The Ein Particle by Koen Martens

One girl discovers what it means to be human in a world ruled by ancient technology in this riveting high tech sci-fi adventure by breakout author Koen Martens Young Tlana, unaware of the totalitarian convictions of those she admires and emulates, is a promising student of human consciousness and devout scholar of the holy texts governing society. But when she is chosen to be this year’s sacrificial lamb and die for the common good, cracks appear in her convictions and she flees. She discovers society is not as benign as she once thought. Worse, her only hope is to hide among those she most despises. Ashamed and confused, she reluctantly embraces their cause as her own. With a ruthless leader on her tail and war between continents brewing, can she hold on to her new-found identity? Or will she succumb to the dark and ancient secret that lurks beneath the surface?

AdultScience Fiction

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