Starhelm Epsilon by David Viergutz

SPSFC 2022

Royce used to be a talented mech Pilot, but now he’s a washed up and in hiding. Stuck combing slums and backwater planets, hopping from job to job, Royce makes it to a substation and is quickly caught up in a new conflict he wants no part of. His identity is revealed, along with the secret location of one of the few remaining Starhelms, the ultimate war machine. The mech of all mechs. To complicate things, he’s accompanied by a mysterious woman on her own quest with too many secrets. Secrets which attract the attention of all three factions vying for control of the galaxy. Now, Royce’s simple life of surviving has become a battleground, and he must recover his Starhelm before the factions do. For the things they will do with it will not lead to war, but the obliteration of the entire galaxy.

AdultScience Fiction/ColonizationScience Fiction/Space Opera

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