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The Yochni's Eye by Abigail Morrison


An adventurous young adult fantasy novel about revenge, redemption, and what it truly takes to have peace. Every six hundred years, the yochni blinks, changing one thing about the world based on the wish of the last creature it sees. In ages past, these wishes have created expansive empires, magical abilities, and even new and powerful species. They’ve also spawned evil overlords, terrifying monsters, and centuries of collective suffering. The past three ages have gone to the bogeys—giant dog-like creatures with few physical vulnerabilities and incredible strength. They’ve monopolized the yochni’s wishes to secure their ongoing rule. Sixteen-year-old dwarven champion Mira Goldfist, suffering with the rest of her people under the bogey’s slave-keeping reign, wants nothing more than to wish them out of existence. That is, until she meets Atlan Qierce, high prince and heir to the bogey empire. Forced into a magical contract to travel with Atlan by Kraven Monteyeaux, a magical arbiter and reluctant medic, as new dangers and champions reveal themselves, Mira will have to confront everything she believes about the bogeys—most importantly, whether any of them can be good and, if so, whether she can really kill them all. A thoughtful examination of revenge, authority, and the risks required for any higher good, The Yochni’s Eye puts a new twist on the classic rebellion tale, using high adventure, expansive settings, and a deadly race to beg of readers: What does it mean to wish for peace and what must we truly risk to obtain it?

Young AdultFantasy/Sword and Sorcery

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