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Terminus Rex by Kevin Wright


Mystery. Mayhem. Monsters. Murder. The Grey Waste stretches on vast and infinite, into the unforgiving reaches of the east. Clans of monstrous reavers prowl the wasteland, hunting, harrying, and slaughtering any they encounter. But reavers aren’t the worst the Grey Waste has to offer. Sir Luther Slythe Krait is a knight errant on a quest. He's vowed to locate the lost scion of a fallen dynasty, and reunite him with his last remaining kin. But the lost scion was last seen beyond the far reaches of the Grey Waste. Can Sir Luther survive the trek across the wasteland? Will he survive the endless attacks by reavers and worse? How will he find this last scion when those around him begin falling one by one, victims to a murderer who may be more than he seems?

AdultFantasy/Epic and HighFantasy/Sword and Sorcery

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