
Emotional Response: Engaging
Thought Provoking: New ideas came up
Cover: Matches the story well

A really interesting exploration of the differences between legend, story and reality and an entertaining short read for epic or traditional fantasy fans. And, of course, it is a great introduction to author Jack T. Canis’s writing style/voice for those not already familiar.

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