Sisters of Jade


Sisters of Jade by James Downe


Adventurers. Treasure Hunters. Thieves. Long have the infamous Sisters of Jade raided the islands of the Sovanti Strait. Once, their names were whispered in fear. Now, their legacy is beginning to fade. Their leader, Kylan Tier, is a woman adrift. Returning to the city of Mgen Riy, Kylan learns an old friend is a prisoner of the corrupt Gorgon Court. After a failed coup, Baron Iro Mezakis has been maimed, his family executed. Only his youngest daughter survives, taken across the strait by a villainous rival. Hunted by agents of the Court, Kylan strives to hold her sisters together long enough to rescue the baron and reunite him with his daughter. Few have ever stood up to the Gorgon Court, but fewer still have lived to tell the tale. About Sisters of Jade. Sisters of Jade is set within the Legacy of Rukara. It is the first book about the sisters and their adventures. It is in the same world as the short story collection Salt & Cinder, but there is no need to read one before the other.

AdultFantasy/Sword and Sorcery

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