The Woods


The Woods by Em McDermott


A brooding wolf. A heroine who doesn’t need protecting. And a curse that only love can overcome. Gran's stories of horror and violence have dictated Red's whole view of the forest outside her village and the wolves who live there. Sheltered but bold, Red longs to explore that forest for herself, but the Huntsmen who guard her village keep her trapped. When Gran is injured, Red sees her chance. To save Gran’s life, Red ventures down a path Gran hoped she’d never follow. In the woods, Red finds a secret, hidden world full of death and danger. The beasts in it all try to kill why does she feel so alive? The Huntsmen will stop at nothing to get Red back. They will kill every wolf in the woods, and there’s one in particular Red is determined to save. The villagers have magic on their side, and all Red has is love. Will it be enough?

Young AdultFantasy/DarkFantasy/Mythic, Retelling, and Folklore

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