A Peddler Of Chains


A Peddler Of Chains by Allegra Pescatore

Asherah of Vine died five times in bloody service to her Queen, but now her Queen is dead. The cycle of reincarnation has ended, and Ash is ready to set her trusty bow aside and live out the rest her days in peace. All she wants is to live a quiet existence on the Rim, but her past, it seems, is intent on catching up with her. She's tried to outrun him, but he's not a man to be trifled with. Willow of Herb has been hunting the butcher Asherah for over two hundred years. She slaughtered his parents and his people, and he intends to bring her to justice. It is because of her that he was turned into a weapon of war, and it is her face that haunts his darkest nightmares. When he finally catches her scent nothing can stop him, but what happens when he captures his greatest enemy and finds out that not everything is what it seems? As they travel through the icy Lands of Nadir chased by a rival band of bounty hunters, Willow and Asherah must face their pasts and learn to work together if they wish to survive. Trust between enemies isn't easy to build, but as they fight Feral Fae, face down snowstorms, and run from Retribution, Will and Ash find that maybe they're stronger as allies than as enemies.

AdultFantasy/DarkRomance/FantasyDiversity Representation/Own VoicesFantasy/Epic and HighFantasy/Sword and Sorcery

Content Warning: A Peddler of Chains contains themes of violence, death, war, and loss. It includes characters with a history of parental death, along with non-graphic sexual assault, torture, cannibalism, and child abuse. On page depictions of violence, injury, intense torture, blood, death, mild swearing, gaslighting, maiming and nudity are included. Non-graphic emotional and physical abuse of a child by a parent are implied in some epigraphs and flashbacks.

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