Regeneration by Cassie Greutman


Nobody defied the Faerie Council… until now. At sixteen years old, Trisha has been in the foster care system for years and has barely survived. She has always felt different. An outsider. That’s how it must be. After all, she has a secret to protect. But the time to hide her truth may be at an end. Dragged before the Faerie Council, her fae lineage makes it mandatory for her to bend to their will. A hunt is underway for a fae fugitive and she is to join the team tracking him. Saying no isn’t an option. The stories of what they do to those who disobey orders chill her to the bone. Who else is on this mandatory squadron? None other than her ex, who shot her and left her for dead. Sure, she healed. But that kind of memory stings. Can they find the fae on the run before he comes into his powers? Or worse, before Trish destroys any chance she has of staying with the foster parents who love her? A perfect read for fans of YA Urban Fantasy full of action and found family!

Young AdultFantasy/Magical Realism

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