Bastards of Liberty by Matthew Zorich


In the heart of the Holy Imperium, a family's lives are shattered. Runt Ashburn, the youngest of three siblings, journeys to seek his father needing answers. His sister Alsyha, now an indentured servant to blacksmiths, plots her escape and revenge. At the same time, the oldest, Ashburn Benjamin, juggles the life of a soldier and the pressure of a father who's the General of an army. Political forces twist around the three siblings. Could one of their deaths lead to a revolution? Bastards of Liberty features a gritty adventure and deep world-building in an alternative America where orcs, elves, and dwarves strive to gain the same rights as their human counterparts as they struggle under the yoke of a newly formed royal government.

AdultFantasy/Epic and HighFantasy/Sword and Sorcery

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