These Gossamer Strings


These Gossamer Strings by Allegra Pescatore

A Silence is Broken. The River Beckons. The Forgotten Wait. With eighteen days until her tribunal and Water Rite, Elenor must find a way to save her doena and keep her throne. The threat of war looms larger and only an alliance through marriage has the potential to save it. But who to trust when all her closest allies have secrets of their own? The past is creeping up on them, a web of maneuvers and lies spreading back to before the fall of the Empire. Gabriel can feel it constricting around them, drawing him ever closer to a future he never wanted. Confronting the truth of his heritage may be the only way to save Lirin, but at what cost? Perhaps one the desert has already paid. Shaken after the death of the Red, the Mondaer must choose their path forward. Protect the new Gatekeeper and Incarnate as they have always done, or embrace a future without reliance on Gifts? Fedrik and Fay’s safety depends on the answer, and it’s not looking good. Would they be better off trusting Daemon, or is North right that he intends to use them as a weapon? These Gossamer Strings is the final installment of the first arc of the Last Gift Series. Threads torn asunder are weaving back together and the Gatekeeper is coming for his Incarnate.

AdultDiversity Representation/LGBTQ+Fantasy/Court IntrigueFantasy/Steampunk, Gaslamp, and FlintlockFantasy/Epic and HighDiversity Representation/Disability/Own Voices

Content Warning: These Gossamer Strings contains graphic violence, mild gore, sex, swearing, character death, drowning, and non-graphic mentions of child abuse, self harm, and domestic abuse. It also contains imprisonment, torture, human experimentation, as well as extensive and deliberate character gaslighting. In addition, it deals with the topics of slavery, death, ableism, racism, drug dependency, starvation, disease, and abuses of power by people in positions of privilege.

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