Volcano City


Volcano City by Grace Bridges


New Zealand's largest city. Forty-nine volcanoes. What's one more? Auckland is built on volcanoes and has more ocean coastline than any other city in the world. For Anira, a reluctant and forgetful superhero, it's home. Away from the thermal springs and legendary creatures of Rotorua, Anira's supernatural brainpower and memory have faded. She's forgotten the events of summer and even the friends who became the Earthcore team. Tiger, Graeme and Bethany come to the big city too, each unsettled in their own way.

But their maniacal opponent has arrived in Auckland, wielding mind control and bent on revenge, terrorism and profit. When the earth becomes restless from his meddling, Anira must fight to remember her gifts, to bring the team together again, figure out shenanigans at sea, and to call the ancient taniwha to help protect her hometown from a disastrous eruption.

In the Earthcore series, every book is a self-contained adventure and can be read as a standalone.


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